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HammerFall @ Barba Negra, Budapest, Hungary 24/10 – 18

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So, third show down the road. The day started off as a real lazy day, actually. I slept until like 13 or something, but oh boy did I need it, after all. Tour is always a hassle, and it’s rarely you get time to you know, REST. Considering we had the show tonight, at this point I felt it was barely any point to get out and do anything, so instead, I focused on working and resting, and when time got closer, getting ready for the show.

Once the clock hit around 17, Szilvi came home, got ready real quick before we headed out to meet up with Marci, her boyfriend, and head off to a really nice burgerplace for some dinner.

After that, we headed off to the venue. We got started late, and that combined with me eating real slowly, we missed out on the first band, but made it well in time for HammerFall at least.

We met up with their other friends once there, and after some time, HammerFall finally started playing.


They started off, as per usual, and very energetically with “Hectors Hymn”, and the success was a fact. “Riders of the Storm” was next on the list – and at this time it was quite obvious it was about to be the exact same set as it has been all throughout Built To Tour – which is okay, not a bad set.

“Renegade” was next on the list, and this song is always a killer live. I miss the way they used to play it like, 11 years ago? Yeah I know, old habits die hard but what can I say? It is still killer as hell!

“Dethrone and Defy” from the most recent album followed suit, and you know, sometimes you forget how big HammerFall actually is. It’s been some time since I saw a band where they were chanting the lyrics at all times.

“Bloodbound” was next on the list – have I ever told you guys how much I love this particular song? Right after this, my personal all time favorite of HammerFall, “Any Means Necessary” came. Oh, they never quite reached the level of this album again, did they?

Joacim started talking about growing up, buying his first album and all of that, and we all knew what was about to come – “B.Y.H”. Things are getting so predictable, aren’t they?

This was quickly followed by the heavy monster “Crimson Thunder” – words cannot describe how much I truly love this one. “Threshold” was next, followed by “Built to Last” and “Last Man Standing” before it was time for the little guitarsolo that wound up in a “Legacy of Kings” medley, ending it with the full version of “Heeding The Call”.

They wrapped up the show with “Let The HammerFall”, before leaving the stage. Once returned, they started off with “Hammer High”, later telling us the tale of “Bushido” before setting our “Hearts on Fire”.

The band thanked for the evening, and left the stage.

We stuck around the venue for a while talking and having fun before we finally made it home. It was a nice evening with HammerFall, and I look forward seeing them more on the festivals next year.

// Sara




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So today was the time for me to leave beautiful Paris. I was here for like, eight days yet the time seems to have passed by so extremely fast. Laura and I met up for some last meals together in Bercy Village before it was time for me to board the bus toward Budapest.

Which was delayed. Like, half an hour. Okay, shit happens. Once on the bus… Somehow we got even more delayed. The busride itself was very uneventful, but somehow we managed to get even more delayed.

Almost two hours later than originally planned, I arrive in Budapest. Fucking hell.

But, once there, I met up with Szilvi and we went back to her place. Spent the evening eating sushi, drinking tea and catching up on all new that had happened since last time. Eventually, we went to bed (yes I was dead tired okay)

// Sara

Female Metal Voices @ Vosselaar, Belgium 21/10 – 18

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So the day was here! It feels like I start a lot of my entires with that, but this was one of the shows I was a bit excited about. As the name states, this is a tour that consists of 100% female fronted bands from all over the world -Malta, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. Personally, the bands I looked the most forward to was Kobra and the Lotus and Butcher Babies, but it was going to be an amazing evening nonetheless. It’s a little sad a tour like this needs to exist, but that is a different discussion.

So, around 12ish we finally got in the car and started the four hour long drive toward Belgium and Biebob. It was a long, but still fun drive. A few stops along the way – France is so superior to Sweden when it comes to stops for toiletbreaks – and we made it to the venue about half an hour ish before they opened. Perfect time, no?

We went to the pizzaplace next doors to have some quick dinner before getting in line for the show. We got ourselves good spots on top of the plateaus, giving us a nice view over the stage as the first band took the stage. We were both utterly tired, to the point of extermination of our existance, but somehow we were gonna make this work.


Martyiriam, a Maltese band (!) was first out on stage. With their melodic black metal music and atmospheric performance, they put on an amazing show! The music isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but the show itself was great.


Second band of the evening was Ukrainian band Ignea. I must say, not bad to see TWO bands from countries I don’t think I’ve ever come across a band from before, all in the same night! The band performs a semi-symphonic progressive kind of metal with folk and oriental elements to their music. Performed a very good set too, thank you!

