Caught In Despair

First song ever recorded with Simon Cruz on vocals for Crashdiet. I kinda love the song. I hope they play it at Dark Decadence.

Talking about Dark Decadence. It’s one week left until me and Sofia will leave our destinations for Stockholm and Crashdiet, once again. Yes – I know. We see them alot. But its kinda our favourite (swedish) band so… Don’t be hating! We’re gonna have a great time. Shopping and cinema and dinner on Friday, concert on saturday. Couldn’t be better.

We attenderd Michael Monroes gig in Västerås last week. It was… Magical. It’s something with me and Sofia, and Sigurdsgatan. It was at Sigurdsgatan during a Crashdiet gig we became best friends (figured yet why we keep Crashdiet so close to our hearts?!) and now after being at Mike Monroe… we bonded even more, closer than ever. Also, even better up, we had the time of our lives hanging out with the cool people of Västerås. Thanks to Danne and Malin for the awesome party. The concert? Yeah it was good. The best concert I’ve been to so far really.

Now I can’t wait ’til Dark Decadence begins. Can’t time move faster? Well, at least I got some entertaining. Tomorrow I’m gonna meet up with the lovely Michelle (FlameCurry for you fellow monsterboarders) then ride and then meet up with Tezza from my secondaryschool. Missed them both so much!  On Saturday there is a tivoli in town which I will go with my three BFFs from Karlstad, Jennie, Cornelia and Hanna. Kick ass.

I hope I get to work a lot next week. Kaching on the bank, AND it keeps me occupied!

Over and out.
// Sara
NP: Chemical – Crashdiet

Sofia & I

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