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Powerwolf @ Trädgår’n, Gothenburg, Sweden 17/11-19

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So, the clock rang at 7 in the morning simply for me to get up and get on the train toward Gothenburg. Oh the beauty in tourlife – everybody always thinks this is the gloriest of vacations and a luxurious lifestyle, and while I appreciate every single second I spend on the road, it sure as hell is anything but luxurious.

Around 12 I rolled into Gothenburg and headed straight to Subway for some lunch (and later dinner) before heading using the restrooms to get ready for the show and then going to the venue to await my friends. I was first in place, as per usual, and soon enough my friends showed up to collect my stuff. After a little bit more wait, Paula and Dennis showed up, and soon enough the rest of our friends.

Time passed by as more and more people joined our gang who grew bigger and bigger as time went by, and soon it was time for them to open the doors. And the system was anything but great, if you ask me.

So first, they open the doors to the venue itself, but not to the hall where the concert takes place. This kind of fucks up the queue system, as people tried to push away us who stayed there like the entire day. And then we had this thing with a few people getting early entrance, and there was no proper way for the venue to handle that. I understand the idea, to let us in to have drinks or buy merch, but it just didn’t work.

Finally, they let us in and we got our desired spots in front of Charles. Not sure if it was what we asked for, but for some reason, I get drawn to this side. Regardless of the band.

And so, the wait began, and soon enough, Gloryhammer started.


And so, “Delilah” started once more echoing through the speakers and the Hootsforce started coming on stage and opening once again with “The Siege of Dunkeld (In Hoots We Trust)” strongly, but the crowd was perhaps not as into Gloryhammer here as they’d been in Stockholm.

“Gloryhammer” was next on the list, and finally, Angus McFife does the joke himself – “Now that you know we are not Powerwolf, what is my name?” Haha! Finally! Misa has been saying it for so long, and now themselves. “Angus McFife” followed suit before they introduced us to the “Land of Unicorns” once again.

We got yet another lecture about how to kill Goblins, the same Goblin who recently visited us and “Goblin King of the Darkstorm Galaxy” was next on the list. Amazing, as per usual! “Questlords of Inverness, Ride to the Galactic Fortress!” was next, and this time, with an unfulfilled quest sadly.

The band left the stage real quick to just let the Hootsman come back, to the epic tunes and taking the space until it’s time “The Hollywood Hootsman”, and then straight into “Masters of the Galaxy”. And then, straight into the “Hootsforce” which is ALWAYS and FORVER a constant party, before it was time to set the “Universe on Fire”, and lastly wrapping it all up with “Unicorn Invasion of Dundee”.

Once again, an amazing show. Thank you, Gloryhammer!

And then, the long wait for Powerwolf began, and it was time for us to get ready.. And then.. Black out. “Mr Crowley” in the speakers and the mood was set.


There was a slight lack of backdrop in front, presumably from the small venue, but they started off with “Fire & Forgive”, ever so powerful. “Army of the Night” followed suit directly, and Attila stepped down with the incense and it was time to head into “Incense and Iron”.

Attila proceeds to ask us, if we know the lyrics of Powerwolf. And it seemed to be a bit of disbelief about it, but it was at least enough to send them straight into “Amen & Attack”.

We start talking once again about how to kill vampires, and it’s time for my personal highlight of the entire show, “Killers with the Cross”. What a song they wrote in that one, holy hell. HOLY HELL. That’s all I can say about that song. And live, oh my.

Attila asks for all the girls in the audience, and specifically for this day, we were quite a few girls. Me, Paula, Michelle, Susanna and Martyna to be more exact, and together with Dennis and Toivo, we decided to start some… dancing. Because that’s what we do best, you know?

Time to learn how to sing, and surprisingly it didn’t go all that well this time around. “Armata Strigoi” was next on the list before the cross reappeared behind them, and “Stossgebet” was on. “Ressurection by Erection” followed up, and then.. a piano was brought out on stage and the mood was set low for “Where The Wild Wolves have Gone”. Emotional song, for sure.

