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Mr Kita part 3

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From MB:

Hi you all

This following is a message from Kita and myself. Even though I am the one that writes this. 

We are still friends. Lets start with that. I am not madly angry at Kita. Shit happens. Neither of us a kind of person that holds a grunge or hate towards people. We have a saying in finnish, matters fight – not people. 

Let’s reveal those matters behind this unfortunate but unavoidable end result.

Wether he was fired or did he leave by his own choice, the answer is yes …and yes. Both are correct in a way. Kita never told any of us in the Lordicamp, meaning band members or people who work for us or the label, about his plans he had with his own band until the night before of the Finlands ESC press conference. So it did come as a shock and surprise, since it really did not give us any time to react. We did not have a clue, there was absolutely no discussion beforehand. So he knew the risks, and what he was doing was against the “rules” of being in Lordi, and what it ultimately means. 

Of course he’s been active with his other projects too all the time he’s been in Lordi, but never before has that been a problem or a possible hazard to Lordi. Until now. ESC is very public event, so that means that the media is there. And even more so, when we talk about ESC, with Lordi’s relationship with the Eurovision in mind, the risks were high. And the fears and risks became reality really fast, when media spotted him, and realized who he is. And here it gets tricky. For the media Kita’s (or any other members) appearance sans the mask in public as himself is and will be interputed as a manifest, as a statement, that now it is ok to reveal the faces of ALL the Lordi members. Lordi is free to be hunted. One member cannot have different rules than others. Media is black and white. So, in other words, we, the rest of the band, needed to literally save our own faces here. And remember, Kita knew this too, very well, as well as any of us. But, we did not wanna jump into hasty decisions. So we waited over the weekend, hoping that this would go away, and at the same time fearing every hour that any second now all of our hard work of hiding our identities will be ruined in a heartbeat. Remember how much we have fought about this to defend our stand and right to be anonymous. We skipped the presidents independence day party to keep up our image, which was not easy. 
And during those hellish few days right after ESC press conference, we learned from journalists that are friends of ours that the pressure in certain parts of the media is building up to do the ultimate kick in the nuts of us. They already had the story. They dig up the pics of all of us. There was only one solution. There was no other choice. We needed to make clear that Kita was not playing by the rules, and not under the same rulebook anymore, and he had to be cut off. 

Will Kita ever come back? As a permanent member, no. As a surprise pop-in guest at some special event? Who knows.  Would we work with him as a guest in the studio to sing backgrounds? Why not. Will we absolutely need him to sing the background vocs? No, it will sound a bit different but, no. He is not the only one in the band who knows how to arrange backing harmonies. And last; hahaha, will there be a Kita face shirt available? Yes. We will do it for the Kita diehardfans, to be able to pay your respect and love, one last time with a new Kita shirt.  

These are hard times. For the fans, and for us. But, still, life and show goes on. With all due respect to my friend Kita, and he knows this too, nobody is irresplaceable.  Lordi has had already many lineup changes in the past, even before him, and we have survived them all, only to become better. It is never easy, it is always painful. But, the pain will go away sooner than we can think at a time of sadness. 

Don’t worry, all is gonna be juuuuuuust fine (…like Granny

Lordi & Kita

This was… Just as I thought. Actually. Just like I’ve said it was. And I was right. Thanks for confirming, Mr L!

Mr Kita, part 2

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I need to say a few words about his departure, about my point of view of what happened. says Lordi fired him because he unmasked and so kinda did Aftonbladet, and they say Lordi is not OK with second projects and such, this is not true. I want to clear out some misunderstandings, but I want to clarify – Except from the band information, none of these are TRUE FACTS, it’s just MY POINT OF VIEW, and what I THOUGHT happened.

Alrite.The Show By SO, the other band of Kita, has been active since 1997, and it was Kita who formed it. He has been the leadsinger ever since, and he joined Lordi in 2000.  When joining Lordi, he must have been pretty sure about what visions Mr Lordi had about the band – with other words – keep their identity safe, not show themselves unmasked and such.

