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Rock City Stockholm 2018 – Day 2

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So, the second and last day had come. I wasn’t really interested in more bands than Dynazty today to be honest – and such was the game plan too. I was going to stay for as many bands as I could, before taking the 23:00 bus home.

So, I checked out of my hotel, went down to my usual Espresso House and had the same food I always have – a nice brunch sitting there reminicsing. Last night had been perfect. And today I was about to see Dynazty again. You really see them so rarely.

I headed over to CUM to buy the most amazing belt like ever, and then down to the busstation to lock up all my stuff and THEN finally heading to the arena. I thought I was about to run late, but today was my day, and just as the presenter went on stage to introduce Wildness on stage, I made it.


Wildness was first act on stage and I personally think they delivered an amazing set! Was a great way to start off the day, and there was a little bit more people here this time around. Thank you!

And now… Dynazty.


And so it began. The band opened up rather strongly with “Run Amok” before quickly throwing us into “The Northern End”. Seriously, all these years – still my absolut favorite song. And this band… This band. “Raise Your Hands” followed suit and then “The Beast Inside” from their most recent album.

“This is My Life”, their cover of Sweden song for Eurovision Song Contest 2010 was next on the list – and I love this cover. “Roar of The Underdog” followed suit, and.. I mean, there were more people than it had been last night, but it wasn’t exactly the best groove, even if it’s a good turnout.

George had his own little moment with his drumsolo, and that was then followed by “Incarnation”. “The Human Paradox” followed suit before the title track “Titanic Mass” happened.

After this, they wrapped up their entire set with “Starlight” and the band left the stage. I guess Nils had to rush off to Västerås for a show with Amaranthe. Hardworking man, he is!

The show in general was great though. Good energy from the band, and a good vibe. Thank you!

After this, another wait began. But for me it was.. Well, it was gonna be good to see the band but it was more passing time for me at this point. Next band on stage though, was Coldspell.


Sadly, the audience wasn’t more than what Art Nation had had the day before, but despite that, they went on an delievered an amazing and energetic set! It was very enjoyable.

House of Lords

Next band on stage was House of Lords, also sadly with a very small audience turn out, but still – great set was delievered. It’s something with these intimate gigs, isnt it?


Last show for me to see today was Bonfire. Another band I hadn’t really gotten all too much into, but still gave on an amazing show. Actually even got me going too. And a lot better turn out, thank god!

After Bonfire, I left the venue, headed off back toward the city, bought some food and collected my stuff and prepared myself for the busride home.

It has been a great weekend, with a lot of fun – and boy did I need that. Thanks to all the bands and the promotor for this fest! I can’t wait for next year.

// Sara

Rock City Stockholm 2018 – Day 1: Friday

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Wohoo! So the day was here. My calendar has been completely empty since 70.000 Tons and I can’t really say that I’ve approved of it! But what can I do about it? Nothing but filling it up.

I arrived already on Thursday for the sake of the festival, because why not? I could so why shouldn’t I . I spent Thursday mostly checking out stores I haven’t been to in ages and a dinner date with Robert. And then I spent the evening sleeping. Was meant to be a spa evening but I guess not everything goes as planned, right?

Anyway. Friday is fun day. I started the day out with some small shopping (boring I know) and then finally I got back to my room and got myself ready for the show. I had planned to be there a little after doors opened, but as the time optimist I am, I came around half an hour before they opened. Which is just as good, in this case – at least I didn’t do the race against the clock like I did with Art Nation on Sweden Rock.

It wasn’t a whole lot of people there – which isn’t too surprising. It’s quite early, 18, on a Friday and I can imagine a lot of people got stuck in traffic. The conferencier, Anders Tengner, got stuck to the point he had to ditch the car and take the metro to even make it in time.

Art Nation

The band was in time, though. And just at 18 they walked on stage opening with “One Nation” and quickly followed up with “The Real Me”. I’ve never been too fond of “One Nation” as the opener, as I feel it lacking energy – but at least that gets picked up in “The Real Me”.

Upbeat “I Want Out” was next on the list, and I felt the band had a pretty good energy. As good I guess, as you can when you are playing a gig in front of what, 20-30 people? Something along those lines. Sure, it shouldn’t affect too much – but it certainly isn’t helping. “Start a Fire” was next on the list.

“Paralyzed” off the most recent album followed suit, before the sweet “Don’t Wait For Salvation” which is a song I don’t give enough credit. Like ever.

