The Art Of War

Of Sabatons so far newest album. One of the best tones, believe it or not. I’m usually in to as Pär says, “beer-drinking-partymetal” as Union, Metal Machine, 7734,  Metal Crüe and so on. But I just love this one, I love the heaviness… And I will see Sabaton soon again, yay!

We opened our Guitar Hero World Tour yesterday, not sure however I told you, but ok. And I adopted the drums pretty fast, and they are so mine! If I’m not allowed to play drums for real, at least I’m going to have them now! And I’m talented ; ) I promise! So I’ve been playing that a lot today, even if I had a headache and almst fainted from being tired.

Jennie & Jonny came by, it was THE FINALS OF SHEAR GENIUS! So we got some extras, just for this matter.
Nicole (Niccie, in case you missed my entry with the nicknames) Charlie(Challe) and Dee(D) were in the finals.

There was only one challenge today, and it was, in having four clients tell a womens story when she was 18, 30, 45 and 60.

D went for a girl that was into music. She made her 18 year look like someone that just moved to New York to bec0me a Rockstar (what happened to LA?), and had this young, modern rocky look, and at 30 she had a long fall with curls, at that point she had, according to D (they made up the stories themselves) had been releasing her first record. At the age of 45 she became more a musicproducer, and sorry, I don’t quite remember the hairstyle here, but at 60 she were a gradnma, but she disliked it so much that she rather be called “Mama Red” and she had this “ball” on her head of red curls. All the cuts were made well and they were REALLY age propriate.

Challe went, as usual, for classic style. He made the story about a young girl being a childstar, and now wanted to become a real actress. The 18 year old had this… very very classy style, yet Kim Vo thought it more looked like a burrito. At the age of 30 she had won her first oscar, and she just had a simple wavy blonde hair. At 45 she was the leadingrole in a thrillemovie, but honestly, she looked like 50 ? At 60 she was going to her own movie, statring of her career as a movie director. His 60 year old, looked like Nicole. The hair, so it was pretty much like “Ah, nicole in the future!” over that one. He really did some good job with the colors, I have to admit, and also the styling, which is his strength. Yet ALL his models looked elder than they were. ALL.

Niccie went for casual, making a story about a girl that was raisde with not that much money, but still were the perfect girl everyone wanted to be. Her 18 year old had natural straight hair with a bang, it looked pretty, a little 70’s style, as she wanted. At the age of 30 she couldn’t afford to go to college, so she began to work instead, and worked hard. This cut was made as if it was from the 80’s, since Nicole were VERY exact with the ages. The hair was a little messy, half curls, hald straight. Really nice. At the age of 47 (!!) she had found a man, got a family and they had gotten it better financially. As Nicole said “Now she could at least afford going to the hairdresser” and had a more strict look, but it was very agepropriate! I don’t remember the exakt cut, but I do remember that it at least were very nice. At 60 she was just retiring and looking back on her life and her grandkids on the fridge and all of her other accomplishments, being all satisfied with her life, and she had give her client a short, pretty cut. Nicole made some REALLY nicestyles, which is her strenght.

The wild card here is that Nicoles story, was a TRUE STORY! about her own mum. She started crying. It was so nice.

Anyhow, Niccie ended up THIRD (!!!) I can’t really see why, but oh yeah.

And the winner was…




This means of course that Challe ended up second. Huh.

Jennie and Jonny left, and I had my little dose of One Tree Hill, before I’m going to sleep as I am.. NOW!

Np: American Psycho – Hellcity 13
// Sara

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