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Sabaton – Soldier of Heaven

Posted in Music, Uncategorized with tags on January 7, 2022 by Sara Hammerzmith

First week of 2022 serves us a new single from Sabaton. “Soldier of Heaven” covers the subject of White Friday, taking place in December 13th 1916 where an avalanche killed a great number of soldiers during The Great War. So, lets dig into the song, shall we?

The song starts of with a nice yet not unfamiliar synth sling heading into the verse consisting of Jocke’s voice alone with the sling, allowing the song to build on more and more as it goes into an epic chorus that instantly brings the thoughts back to Bloodbound (think “Stormborn“) with elements of Beast in Black, if anything production wise.

Lyrically the song speaks from a perspective of the soldier which, in my own personal opinion brings it to a more personal and emotional level, one might say? It might just be me, but I love when it’s from ones own perspective.

While I enjoy the song.. A lot. I have been blasting it ALL DAY… I can’t help but somehow long for the “old” Sabaton. Lately, and this starting already on “The Last Stand” we’ve seen them step away more and more from the kind of music they used to go, going in a softer more radio friendly (if you’d like) kind of direction. Hopefully, there might be tracks on the album that are more in the style that I fell for. I do however, enjoy it a lot. And I’m stoked for the rest!

// Sara