After the last bits of snow had fallen, after the last tone had been taken, “Blessed and Possessed” became the next anthem we were thrown into “Kiss of the Cobra King”, with yet another set of dance moves for the evening!

To wrap up the set for now, they blessed us all with “Lupus Dei” and for a change we got a few people getting down on their knees with us. They left the stage, and “Agnus Dei” started echoing out the speakers…

“Sanctified with Dynamite” started, and ah.. What a feeling it is. What a feeling it WAS! Amazing. “Coleus Sanctus” and “Werewolves of Armenia” wrapped up the set, and the wolves thanked for themselves and left the stage.

Another amazing holy heavy metal mass has been celebrated, and I couldn’t be happier. There is something about this band that makes my heart do flips, over and over again. Is it even possible?

After the gig we all gathered around the merch and eventually we said our good byes.

// Sara

Gonna Get You Someday

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And today, the day I never thought would ever come.. came.

Today while at work, my phone started buzzing like crazy. Thinking it was some other business at first, I cursed a bit under my breathe and asked everyone to calm down. But going outside, I saw it was “just” some people tagging me.

Not just any people. People I’ve gotten to know through a certain band, and I felt it was a bit odd that these people creep out of the shadows out of nowhere. At first, I just shook it off, just to moments later received a photo from Thomas. These people, Thomas… I didn’t have time to open, but I couldn’t help to ask myself… Is Wig Wam having a comeback or what is going on?

And indeed.

At this point I’m still at loss for words. Whenever I hear a single second, a single word from this band… I tear up. Cry fest deluxe. I was sitting looking at my and just thought to myself how some of these bands, like Wig Wam, will never have a higher number.

And now this is released. I guess, I just got my 3rd confirmed festival for next year. Regardless of the rest of the bands. I still can’t believe this. Wig Wam, again? Wow.

// Sara

Powerwolf @ Arenan, Stockholm, Sweden 16/11 – 19

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Well. Me and Toivo got back home at three in the morning, but there is no rest for the wicked am I right? So at eight we both got up, had some breakfast and then Toivo set off to Malmö to catch Battle Beast again, but I hopped on a train to Stockholm to catch Powerwolf.

It’s been barely, or just over, a year since I last saw the Wolves in a concert, besides some festival appearances this summer, and not to mention, the fact they had Gloryhammer with them just made it all that much better. Excitement!

I arrived in Stockholm just around 13 and waited for Mårten to arrive as well and then we headed to Subway for some lunch before we went our separate ways to check into our hotels and for me, to take a nap. This week has been exhausting for many reasons, and the lack of sleep from the night before didn’t exactly help. After a nice nap I started getting ready. Two bands I love on the same evening meant outfit change mid set – I had a galaxy printed top for Gloryhammer and my usual dark outfit for Powerwolf.

Doors were set to be opened around 18.30, so I made my way down to the venue about half an hour before the doors opened, where Mårten was already waiting for me in the line. They opened the doors in time, and we made it in relatively quick actually.

They opened the doors down at Klubben, forcing us to run up those stairs again, which really ANNOYS ME. We checked out the merch real quick before making our way into the venue to check out the state of the barricade, and took the moment to say hello to Tim again, who was with us yesterday when seeing Battle Beast.

After that, we went out again to get some merch for Mårten and then get ready for Gloryhammer.


The intro consisting at first of “Delilah” to later go into “Into the Terrorvortex” started echoing in the venue before “The Diege of Dunkeld (In Hoots We Trust)” opened up the entire show. The venue was PACKED before this show even started, giving the boys quite the warm welcome!

“Gloryhammer” was next song on the list – as Misa says it – “In case you forget what band is on stage”, before the prince himself asks us what his name is. Which happens to be, “Angus McFife”. “The Land of Unicorns” followed suit very quickly before it was time for a little lesson.

