H.E.A.T – H.E.A.T

Since I thought I’d change directios of the blog, and start write more about music, I so will do. I’ll begin writing about H.E.A.T’s debutCD, H.E.A.T.

The band was formed in the beginning of January of 2007, and they had a vision to create something unique, but aswell to follow their heroes footsteps, making melodic rockmusic that could be taken directly from the 80’s, but still beeing influenced by todays music. They want to make people understand what it’s all about while theire living their dream.
(Source: www.heatsweden.com)

At April 30th, 2008 they released their debutalbum called H.E.A.T, and that was what I was supposed to talk about.
The CD begins with an intro containg talking, which is just increasing your excitements over the CD, before it continues with “There For You” which is a great “opening” on the CD, a song that is very powerful, and especially the part in between the refrain and the verse is something in my style. “Never Let Go” shows a little bit more agressive side of the band, with desperate song. The tempo gets slowed down a little bit while continueing into “Late Night Lady“, which is has a little bit more punky sound, and reminds me a lot of “Unskinny Bop” by Poison.

At this point we reached the part of the CD as I like best. This part is the ones where you really can feel the influences from the 80’s. “Follow Me” sounds as it would’ve been taken out of a horsemovie, nothing bad, I personally love horsemovies. As it would be from “Spirit – The Stallion of the Cimarron“. Moving on to “Cry” which is a beautiful “powerballad”.

Moving on to “Feel it Again” and we’re back into the 2000th centuary, but still have one foot in the 80’s. The CD starts to loose it’s face a little bit now, especially as they move on to “Straight Up” which is a punky song, but personally I just can’t like this one. I’ve been listening to this record a few times, but still this is the song I can’t connect to.

After having this little “Downgoing” the next track, “Bring The Stars” is taking us back to the middle part of the CD, where it’s heavily influenced by the 80’s, and this is a really good song! This songs reminds me a lot of Hannah Montana though, and I think that anyone that watched channel 5 a few weeks ago and saw the advertisment for the Hannah Montana concert would also hear the similarities.

This could have been a good ending of the record, yet there are two more tracks. The little cocky “You’re Lying” and “Feel The Heat“. I think both of these tracks “Drags” down the CD a bit, yet I believe it’s good that they’re quitting with a strong song as “Feel The Heat“.

So what do I think overall? This is a really good record, and I can’t really imagine it being different either, even if I wasn’t into all the tracks. If you’re into bands as Mötley Crüe, Poison, Vixen, TNT and Danger Danger, you should really get this record!



1. Intro
2. There For You
3. Never Let Go
4. Late Night Lady
5. Keep On Dreaming
6. Follow Me
7. Straight For Your Heart
8. Cry
9. Feel It Again
10. Straight Up
11. Bring The Stars
12. You’re Lying
13. Feel The Heat

Favourite Track:
Keep On Dreaming
Least Favourite: Straight Up
Points: 3,5 / 5

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