When I say “Not show themselves unmasked” I mean that he shouldn’t take of his mask and say “Hello! I’m Kita from Lordi!”. He still had SO, as the guy STALA. And it was fine. It was Stala, and it was Kita. On the latter years – I met them last in 2009, saw them live last a few weeks ago. He seemed.. tired of it. I don’t know of course – I can’t read his mind. But this is the impressions I got. And he didn’t write a single tune for Babez. And at Nosturi he seemed so off.

I made an interview with Stala last year, in May 2009, and he said that “Everything I write is SO, sometimes it turns into Lordi”. And notice my dear friends, how he ACTIALLY SAID that it turns into Lordi.

This is what I’m talking about. He didn’t keep it as much of a secret as Mr Lordi wanted it.

And now, SO is in the selection for ESC. Good for them! It really is. But this also puts Sampsa under the medias investigation, and it also puts him in public alot. AND if SO succeeds in ESC, Sampsa won’t have time for Lordi. Simple as that really. Mr Lordi needs his members to commit, and Sampsa just can’t.

As I said, these are MY point of view of what happened, mustn’t have to be true. But this is what I think.

// Sara

Mr Kita

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Today an announcement from Lordi reached the fans with the saddest news. Kita is no longer a part of Lordi.

Kita was an alien from the planet Mu-Araen which is located not less than 50 lightyears from our own solarsystem. Kita’s kind of aliens was the main spieces on the planet and worked as war beasts.

Kita was my favourite member. He was not only the drummer of Lordi, he was actually THE drummer. THE musician. THE bandmember.

I “fell in love” with Kita while watching a re-run of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006. It was when they had won, as he was standing on the drums waving his drumsticks like a conductor of an orchestra. He was so cute and sweet doing that, I just fell for him. And ever since then, I’ve loved him with heart and soul.

I remember how excited I was about going to their gig in 2006. Mum dragged me around to each and every Wig Wam gig availible, and only a week before the gig I got an email from Amen asking if we wanted to meet them, and of course we signed up for it. While at the concert, I was amazed by him. Terrified, but amazed. You see – monsters and horror things aren’t really usually my kind of thing but, somehow Lordi works fine. Afterwards we went backstage. Lina & I was so nervous, so we went as far away from the “stage” as possible, sitting on the chair in the backer line. Lordi arrived and all the other fans started talking to them and such. Still we were too nervous to do anything.

OX spotted us, and he spotted Linas OX face shirt. He pointed at her and gave her the thumb up, and then Kita, who was next to him, saw us too. He saw my shirt, pointed at me and then started “calling” me about that I should come over. He waved at me and “asked” me /us to come over. So we walked a little bit, and their tourmanager Tomi Niemi came and picked us up. It’s kinda greyish. But I walked up to Kita, actually, I almost walked right into the chest of OX if it wouldn’t have been for that Kita grabbed me, turned me around and gave me half a hug or a hug… call it whatever you want… We took a picture and he told me my shirt looked cool (of course he would think, it’s a Kita Face Shirt!) Not much more happened, he tried talking to me but I couldn’t get out a word. I just nodded and agreed in anything he said… I hope I didn’t agree in something stupid, haha!

The years passed by and it wasn’t until 2009 I’d get in real touch with him again. Even if I might have been inactive on the Lordi forum doesn’t mean I stopped love him. However, the day was March 28th, year 2009. For this special event I had gotten myself a photopass, which would actually help us get backstage. The tour was the Deadache tour, and I love how they improved each solo. Like, not only for Kita, but the others aswell. I just love it.

