Beast Loose In Paradise – Lordi is coming to Sweden!

The leadtrack of Lordi’s horromovie Dark Floors. This is really, like, the second best song EVER of Lordi. Or well, I haven’t heard the Deadache material yet, so I don’t know, haha, But so far at least. I can’t say what exactly it is, but I just love it.

While we’re talking about Lordi, They’re coming to Sweden in the beginning of next year! 24 to 26 January the monsters from Finland are blessing us with 3 shows, in Lund, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Guess who will be there? At least at one of them…. 🙂 I’ve really “missed” them, and finally I’ll get to see them again…. Already looking forward!

NP: Metal Machine – Midnight Sun
/ Sara
17 days until Wig Wam & CRASH!
50 days
until Motörhead
52 days until Vince Neil

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