Deadache – Lordi

Lordi’s new album was released today, and I got it! So I thought I should write a little review on it.

Lordi is a finnish hardrock band, which was formed in 1996 when the first line up of member met on the cruise that was arranged by the Kiss Army to see Kiss in Sweden.  They released their first CD, “Get Heavy” in 2002 and their single “Would You Love a Monster Man?” got to be a huge succsses. But it was first in 2006 the band got it’s real break-through, in the Eurovision Song Contest where they won the contestwith their “Hard Rock Hallelujah!” with the highest score ever in ESC history (292 points). They became extremly popular and their album “The Arockalypse” (released 2006) sold three-times platinum all over the world, and now they’re back with a new album, after making the horromovie “Dark Floors“.

October 29th was this CD released, and here is my thought of it.
SCG VI is a opening that reminds me a lot of the rythm going on in ” A Nightmare On Elm Street” ( One, Two, Freddy’s coming for you) and is a great follow up on the 3 previous Scartic Circle Gatherings.
“Girls Go Chopping” is a good opening song, it’s heavy in the way a Lordi song is and bring the thoughts back to “Brining Back The Balls To Rock”, with a mix of “Bring It On”. Really good, it increases your expectations on the CD. The next song up is their first single of the CD, “Bite it Like A Bulldog“. I wasn’t too fond about this one I have to say, But it doesn’t suck either.

I’d rather say that the next track, “Monsters Keep Me Company” is the first song to prove that this might have something to set against “The Monsterican Dream” (which is in mine opinion the best album). This is a long, and slow (but still fast) song, and I just don’t know what to say about it. The refrain is catchy and the music has this little “horrorpeak” in it. A little “It Snows In Hell” over it. “Man Skin Boots” is next up, and thats a little bit faster song, which reminds me a lot about Slaughter songs, don’t ask me why. I wouldn’t really rate this one as one of my favourites, and nor do “Dr. Sin is In” which is the next track, no, it’s first at ” The Ghosts of The Heceta head” as I once again can feel this “now-we’re-ready-to-bring-up-the-fight-against-Monsterican Dream“. This is a catchy song, which makes me think a little of “Beast Loose In Paradies” (why isn’t this song on the record?). 

Evilyn” on the other hand is a song I can’t really just.. no. But the increasing of the tempo in the end really makes it better. But it still doesn’t have THAT. “The Rebirth of the Countess” is an instrumental song by Awa, as “Magistra Nocte” althought this have som French speaking about.. the rebirht of Awa, I believe.  Since this is a pretty calm song, you really get into that mood, so I believe I’m not the only one that might have jumped in the roof when the nest track “Raise Hell in Heaven” begins, I’d say the song is something like “Dynamite Tonite” and “Wake the Snake“. Not in my taste with other words.

The titletrack is the next song up, and this is my favourite on the CD! Though it feels like I heard the intro somewhere before, I just don’t know where. This song is pretty much like “Supermonstars” and got a catchy refrain that is easy to sing along to, and I can already imagine this being the song EVERYONE is going to jump to, the entire song. God, I love it. I can’t really say the same about the next song, but at this point the “quality” of the CD has rised, it’s gotten better. “Missing Miss Charlene” about a missing little girl (I think?) is also among my favourites. Catchy, and scary on the same time. A song that reminds me a lot of the opening of Sailor Moon, don’t even bother asking, because I don’t even know why. These statements “A Monster stole miss Charlene” makes it scary.

On my version of the record (there are different versions) there are an extra track, called “The House“. It’s a really good song, but it got this refrain that for some reason SCREAMS countrymusic! But does this make it bad? I’d say the other way around.

So what do I think of this album? It’s a really good album, it was reall worth the waiting! I can’t WAIT to come to a Lordi concert and hear some of these tracks live! Of course, it doesn’t beat The Monsterican Dream, but, it’s better than both The Arockalypse and Get Heavy.

2. Girls Go Chopping
3. Bite It Like A Bulldog
4. Monsters Keep Me Company
5. Man Skin Boots
6. Dr Sin is In
7.The Ghosts Of the Heceta Head
8. Evilyn
9.The Rebirth of The Countess
10. Raise Hell In Heaven
11. Deadache
12. The Devil hides behind her Smile
13. Missing Miss Charlene
(14. The House)

Favourite Track: Deadache
Least Favourite: Evilyn
Points: 4 / 5

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