The best song by Pretty Boy Floyd if you ask me. I got the album, “The Ultimate” for “Rock & roll (Is gonna Set The Night On Fire)”, but… that song, and song number 15 had.. vanished- So I randomly listened to track 13 (It’s something with me and playing CDs backwards) and I just loved it. And still loves it.

Today has been pretty much all about watching TV… First I had the first episode of One Tree Hill’s third season today. It’s going so slow…. so slow… And later tonight, there were a new episode of the fifth/sixth season of one tree hill 🙂 Me like. But they’re so different in a way you know, in that one that aires on TV like, Hales and Nate are good, Luke and Peyt are doing good and Brookie is taking care of a teenager on the loose, but in the series, Brookie and Luke are dating and Peyt and Jake were dating, and Hales and Nate are not doing well… Freaky.

I hate to sit there and see Hales and Nate divorce, knowing that they will even have a kid togheter later. Haha, insane!

I tried to clean my room earlier, and I did well. I put on the “Trash” album by Alice Cooper, and you can at least WALK in there. That’s always something?
A Rock n Roll Girl Like You is currently played, and it automatically makes me think of Wig Wam. I miss them you know? I want them to be up and running. But Teeny’s got this Dream Police thing coming up, and Glam is doing his Glamunition.. and Flash and Sporty vanished… or something. I guess Flash is doing ARTCH. Eventually.

So – now I’m going to grab a sandwhich, watch some One Tree Hill and then sleep.

Good night!
Np: Bless the Night – Wig Wam
// Sara
5 days ’til AC/DC!

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