“Wage War Against the World” was next on the list, and then one of my personal favorites – “Need You to Understand”. I guess this was among the first songs I ever ended up hearing by them, which gives it very special place in my heart.

“Infected”, the newest single and probably among my favorites of them, followed up and then “All In” before wrapping up with “Ghost Town”.

Over all, it was a good show. The energy picked up as the show went on, and it was so great to see them again. I really can’t wait for it, again and again!

After the show, I headed off to the bathrooms, checked out the merch and then positioned myself before the stage for the next band – the festival was running smoothly so no delays.

One Desire

One Desire is a band I discovered recently, mainly thanks to the festival. I have seen some people on my channels talk about it, but it wasn’t until now I really looked them up. And it was instant love.

So, here we are and found ourselves. They opened the show as expected with “Hurt”, and it was sooo good! My god. New love, I’m sensing. “Turn back Time” was the next to follow, and then one of the singles from the album – “Apologize”.

“Love Injection”, well, I should be saying it’s one of my personal favorites but I can’t say that now can I when they have an album that is already so perfect?

Single “This is where the Heartbreak Beings” was next on the list, before it was being followed up by “Do You Believe”. “Falling Apart” was next on the list. And I can assure you, I will one day dedicate an entire blog only to that song alone.

“Whenever I’m Dreaming” was next on the list, before singer André decided to speak a little about his past with the Swedish finest music culture Eddie Meduza, and even gave us a little piece of his song “Runke Ball” because, why the hell not?

After this, they wrapped up the set with “Buried Alive” before the band thanked for the evening and left the stage. It was a great show, and this band is just beyond promising. At least in my eyes. Thank you!

The crowd started to fill out a little bit now, which wasn’t too hard to imagine – firstly, people I had gotten out of traffic. And secondly, H.E.A.T was about to go on stage very soon.


// Sara




Rock City Stockholm 2018 – Day 1: Friday part 2

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Due to it becoming so long, I had to chop this up in two entries. Here comes part two!


And like clockwork, “Feel the Heat” started echoing in the speakers and the band walked on the stage. Once they were all on the stage, they hit the show off with “Bastard of Society”. And the energy was on top – isn’t it always with the band fronted by Erik Grönwall?

“Late Night Lady” was next on the list and the vibe in the audience was just soo good. But it’s not that weird if you think about it – this is H.E.A.T’s playground you know. So I’m not even surprised. 

“Mannequin Show”, one of like, their best songs ever, appeared and seriously – H.E.A.T is just one fucking big happy pill, aren’t they? They make me so fucking happy. And clearly I am not alone.

“Redefined” off the most recent album followed suite, and you know – I wasn’t too keen on the new album. Not that it was bad, but after hearing the singles I didn’t in fact dare to listen to the album, so only now, a week or so before, is when I actually listen to it.

But these songs, they work more than well live. So why the hell I even had any doubt on this band from the start, I have no idea.

“Into the Great Unknown” followed suite right away, before heading into a song I haven’t heard live in a long time – “1000 Miles”. Very nice surprise, and a lot of energy. “Beg Beg Beg”, a big personal favorite was next and that one completely tore down the walls. Like, completely. And in the midst of it, Erik said he wanted to get to the bar, and that we had to get him there, no matter how we solve it. Is there anyone even remotely close to him as far as frontmanship goes?

After this, it was time for Crash to have his moment in the spotlight for a solo. How awesome huh? It always entertains.

“We Rule”, put together with “Time is on our Side” was next on the list, and it was truly a beautiful moment, I honestly think this album grew a couple of inches on me after this.

“Breaking The Silence” from their “Adress The Nation” album was next, followed by most recent video single “Best of the Broken” which made itself very well live if you ask me! “Livin’ on the Run” featuring Erik Grönwall running around in the crowd. Because that is totally normal.

Dave Dalone, our returning guitarhero was set off to have his little moment in the spotlight. Many years ago, he was my favorite in H.E.A.T, and here he is back again. It’s good to see him back! And he slayed that solo, by the way.

“Eye of the Storm” off the new album was next, before the show was completely wrapped up with “Emergency” and “Inferno”. What a fantastic ending song “Inferno” is, by the way. Incredible.

They walked off stage, and of course, only to return and fire off two fantastic encored – “Point of no Return” and “A Shot at Redemption”. And with that, H.E.A.T paid their thanks, and left the stage.

