Los Angeles

The 69 Eyes, pretty fitting considering the fact Dark Decadence is on Saturday! I just love this album though, “Angels”. Pretty much EVERY song rock.

YES. It’s only 5 days left to Dark Decadence, and 4 days left ’til me and Sofia leave our destinations for Stockholm to make it unsafe. Plans for the day is to shop and have one helluva dinner and wrap it up with cinema and the new movie “Hop”.

Its been pretty calm around here apart from when I almost died from Stalas announcement. During saturday Hanna and I spent our day at the animal expo as I told you, however it was a bit disappointing. Sure, I never say no to look at pretty animals, but it was so small! We were done with it in like 10 minutes, when usually it’s so big you barely get to see it all. I guess it has to do with the ice-hockey finals that were held in the arena next doors, also the arena that the animal expo USUALLY are at.

Sunday’s been nice and calm to, nothing much to tell about that and nor about Monday. It’s hilarious though – Last week couldn’t seem to pass slower and we were just waiting for the days to go by so we could get to Dark Decadence, but now, as it’s really closing in I’m starting to get stressed out. I wonder why. Maybe, just maybe, I should go pack? Or do as I always do – pack right before I leave. At least I started to organize some shit.

It’s gonna be nice though. It’s gonna be nice to meet some friends I haven’t seen for a while and we are gonna have the time of our lives. Tomorrows a killer day in school too, looking forward AFTER ALL. It’s getting old to walk the time off in the forests, Really.

NP: Hummingbird Heartbeat – Katy Perry
// Sara

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