We weren’t even supposed to meet Lordi this time, but we managed. I was first in (actually Eric Young from Crashdiet was our guide this night) I was the first into the backstageroom. I don’t know why, but I think I was talking to KittyCat, because I walked backwards. All of sudden someone says “Hello!” and the shock I got for someone saying that practically threw me up the roof. But who wasn’t it, if not the adorable Kita sitting on a chair in the hallway down. Cheering us. A couple of kids were takin their pictures with Lordi, the female band Vision, Judge Death and then us. After that Kita gave me a monsterhug and signed my shirt, also asking me how I was. He was so kind.

In 2010 I was one of the lucky to attend to the Nosturi gigs. Which looks now to so far be the last Lordi gig for Kita. It was a great gig. It was lovely. I don’t really know what to say more about it. But I had no idea that it was gonna be the last we’d see of him.

I’m sure it will sound weird if I say that I don’t really know what to say. Cause I don’t. I was sleeping actually,when I got the textmessage from Judge_Death. He didn’t say right away what had happened,but he didn’t need to. The way he wrote the message made me understand. Anushka, Angel_Of_Death, Monsta, MooneyMan and me had been discussing it for a while, or well, since friday, that Kita was gonna leave (it did happen a thing to make us consider this of course) and since we “believed” in this, I could understand by the way he wrote it.

It hurts it does. But it will get better. I will remember Kita as the kickass drummer and kind monster he was. He was like a shield you know, if you had a bully, you could always pretend Kita was coming and going to chop him down. Me, and many others, loved and still loves him to pieces and would do anything for him. I don’t really know how to wrap this up so I’m just gonna quit.

One last thing – I would like every Lordi fan who reads this, to put a comment to this post. It could be a great memory with Kita, it could be your feelings about him leaving, anything! I ask you to do this.

Kita, I love you to pieces, I hope everything turns out as planned for you! You will be missed.
“It’s breath intoxicating, it’s ego suffocating
it’s here in my house – trying to get out
It’s moves exhilarating, temper’s infuriating,
it’s no sage – rampage in a cage,
but you’ll be safe, you can feed it,
you wanna play? It’s almost tamed!

Pet the destroyer, my beast le royal, pet my destroyer
Sweet Killing Machine
Pet the destroyer, my beast le royal oh wont you please, feed, my beast?

It’s stare infatuating, I’m not exaggerating,
it breaks off the lease, creature released
It jaws intimidating, rage indiscriminating,
it looks kinda mad, yeah this looks kinda bad
This isn’t safe no, I can feel it,
this isn’t play, it can’t be tamed!

Pet the destroyer, my beast le royal, pet my destroyer
Sweet Killing Machine
Pet the destroyer, my beast le royal, oh won’t you please, feed the beast?
Oh won’t you please, meet the beast?”

Me & the killing machine. 2006 photo by Tommie Niemi and 2009 photo by Judge_Death

// Sara

En lördagskväll.

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Sara säger:
jump rope *snofsig gubbe*

Kita, Awa(L)(F)|The Way you shine is killing me…|TCOM|RIP Tuff(L)(F)(U)|And loneliness – it makes nights endless säger:

Sara säger:

Kita, Awa(L)(F)|The Way you shine is killing me…|TCOM|RIP Tuff(L)(F)(U)|And loneliness – it makes nights endless säger:
Jag lyssnar p dreamwarriors!

Sara säger:
(Y) *snopen min*
Men Sara, she’s my ride home är en av de finaste kärlekslåtarna som finns…
och som sagt, jag + kärlek just nu = (N)

Kita, Awa(L)(F)|The Way you shine is killing me…|TCOM|RIP Tuff(L)(F)(U)|And loneliness – it makes nights endless säger:

Sara säger:
Önsketänkande XD

Kita, Awa(L)(F)|The Way you shine is killing me…|TCOM|RIP Tuff(L)(F)(U)|And loneliness – it makes nights endless säger:

Sara säger:

Kita, Awa(L)(F)|The Way you shine is killing me…|TCOM|RIP Tuff(L)(F)(U)|And loneliness – it makes nights endless säger:
Dream Warrior.

The ultimate saturdaynight!