And the adreanline rush from watching this was no joke. Seriously, this band makes me so extremly happy every fucking time I see them.

But now, shit is about to get real. Art Nation, One Desire and H.E.A.T in all glory and honor, but what was about to walk on stage is something I have only witnessed once before, and I was not sure when I’d ever get to witness again. It felt like my knees were getting weaker, and my heart rate picking up. Slaughter was about to go on stage.


They ran the intros “Still of the Night” and “Highway to Hell” before finally entering the stage. My heroes. Those people who just feel so unreachable, because they just never fucking play here.

Seeing them all come on stage – Zoltan, Blando, Dana and latly Mark… It it an out of this world kind of experience. This is indeed the second time I see them, but it weakens my knees still.

They opened the show with “The Wild Life”, and quickly followed up with “Burnin’ Bridges”. Seriously, I was standing in front of Dana Strum, but yet my mind couldn’t really comprehend what I was watching. Who was in front of me. What band was on stage. It is such an unreal experience – is this even happening?

“Spend My Life” (how much don’t I love this song?) was next on the list, and then “Mad About You”. Surprsingly, or, I guess I aren’t too surprised – the crowd for Slaughter was only half than it had been for H.E.A.T. So it was quite intimate, in fact.

“Take Me Away” followed up, and then came probably one of the most beautiful moments of the night – “Days Gone By” acoustic, with only Mark on stage. I have loved this song for so many years, and it never stops to give me the chills – especially when performed like this.

“Eye To Eye” was next on the list, which was done by Mark following Erik’s moves and moved around the audience singing the song. Amazing.

One of my own other personal favorites, “Real Love” came next.. And this song. Like.. I don’t even really know how to put words to it, and I’m usually very good with words – but this song… And hearing it live.. I can’t even describe it.

“Fly to the Angels” were next, and then wrapping the entire thing up with “Up All Night”.

The band thanked for their time and walked off stage. And I was floored. I mean, it’s hard to follow H.E.A.T as far as performance and stage presence goes, it’s still out of this world to see this band.

But! It is not over yet folks! One more band was set to take the stage – as an after party, if you like.

The Cruel Intentions

So last but not least, The Cruel Intentions took the stage. And by this time it was a mere 10-15 people left in the crowd, but I don’t really mind. Nice and intimate. They delieverd a good show, and the audience seemed to enjoy it well enough as well!

After they were done, I headed back to my hotel and crashed out. Long day, and tomorrow is the final day.

// Sara

3000 Beats

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Today was quite the day actually if you ask me. For the first time in forever I was reunited with my longterm friend Emelie, and not just that, but for the first time in for REAL forever, we went to Boda Borg togehter. Emelie and I were a part of our dreamsquad the the questhouse, so it was good to be back with her.

My brother came with us, and we had a really good day I’d say. Timehunt was sadly closed for the day, so we didn’t finish that one as expected, but what can you do?

Since they close at 17 already on weekdays, we were there about three hours less than normal, which made us fall out on some quests – like two of the three quizes as we usually do them on error by trial, and there was just not time enough for it.

They re-did some stuff in Bootcamp, which disabled Emelie to do what she usually does, and thus we didn’t make it, or more like, we didn’t circle back to make it. Borgen / The Castle was no surprise even thought we did some honest tries at it. I slipped around like Bambi on slippery ice WAAY too much in Borgen too. Sorry guys!

We cleared Conspiracy on the literally last try. Ten minutes til closing time and I’m like “lets try one more time” and we actually fucking did it! Just like last time.

It was really good to be back at the Borg again, and to be back with a dreamsquad none the less. I got some bruise. Not as many as I’d want, but still some. If you are not bruised when leaving, were you even there?

// Sara


Lush Life

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A few days ago we learned that Joe Lynn Turner had suffered a heart attack. Last time I heard anything about it, he was stabilized in the hospital, and I send all my thoughts to him and his family, and wishing for him a speedy recovery.

I figured that this meant he was going to cancel. Which was a sad thing as it is already, but he has to put his health first. I was secretly wishing and hoping for H.E.A.T, they would be like the perfect replacement and not only that, they fit this festival perfect.

And today… H.E.A.T was indeed announced.

I was honestly sitting here just yelling YES YES YES YES over and over again, because apparently, some days I can do nothing but to WIN.

This fest will be great.