Skarlett Riot

Third band of the night was United Kingdom based Skarlett Riot. The band put on a really good and energetic show, I loved the energy from Chole, their singer. It was something else! Thank you so much.

Kobra and the Lotus

So, after the three aforementioned bands, one out of two headliners of the night entered the stage. I’ve seen Kobra and the Lotus before, twice in fact, as openers for Delain on their Moonbathers tour in 2016. I was really looking forward to see them again, especially since I’m pretty weak for Kobra Paige as a front woman.

The band put on a really good show. Seriously, they are such a pros? The show was energetic, the crowd was going and just over all very very enjoyable. I loved every minute of it.

Butcher Babies

So, the highlight of the evening for me was Butcher Babies of course. I couldn’t even for the life of me remember where and how I found out about them, but then it hit me that I saw a recap of Knotfest and there was a brief moment of them – and its from there it goes.

They came on stage and opened the show energetically with “Korova”. And the crowd loved it. “Burn the Straw Man” was next on the list, quickly followed by “Monsters Ball”. And here things started to just not go well.

The “issue” with bands like Butcher Babies and their likes is that they attract a crowd that just doesn’t know how to fucking behave. That honestly think that moshpits are for fighting, and thus ruines everything for everyone by just existing. That was so sad to see.

“The Butcher” was next on the list, until a little bit of a pleasant surprise appeared. “Headspin”, my favorite song off “Lilith” was the next song, and it was just sooo good and so energetic. That is something I’ll really give Carla and Heidi – those two frontwomen have some mad energy while on stage.

“Grim Sleeper” and “The Huntsmen” followed suit, and later “POMONA”. The energy was still on top!

“Dead Man Walking” off “Take it like a Man” was next on the list, followed by “Gravemaker” and “Oceanea”.

And then, they were set to perform “They’re Coming to Take me Away” – with a twist. They invited all of the singers from the previous bands – throwing the song between them all, making this even more epic than when they invited Henrik from Amaranthe to perform it with them.

They wrapped up the show with “Lilith”, “Look What We’ve Done” and my personal favorite “Magnolia BLVD” before thanking for this time, and the tour  – this was the finale – and then leaving the stage.

It was a really good show. I guess I wasn’t too surprised, I know they are very good and crazy on stage, and today was no exception really.

After the show, I took a quick stop by the merch to pick up a Kobra and the Lotus patch. Earlier in the night I had purchased Skarlett Riots album, which I kept in my bra the entire evening. I mean, you heard of phones in bras, but have you ever heard of keeping an album in the bra? Well now you did. I did what I had to do to protect it.

After the show, we said good bye to our friends and just headed back home to Paris. Laura is a fucking trooper for driving this whole and long distance despite being a bit sick, thank you so so much for this Laura!

And thank you all the bands and people involved in this evening, you are the best!

// Sara


Dr Sin is In

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The last officially two days in Paris was spent rather calmly actually. On Friday, I treated myself to a stroll in Jardin de Luxembourg, I love this park. Taking in the sun, and the nature, doing some pokemon. I spent the evening catching up at work, which was great. It felt good to make up for some lost time.

On Saturday we went to the place where Victor Hugo lived a part of his life. On my last long stay in Paris, I made it there, but never got the chance to go inside since I ran out of time, so it was obvious that this time we just had to do this.

It was really nice actually – to go inside and see how he lived, or in general, how people lived in that century to begin with. Very beautiful place.

After this, we headed off for a dinner at a pizzaplace, and later discovering one of those rooftop gardens. We wrapped up the night rather early, considering tomorrow, we were set to go to Belgium to attend the Female Metal Voices tour.

// Sara

Lordi @ Le Petit Bain, Paris, France 17/10 – 18

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THIS BLOG DOES OF COURSE CONTAIN SPOILERS – so if you wish to be surprised during Sextourcism, don’t read this just yet!

So it was time! First gig of the tour for me, and what better band to being with than Lordi themselves? No better band if you ask me. We started the day relatively late though, I’ll admit. Once meeting up with Laura we headed off to Starbucks for a quick breakfast / lunch / dinner (you know how it goes on tour – it’s all pretty much the same meal) and then stopped by a bakery to pick up some cake.

You see, it’s Nathan’s birthday today. And three years ago, we met Nathan because we were celebrating Paula’s birthday in the line, and offered him cake. So naturally, we had to do the same for him right?

