Mötley Crüe to Sweden?

There has for a long time, (since their last concert in 2007) been a rumor going about Mötley Crüe being back in Sweden already in 2009, and today Vince Neil revealed, that so it’ll be.

He said in Expressen today that they’ll be in Sweden in either June or July, and that there are no specific dates set, and that there is a possibility that they’ll be in both Gothenburg and Stockholm

What do I think of this? GREAT. I love their concert in 2007, and having them back already just makes it better! If they’ll do two shows, you can count on my being at both ;).. but first we’ll have to see if I get any tickets, which has latley been seen be pretty impossible in Sweden. But I got it for AC/DC, so why would I fail in Mötley Crüe? 😉
Talking about Mötley Crüe: Just a few WEEKS left to Vince Neil in Stockholm!
Jeff & Dana. Can’t understand.

NP: Cry – H.E.A.T

// Sara

One Response to “Mötley Crüe to Sweden?”

  1. Svar: Nä, ingen av dom låtarna är med. Det är typ Greatest Hits skivan, men ändå är inte Dude looks like a lady med, och den är väl bland dom bästa? Men, det är ju Aerosmith ssjälva som valt ut låtarna, man vet väl aldrig vad dom kan få för sig ;p

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