// Sara

Your Tongue’s Got The Cat

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Sooo exciting times! Lordi has finally released their first single off their upcoming album “Sexorcism” and it’s no less than “Your Tongue’s Got The Cat”. Or as I say it, another song to list under songs without a cool acronym.

Here it is folks! Video and song and everything.

Let’s talk about the video first.

I LOVE the video. It’s a little bit… well, it gets you a bit epileptic. But it’s so beautifully made! I love each and everyone of Mr L’s drawings, and adding in the members pictures fits so well. Like, this was really well made. I love the little symbols that seem to have been added for each member – like a gymbadge if you like.

So, over to the song.

Sooo, I am like so pleased. I was a little worried with this era that things were about to go superduperultra sexual, so it’s beyond nice to see a song with normal, horror, Lordi lyrics. Well, what in my eyes are normal.

The song however, throws me right back to “Deadache” era. Which is anything but a problem, seeing “Deadache” is still my top Lordi album. The song seem a bit like a mixture between “Missing Miss Charlene” and Reckless Love’s song “Back to Paradise” – mostly the verses melody line –  which was the first thing that caught my attention with the song. But it’s so good. Like, super. A very nice throwback to the 80’s just in the way I want it.

Now, I’m for real excited for the album. Just a month and more left. Feeling all giggly.

// Sara

Into Overdrive

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These past few days has been quite the rollercoaster, to say the least. A lot of good stuff has happened to me, I’ve been excited over the smallest of things – the sun is shining. I have nothing to complain about now have I?

My delayed order from H&M finally arrived too which means I have all my bikinis ready would I make a return to 70.000 Tons of Metal next year, and on top of that, I got my new headphones.

I used to use my The Sims 4 headphones for the longest of time, but it seems that the extensive use and bending of the the cable has made it glitch a bit, and that certainly wasn’t helping my situation. So I decided to invest in a new pair, and not just that – but a pair without a cable. Considering I’m only going to use them at home, it really doesn’t matter, you know?

Aside that, it’s just three or two weeks left to Stockholm Rock City, which I sort of last minute decided to go to. But it’s going to be epic, I am sure of it. How could it not? Art Nation, Slaughter, One Desire, Dynazty? It’s beyond perfect if you ask me!

With that said, it’s time for me to get to bed.

// Sara

New Mask – Mr Lordi

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Here he is! The big man!

The mask has become very basic – not in a bad way necessarily, rather that instead of being completely torn up, it’s has more well placed cuts and burns. Reminding me a bit of “Get Heavy” era, just as with the eyeballs around his neck. His fangs seem to be bigger this time around, but it’s gonna take some time to get adjusted to the color. Right now they look a little out of place, but perhaps that’s an image issue?

Overall, it’s a good look – and despite giving nods toward Get Heavy, it’s still relatively new. Can’t wait for the all body shoots!

// Sara

Ghost Town

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I think my heart stopped for a moment while on Facebook, watching Rock City Stockholm announce the headliner for Friday.

I saw the picture. Familiar faces, yet I couldn’t recognize them. I read the names, and I even if I knew exactly what that combination of names meant, everything became a fog. My head got heavy, I didn’t really comprehend – what am I reading? Why do I get a nauseous feeling and my head getting dizzy? I try to look for an explanation and even if I knew, it wasn’t until I saw the line

“Slaughter needs no further introduction” that I understood.

Slaughter is coming back to Sweden.

And for a moment – time stopped. Slaughter has been one of my all time favorite bands for a good 11 years now. I have seen them once before, on Sweden Rock 2012. I never thought I’d get to see them again, and the few times they’d been to Europe since then I never had the chance to see them.

But here they are. At a festival that I already had some plans on attending. I’m still trying to get down from the high, trying to dry the happy tears coming.

Slaughter is coming back to Sweden.

Finally. After all this time.

// Sara

New Mask – Mana

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Mana’s new face everybody! First and foremost.

THE BIRD. It looks real cool.

But, let’s get back to the face. So, the first thing that struck my mind when I saw it was Kita’s Deadache look, with the ponytail or whatever you want to call it. But I can imagine it’s handy. It looks like he has some sort of cap over his head, and that together with the wrinkles makes me think of Skalle-Pär from Ronja Rövardotter, he looked something like that.

The fangs look great too. If anything, they exist more. I love the detail with the chain too.

Overall, a very good look for Mana. It’s, if anything, very new.

// Sara