Kristallen was just finnished in Kanal 5 here in Sweden.

I’m pretty satisfied.

Efterlyst won one category (for the most “topical” program of the year) just as I wanted it.

Peter Settman won the category of best male host, I personally wanted Hasse Aro or Filip & Fredrik to win, but it’s ok! Peter Settman is good enough.

Eva from “Fem Myror är Fler ‘n Fyra Elefanter” won the category for best female host, and I really wanted Gry Forsell (from CLASH OF THE CHOIRS) to win, but still, it’s ok!

And I really thought that Andra Avenyn would win the price for the program of the year, but Let’s Dance did… hm. Interesting.

So. All I can say:
Satisfied with that Hasse Aro got ONE price at least (for Efterlyst)
Dissappointed about that Filip & Fredrik didn’t recieve one single, and they were barely nominated!…


but it’s ok ❤
NP: Run & Hide – Garcia

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