Upon arriving at Le Petit Bain, we noticed he was together with Paula and Martine, so good thing we picked up a lot of cake! We gave him, them, two pieces of the cake and then we stood around and talked for a long time, all the time until the doors opened actually. Was really nice catching up with Martine and Paula whom I haven’t met in a long time. When the doors opened, we got into the venue and Laura and I placed ourselves on the “balconies” or however I should call them, for a really good view of the show.

So, a little sad thing going on. Egokills entered the stage when it was set to be their play time, only to tell us they would not be performing tonight. One of the guitarists had injuried his wrist so badly he was unable to play, but we still gave them a big round of applause. Must have sucked though – a sold out venue and everything.

However, nothing bad that doesn’t bring something good with it. This gave Silver Dust an even long set to play!

Silver Dust

Silver Dust, the swiss metal band who was the opener for Lordi last time on their Monstour as well are back, and this time they got their new album “House 21” in the baggage with them. The show had changed a bit since last time I saw them – and the show has been elevated a bit. The new show includes a lot more interaction and incorporation of the magic mirror, which makes it all to a new level.

The show on the other hand was really good. They performed a good set – got the crowd going – well, a french city would love a band who sings almost exclusively in French no? Despite having a mishap with Kikis guitarsolo, they got it through really well. Kudos to them!

After over an hour (!) they left the stage, and preparations for Lordi began. It’s funny, how even the smallest of waits like this can feel like forever. I guess it’s because I got tired. I’ve been very sleep deprived this whole week, I guess it was catching up with me. Not to mention when I finally sat down, haha!


But finally, “God of Thunder” started echoing in the speakers, and seriously, there is something absolutely numbing as well as adrenaline kicking whenever this starts. Intro started rolling, bandmembers walked on stage and they started off their set with “Sexorcism”.

To my.. I want to say big, but I have to say EXTREME surprise, “Would you Love a Monsterman?” was second song of the setlist. It’s pretty much set me off. I just stared at Laura like “what on earth are they doing?”. It’s like back on the Scare Force tour, when they had “Hard Rock Halleujah” very early in the set. I dont even know what to feel about it, I was just “ok..” the whole time, pretty much.

THEN. THEN my dear friends. “Missing Miss Charlene” was brought out. Seriously, I mean, the more they play from “Deadache” the better of course, but still, this was such a nice surprise. The song faded over in “House of Ghosts”, with a new trick that actually made me walk backwards straight into the people behind me – as they launch off the chorus in “House of Ghosts”, a ghost will jump out, straight over the crowds heads, from the door opening on the stage setting they had. Unexpected, and scared me enough to have my primal instincts getting myself out of there. Well done!

While on the subject of theatrics, lets take a moment to talk about the stage. It was massive. The set up. It’s closer to the castle from “The Arockalypse” than anything, but still very different. It’s like a.. cellar? I guess? A castle, but the inside of it? A chamber? It’s hard to pinpoint exactly, but it had the detail of the castle.

“Your Tongue’s Got the Cat” was next on the list, and seriously, this one really is a treat live. It’s so nice. The song launched into a pretty nice drumsolo, that apparently had tricks in it that I either didn’t pay attention to, or didn’t see at all because of my location in the venue, but all the same, it’s nice to see Mana in action.

“Blood Red Sandman” was next, and THE CRIB IS BACK. THE FUCKING CRIB IS BACK BABY. Oh yes. I’ve waited for this. Or have I? I don’t know if I have, but I’m glad it’s back. This time around, it is quite a theatrical show actually.

“It Snows in Hell” was next song – I must quickly admit something – this is the second show around now where I just can’t do my upside down thing, and it FEELS SO WEIRD. After all these years it’s just plop, gone! What.

Next up was Hella’s keyboard solo, which also, contained tricks that was impossible for us to see becasue of from where we were watching the show, but the solo itself was really cool.

The next surprise in the setlist was “She’s a Demon”. A song from “Scare Force One” that was very well liked, and it’s finally made its way into the setlists. And it was soooo good! It was unbelievable!

“Naked in my Cellar” was next on the list, and it was a rioter. Well, actually, the crowd has been pretty crazy all show I’ll say. This is why I almost prefer European shows to Swedish, the crowd is just that much better.

And then. Lights started flashing all around the hall, reminding me of the lights in “Night Witches”, and sirens calling and “Rock Police” started playing. THAT is a song I’ve wanted to have back in the setlist for so long, and seeing it make a comeback, without the electric chair though, is soo good. Wow, that was so awesome.

