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Tour Diaries – Sabaton / Hulkoff II – Part 1

Posted in Uncategorized, Travels on January 31, 2023 by Sara Hammerzmith

And so it was time. Finally time to get back on the road again. It’s been just a bit under a year since the last Swedish tour of Sabaton, and for this run Hulkoff was coming along again. The first stop of the tour was in Övertorneå, pretty damn far up in the North.

So, travels started out pretty early in the morning – if I remember correctly I left my place around eight in the morning to head over to the airport. With being out of the touring habit for so long, I have lost track on how to do it and have not prepared ANTYHING in all honesty in order to make this tour go smoothly – like, sure I left well on time, but upon arriving at the airport I realized I hadn’t sorted any sort of preorder for the parkings, so I just went ahead and took the first best parking I found. Gladly enough, this is the parking I would usually have anyway so no issue really.

Off I went to meet up with my friend Isabelle whom I’d get to share this adventure with and we got on our plane, picked up the rental car she had arranged and started off the drive towards Övertorneå – which is located around two hours driving from Luleå. Oh yeah.. We had a bit of an incident on our way up. So, I get motion ill, or car sick if you like, very, very easily. And I forgot to take my pills, but I did not realize this until I started feeling a bit nauseous. I tried combatting it by stopping quickly on the road and driving with the window down – even taking a pill even though it technically was a bit too late….

And at one point I had to ask Isabelle to just pull over in the dead middle of a road and I went out… And it was a basic cascade. I haven’t done that in a long time, but I guess it was about time! Lesson learned. The worst part though? I didn’t get my very long hair out of the way, so I tried my best to clean it with snow.. I thought I was so fly until I borrowed Isabelles shower later only to realize I had just mushed it all in my hair and created a nice… cake… of that…


And let me tell you this – going up north – this much up north – it is like visiting a different country. It is legit the same country, but it is so incredibly different on the same time. The houses are quite more rustiqe than I’m used to home where I live, and most importantly – it is so incredibly silent. At least at the place where I lived – Willa Armas just outside of Övertorneå. Its a huge what seems to be family owned mansion of sorts with a huge kitchen and you stay in one of the bedrooms of the house. Baths are shared, and there is a sauna in the basement. The owners meet up with you and make sure you are most comfortable and help you out. They are extremely friendly – I can very warmly recommend this location for you. It is handy if you have a car already though, as it is outside the city.

Obviously, as we were arriving pretty late on the first night we went off to buy some dinner and have some before Isabelle brought me back to my hotel and the next day was about to commence. Got up WAY TOO LATE in what I would have liked myself, but obviously, if it is anything I learned about myself this past few months it is that I tend to always stay up way too late – I guess I can thank me discovering TikTok for that..

Anywho. Isabelle came to pick me up, bless her, and we headed off to the Arctic Circle – which was pretty damn interesting to see actually! A part of me is kind of all up in the air about it all – I have always wanted to travel up north but I never really had the chance properly til now – which means the world to me.

We headed back into the city to cook some more dinner before heading over to the show – but I’ll save that for another post!

// Sara

The First Soldier

Posted in Uncategorized on January 20, 2023 by Sara Hammerzmith

Isn’t it just amazing how time flies by and I seem to not even touch the blog? Many reasons as to why I will tell you – school, work, everything. But I’ll try to get more consistent with it – and is there any way better to start than to talk about Sabaton?

Starting from last year, Sabaton has started to release these mini-EPs with songs and stories from World War I, featuring a new song on each. On the last one, “Weapons of the Modern Age” the new song “Father” about Fritz Haber and his invention of the Cyklon-B gas which was used in the trenches and later in the gas chambers of WWII – but he also invented fake fertilizer – giving the world a literal sinner or a saint picture – a lot of people were killed with his invention, but many more were saved.

Now, it is time for the second EP in the same genre – “Heroes of the Great War” where they have focused more on specific soldiers, such as Peghamagabow, Alvin York and Adrian Carton de Wiart, we are now presented the new single “The First Soldier”.

The first soldier is, as quoted from Sabaton’s own website:

“France’s Albert Severin Roche became known as “The First Soldier” of France for his heroism and bravery. Despite his small stature and his peers’ scepticism, by the end of WW1 Albert had more than proved himself, having captured over 1,180 prisoners while fighting for the French Army.”

So, let’s talk about the music shall we?

The first thing that strikes me is the almost cheerful, and bombastic intro leading up to the verses. You are instantly given this heroic feeling – and the positive feeling is the red string throughout the song, and it leads the thoughts directly back to “Versaille”, the last track on “The War to End All Wars”. At times, I’m given slight Dragony-vibes (think Viribus Unitis album) and I do like it a lot. If you look at the overall EP – it is rather filled with all the more cheerful tunes. And I’m liking it a lot!

So, what are your guys thoughts? Let’s discuss below!

// Sara