A lesson in how to slay Goblins that is. With the hammer, Angus illustrates how it sounds like, and how it would sound like when slaying a Goblin, the same Goblin he earlier fought on stage. And of course, we are continuing on our tradition from Sabaton Open Air where Mårten holds the position as the Goblin, and thus I slay him as they start “Goblin King of the Darkstorm Galaxy”.

Angus picked out a fella in the crowd asking where he was from, only to get an answer that he’s from Sweden which wasn’t good enough. He sent the fella on a Quest to get a beer as they continued on with “Questlords of Inverness, Ride to the Galactic Fortress!”, Inverness being the place he wished the guy was from.

We are now getting introduced to the Hootsman, and just like that, we’re thrown into “The Hollywood Hootsman” just like this and then right into “Masters of the Galaxy”. Because I guess they are, right?

“Hootsforce” stood next on the list, which as far as we are concerned, means rage time! Oh yes. Angus starts talking about how he wants to set the world, no, the entire universe on fire and thus, “Universe on Fire” is the next song. They ever so strongly wrap up the show with “Unicorn Invasion of Dundee” before leaving the stage.

We went out for a quick bathroom break where I multitasked and got Powerwolf ready and then back into the venue.

I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing.. But I felt that the crowd was thinning out slightly once Gloryhammer was done. Shame for Powerwolf, but.. good for me right? And then.. Lights out.


“Lupus Daemonis” eachoed through the blacked out venue as the silhouettes of the band appeared on the drop covering the stage, and as it fell to the ground, “Fire and Forgive” opened the show. With a lot of force and energy, they took over this venue as they continued on with “Army of the Night”.

Attila got his incense and came down to talk to us about how we need iron, as well as incense to be strong warriors, and it was said and done. He proceeds to ask us, do we know the lyrics of Powerwolf? And I’ll never completely be able to let go of Metalfest earlier this year, when Attila kept fucking up the lyrics of the first few songs which lead Szilvi to say “We have to, because you don’t!” and that will more or less be a running joke from now.

But, as any experienced fan knows, “Amen and Attack” was next on the list.

When Attila comes down, he talks to us about how, how to kill vampires the most efficiently? We do it with the crocs. Sorry, cross. “Killers With The Cross” was next on the list, and seriously, could I love this song more than I already do? I guess I can!

Are there any girls in the arena? Well we are a few, perhaps not as many. But one thing is for sure, “Demons are a Girls Best Friend” was next, and I took the time to take up some dancing together with Mårten, in lack of better things to do. This song, the chants become so powerfull when echoing out like this.

Time for some singing lessons ala Attila Dorn as “Armata Strigoi” continues as the next song. The stage setting is pretty much the same as it was last year – the broken castle with the hidden wolves peaking out here and there. Beautiful setting. I love big productions, have I ever mentioned that?

Attila placed himself ontop the piedestal and started talking in German, meaning only one thing – “Stossgebet”. This song is just… perfection? Can I say it like that. And what a delivery of it! Amazing.

The piano was brought out and the lights got up as “Where the Wild Wolves have Gone” was next on the list. This has always been an emotional song as it is, but it has a bit extra meaning right now.

We are starting to again speak of erections, and naturally this is one of my absolute strongest memories of Powerwolf since it’s my first memory from the first time I ever saw them live back in 2014, and another great performance of “Resurrection by Erection” was fired off.

“Blessed and Possessed” was next before it was time to introduce an old new song in “Kiss of the Cobra King”. Excellent execution of this song, I must say!

Attila brought down the chalice, and “We Drink Your Blood” was next on the list until it was time to pray and get blessed with “Lupus Dei”. Beautiful moment.

The band left the stage, and surprisingly, a large amount of the crowd also left. I mean, why? But okay.