Next up was OX’s bassolo, which is a bit of an upgrade since last time – a little different, but conceptually the same. The song did however not erupt into “Bite It Like a Bulldog” this time, but rather “Hug You Hardcore”. Yeah, I may or may not have my own opinions of this song, but it is damn good live.

“The Riff” was the next song, always a pleasure. Amen’s guitarsolo was up next – and I noticed a little pattern in both OX’s and Amen’s solos, with a female voice over kind of selling the solos in a more sexual way, which was interesting and nice, I guess.

“Who’s Your Daddy?” was the last song, surprisingly without the sperm-machine or whatever you wanna call it, but it’s not the end of the world you know.

The band left the stage, and later returned to fire off “Devil is a Loser” With a NEW SET OF WINGS. I could tell right away that this was not the same wings as before – and they look so good! They are a lot higher, almost making him look like a bat, at least on a smaller stage like this. Seriously, amazing.

“Hard Rock Halleujah” was the last song of the show, and the band thanked for themselves and left the stage.

Wow, this show, I’m telling you! LORDI IS BACK BABY! At least that is what I’ve pretty much been walking around saying ever since. Ok, they never really left, but it’s been a long time, very long time, since I last saw Lordi have a show like this. It was amazing. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a Lordi show this much since.. Deadache tour? Can it have been that long? I think it truly has. This was so good to hear, made me effervescent and my little heart almost burst with love.

After the show, we headed over to the meet and greet. It was Nathan’s birthday after all, so we set up a meet for both him and Laura. After some time, we finally got in, and it escalated in a way I could never have imagined, with the band actually singing to him. Did I mention my heart bursted with love? Well if it hadn’t already, now I’m dead. Like I said before, Lordi is the love of my life and this is exactly way.

Paula and Martine was kind enough to get the merch for us, and once out we headed out of the venue and spent the rest of the evening by the tourbus with Silver Dust, Lordi, and a lot of epicness and laughter all the way until 4 am in the morning when we all went our separate ways.

Thank you all of the people who were involved in this evening, you are bloody amazing. Each and everyone of you.

// Sara




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So the tour has officially begun! Yesterday, or, Sunday, perhaps I should say, I started my journey from home onwards. Funny thing – and amazing – is that I was completely alone on the bus to Oslo.

When we asked the driver where he wanted my luggage, he said anywhere is good, because you are the only passanger. Like, WHAT? But I didn’t mind not at all. Had the best busride I probably ever had due to that, amazing conversations and everything. He was the best.

Once in Oslo, I hit up Jörgen for a quick lunch before taking the plane to Paris and quickly getting to my hotel and basically die.

Monday, on the other hand, was far better. I slept in for the first time in forever – aside from waking up all the time. I was on the phone with Vincent until close to midnight, and then just fell asleep right after. Woke up, got to bed “properly” and then at 4 am, my computer was like “lets spit out that The Sims 3 CD” so that started making noises. But aside that, good night really.

I met up with Laura around 14, and we started walking around Paris. When packing, I was so proud that I got everything I needed and still didn’t pack too much and all of that, only to realize that it’s basically summer still in Paris. And all I brough was my combat boots.

Our first stop was actually at the Sacre Coeur Cathedral. It wasn’t very crowded, so this time we could actually step inside it and see all the magnificency that is the church. They are seriously so beautiful on the inside.

We stayed at the plateu for really long to catch up on what is new in our lives. While we talk relatively often, it was a long time since we SAW each other in the flesh, and it was so nice. At this point, we decided to hit up an H&M to get me some colder shoes to wear (as to not die from the heat!) and then went to a Starbucks for a coffee. We ended up spending the rest of the afternoon there, chatting and talking, and leaving just as they were about to close.

In the warm parisian night we decided to hit up Notre Dame, taking the Louvre on the way there. And seriously.. All these places are just so much more beautiful at night. In the darkness. When they light up, and you see all their true beauty.

There was a street musician playing close to the Louvre, so we sat down in the tranquility of the evening, the warm breezes and the low amount of people to just enjoy the moment. It’s easy to forget to do it some times.

We set off, had some dinner and then finally made it to the Palace of Justice – you know – the home of Frollo in the Disney adaption of the book, and later on the magnificency that is Notre Dame. No matter how many times I go there, the more I fall in love with the cathedral. It’s beyond anything else.

After this, we bid farewell to each other and both retreated home to our own. Tomorrow is a new day, with new adventures.

// Sara