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The best song by Gaga if you ask me. I just love it tremendously.

OK – I was supposed to write the rest about SRF but I seemingly suck at this. Please, give me another chance at P&L, will yah? The centre of Borlänge and a phone that can blog so, I’ll do my best there, ok?

Sittin’ at Jennies while she’s showering, listening to Lady Gaga. The cat is hurting me and Judge Death is here also. I’m wearing jennies hat, my hair is pink.

What the hell were I thinking?

NP: Pokerface – Lady Gaga

// Sarah

Sweden Rock, Day 2

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1000 miles with HEATis currently playing in the press. Thanks to the lovely guy next to me I could finally reach the #¤Y&”)¤&) Internet. So, From now on to get a bigger audience reading, I’ll sum these days up in english.

So, Yesterday was more or like the first day. After having a rather scary night at Axident Avenue (Norweigan Nordic Challenge Winner, Gibson Stage Friday). We woke up and once again crashed the poor norweigans. They didn’t mind 🙂 We went seeing Innocent Rosie with them, a swedish glam/sleazeband. Must say that they put up a really good show!

I loved their music, never heard their music before you see. The only dysfunctional thing I found was that the singer was bold. But it’s ok.

We were supposed to do an interview but when Ricky said we should do it at the toilet I  more or less realized that they were WAAAY to drunk for that. (Did I mention I was more or less the only sober one at the camp?)

So, we… went back I think. Before we ran off to eat. No, we had done that already, I don’t know what we did inbetween, but me and Valentine were supposed to get back to the tent, when we met up with their drummer Ole, and just like that we decided to go see Uriah Heep. On the way there we met both Pär Sundström from Sabaton and Jimmy Jay from H.E.A.T. Nice. Oh, I interviewed Chains too! That was nice, lovely guys really.

Anyhow, we went down and as they bought beer, I met up with Daniel Mÿhr from Sabaton! And since V and O were… waaaaay to drunk to give a fuck, or they did, but they behaved like 5 years old ;D, so I asked my dear Daniel to come with us, which he did!

And I can tell, he’s a lovley guy! Thanks for keeping me company Daniel!

V and O ran off in the middle of Uriah Heep, that was a great show by the way! Guided by Daniel throughout the show I really enjoyed it! Wow. But no pics. It was too freaking cold!! Anyhow, V and O ran off, so after the show me and Daniel went lookin’ and waitin’ for them, but after half an hour or so, we gave up and he went to his camp and I went to Axidents.

Who do I meet there if not V?! And the first thing Jessica says is like “LOOK V! There she is!” Lovley. But then he warmed me up with his sleepingbag. My tentmates picked us up and we went to some sort of…. öhh, party. After I heard my dear Lady Gaga on the radio I left, and picked up my stuff I left at V and went to sleep.

That was yesterday, now let’s talk about today!

Well, I just got here. I was supposed to see the First Nemis band, but Williame ran off so I had to finbd her and then the queue for the toilet is.. an eternity. So I missed that out, but it’s ok. And now I’m here. In less than an hour I’m supposed to interview HEAT, so I better getgoing!

See yah next time Rockkers!!


Sweden rock dag 1

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Bloggar ifrån mobilen just nu. Ligger i tältet och är allmänt depp, tro det eller ej. Vill sova. Imorrn börjar allt det roliga. Träffade kompisar på bussen.
Thats it for now!
// Sarah


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Lady Gaga. Pokerface har lyckats bli den låt jag trots allt gillar bäst med henne. I början hatade jag låten, men vi har ju sett det där förut. Hata = Älska.

Imorgon bär det av till Sweden Rock, och jag kom på den lilla fiffiga idéen att jag kanske skulle blogga därifrån? Skulle det vara intressant? Jag tänkte väl det.

Hursomhelst, just nu sitter jag i skolan, och sen när jag kommer hem blir det att ladda batterier för glatta livet och sedan packa inför SRF. Så vi höres!

NP: Pokerface – Lady Gaga
// Sara