“Agnus Dei” echoed out in the blacked out arena as the band came back on stage and started off with “Sanctified with Dynamite”. “Coleus Sanctus” was next before the whole show was wrapped up with “Werewolves of Armenia”. The band thanked for themselves as “Wolves Against The World” played out of the speakers.

Thank you Powerwolf for yet again a wonderful show. I love you, forever.

// Sara

Crashdïet @ Nöjesfabriken, Karlstad, Sweden 15/11-19

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As the Battle Beast show came to a wrap, I took a moment to catch my breath before I hurried to Rockbaren or Kristallbaren or whatever it is actually called, where Crashdïet had already kicked the evening off with “Reptile”.

I’m not sure how many people paid simply to see Crashdïet, but at the time of my arrival it wasn’t exactly a lot of people, sadly.

Second song of the evening was “Tikket”, and the band had really decent energy on stage! I guess that anything looks rather weak after seeing Battle Beast, but still they held on.

“Riot in Everyone” followed suit, and I swear to you – this song gets to me every. single. time. “Down with the Dust” was next before it was time for the first song, the first evidence of life from this band after four long years – “Legion”. I remember I just told Maria, who were with us, that there is no band who fought like them, and no fans as patient as their fans. Living in that complete unease – is the band dead, is the band around? Never again, I hope.

“Cocaine Cowboys” from “The Savage Playground” followed, before it was time for “Rust”. For those of you who have read my review of the album, you guys know damn well what the meaning of this song is for me.

“Queen Obscene / 69 Shots” came next, oldie and goldie, and this was the first time Gabriel decided that no, fuck this stage and headed out in the crowd. I don’t know if it is good or sad, that despite the song being played, he only ended up with men surrounding him… Oh well right?

The tempo was slowed down slightly for the next moment, as “In The Maze” was the song to be performed next, and if that wasn’t slow enough, Gabriel pulled out an acoustic guitar and played “I Remember You”. That was quite a beautiful moment, I have to say.

“Breaking The Chainz” was next on the list, and I believe this is the second song where Gabriel gave up the stage but this time around, he instead started climbing the walls. Because why not, am I right? He is quite the energy dude, and I really, really like him as the singer. He’s the singer they need. He HAS to stay.

“Idiots” from the most recent release was next, before going back a bit in time and dust off one of my personal favorites “Chemical”, which was followed by another favorite – “Falling Rain”. I’m so happy this particular song has made it into the setlist. So amazing I can’t even deal.

The beautiful, and more importantly special song “It’s a Miracle” was next, before they ended the entire set with “Generation Wild”. The crowd, that was still rather small, kept asking for more but Gabriel just told them they pretty much have no more songs to play, and it isn’t even a lie, haha!

The band paid their thanks and then left the stage.

It was yet another enjoyable show by the boys, although I worry a bit about the dead look in Gabe’s eyes, and his fumbling around on stage. But it’s nothing that isn’t unusual for this band, right? Other than that – energetic and enjoyable set as usual.

After this we got in the car and headed home. Tomorrow this mini-tour continues with Powerwolf.

// Sara

Battle Beast @ Nöjesfabriken, Karlstad, Sweden 15/11-19

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Earlier this year, in May to be specific, I had just witnessed a Battle Beast show over the weekend, and was set to walk to my dentist in my Battle Beast hoodie. I rarely use it, beside shows of the aforementioned band, but this day I did. And as I walked to the dentist, I thought to myself “No one in this town knows what Battle Beast is”.

Imagine my surprise, when I around ten minutes later, are greeted with a screen that says “BATTLE BEAST RETURNS TO SWEDEN” and my first instinct winces, as I already have so much planned later this year, how would I ever fit this in?

And then I read it.

“Nöjesfabriken, Karlstad”.

Say what now? SAY WHAT NOW?

And here we are, six months later, and the band is indeed setting foot in MY City. This ever so rarely happens.

