Helsinki part 1

This happened a month ago, and it has been with so much mixed feelings, and that the reason why this has taken so long time, and due to the mixed feelings about this, I don’t even know how this will turn out. But lets give it a go.

This was going to be pretty much the fastest trip ever made, I left my home in Karlstad at midnight for Stockholm and my plane to Helsinki left at 8. It was rather stressful – I figured I’d get off the bus at the first stop instead of going with it to my actual station, and thought “great, I can just walk through and check in here”, so I did check in and everything but apparently, Arlanda is bigger than you think and I thought it was NEVER GONNA END! It did eventually though.

I think it was around this moment I realized I should have slept on the bus instead of staying awake daydreaming. The flight to Helsinki is only 35 minutes, so there is no point in trying to sleep on there. Even though I actually did. Once at Helsinki… the adventure begins. Or it began with me chilling with a coffe and a sandwich while texting with Argo (Eesti999) about when he was going to arrive. I must say I feel skilled with knowing the bussystem in Helsinki better than the one in Stockholm. Why is that?

So, once in the city… I just walked around. Checking out Forum… when I got a text from Argo saying he is at Stockmann, so I figured I’d walk over there.

And you know, these kinds of things doesn’t happen, alright? I mean, the odds you run into your friends in your own hometown is kinda low rated, and even in the capital of Sweden. So how big are the odds you run into your friend in the streets of HELSINKI? Apparently pretty big, since I ran into the wonderful Jasmin! (from Paris trip) Had a fast chat before I continued down the street towards Stockmann where I found Argo standing next to a pretty suspicious statue… Ah never mind.

Together we kept exploring Helsinki, or well, he knew the city pretty well, so for he it was like being home but for me exploring! We found On The Rocks, the rests of the Elvis thing Amen had taken a pic off, we went to Musichunter(?) and Levykauppa… Before returning to Forum to pick up the very best Anthalerero!

I wasn’t totally aware of that she was coming, so it was a real nice surprise! We spent the rest of the time to walk around in stores and I certainly remember one were Argo found a iPad to play around a bit with. Time passed by and we went to McDonalds to grab some food before heading for On The Rocks… That was just across the streets.

I was so certain it would be on the sleazy backstreets or something similar, but no, right acorss from the busstation. Fucking awesome. We weren’t entirely sure if we were allowed in yet, since it’s only 18 year limits on the gigs (this goes for me and Argo that is) so we stood outside for a little while and Sampsa came out! A brief high before he ran away to run around. We figured we couldn’t stand outside like morons so we went in…

And no one checked us actually. The bar was open but they didn’t check us… so it was all cool! We headed for the red skinsofas and just sat down and enjoyed life. Talked a little music, Niko stopped by to get a few things off Antha and the hellraisers and Cruz arrived.


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