So, Toivo arrived at my place around 18 in the evening, and after a quick “romantic” dinner we headed off to Nöjesfabriken, where we met up his friend Martyna. There were a few people scattered about the place, but we sure as hell were one of the first people to arrive on the scene.

However, more and more people arrived much to my surprise and a line started to form so we simply joined them, a lot further back than we normally would be all things considering. But we saw a lot of coats. And coats means wardrobe. Meaning no issue to get to the front, after all. So, we made it to the front all was well, and before we knew it, band numero uno for the evening started.


So, first band of the night was Brymir, another band to come out of the Finnish woodlands. Formed back in 2006 at a camp, they’ve been working hard to move forward and here they are.

Sadly, I hadn’t managed to get as much into them beforehand as I wished, but, I must admit – I REALLY enjoyed their show! I guess this is one of those bands that you simply have to see live to truly appreciate! They put on a really good show, despite there being close to no crowd at all.

So, after ca half an hour they left the stage and left it for CyHra to conquer.


Today, was in fact, the release gig for “No Halos In Hell”, or at least as close to it as you could say as this was the day of the release for said album. The intro rolled, the band walked on stage and they opened with “Letter To Myself”, and while I was never THAT BIG of a CyHra fan, I simply love this song on so many levels.

Next song on the list was “Bye Bye Forever” from the new album, and this song is a killer. So fun, and really good! They continued on “No Halos In Hell” by going forth with “Dreams Gone Wrong”, “I am The One” and “Battle From Within” before going a bit back in time and doing “Karma”, a well-recieved song from their first album.

“Here to Save You” was next on the list before it was time for “Closure”, and then they jumped straight back to the new album to wrap up the set with “Man of Eternal Rain” and “Out of my Life”.

It was a very very nice show, and I enjoyed it a lot! I think that for every time I see this band I start liking them a little bit more. How great, huh? Fifth time’s the charm and all that right?

The band thanked for themselves and then left the stage. And then, the wait for Battle Beast started.

Battle Beast

And almost precisely 22.30, the intro started rolling and the band emerged one after one onto the stage. And the intro later emerged into “Unbroken”. What a song, what a band? The energy they radiate, and the presence on the stage, it’s perfection!

“Familiar Hell” followed suit real quickly and then right into “Straight to The Heart”. So far, the entire opening has been a series of adrenaline rushes together with a well-designed performance, and it didn’t slow down seeing “Black Ninja” was next on the list.

“Endless Summer” was next on the list, a serene breakdown before going even more down with “I Wish”. Beautiful moments.

The tempo was sped up again with “Raise Your Fists” and if that wasn’t tempo enough, “The Golden Horde” followed straight after. What a kick in the gut.

After this.. it was time to dance. This might, the times it happens, be my favorite moments on the entire Battle Beast shows. When you get to move the body, to the delicate tunes of “Touch In The Night” Laura, Daniel – you aren’t reading this but sure as hell I am thinking about you and looking at you when I hear this song.

“The Hero” was the next song on the list, before it was time to KICK. AS. HIGH. AS. POSSIBLE.

Which is impossible when you are front row, but we managed sort of. Anyone who has ever seen Battle Beast before knows that the song I’m talking about right now is “Bastard Son of Odin”, which was a cardio killer, as usual.

“Out of Control” followed suit and then they wrapped up the show with “Eden” before leaving the stage.

After some time, they returned, positioning themselves on the stage.. Noora kneeling down as the intro to “No More Hollywood Endings” started… beautiful performance. Noora really is a goddess, a queen. Her movements, and her attitude. It’s amazing. She’s a role model.

“King for a Day” was next on the list until they wrapped up their set with “Beyond the Burning Skies”.

Thank you, Battle Beast, again, for yet another amazing show. For being the band you are, and delivering beyond what one could ever imagine. Thank you.

After this, we collected ourselves before it was time for me to hit the next show… So – To be continued!

// Sara