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Vicious Rock Festival, Trollhättan 8/7-17

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On it again. It appears, there’s barely any rest for me what so ever when it comes to festivals. And honestly though, why would it be? And especially so when Lordi’s on the bill. We got to Trollhättan the day before in order to get there in time, get settled and basically get to relax. Sjorven was coming from Belgium, so it was either the day before or waay too late. It was a nice evening of dinner and catching up, and getting ready for the day to come. Oh by the way. I think I have officially had the smallest hotelroom yet. It was basically just a bed! Haha!

We were actually a bit lazy, which I always tend to be when I’m attending something where only one or two bands excite me. We got up fairly late, went to MAX for a change (at least for me) and had lunch / dinner before walking down to the area. Time optimist as I am, we of course did not get there an hour before Art Nation started, rather ten minutes. But hey – at least we weren’t late! That must count for something, no?

Art Nation

Art Nation bravely went on stage for the approximately 20 people that were in front of the stage. They opened, much like on Sweden Rock with “One Nation”, and quickly followed up with “Alive”.  The newest single “The Real Me” was next, and I was happy to see they did, despite the thin crowd, have quite a few fans, that knew the songs and such. I like that.

“Need You to Understand” and “Kiss Up & Kick Down” followed suite, and the band… Was doing good. You know, considering the circumstances. I can imagine it’s hard to really get anywhere when the crowd is… fairly small.

“Paralyzed” and “Don’t Wait for Salvation” was next, followed by “Start a Fire” until they finally wrapped up with “All In” and “Ghost Town”.

Given the circumstances, it was a very very good show. I still think some of the member might have to get a bit more comfortable in their own skin, but I reckon that comes with time.

After that, we planned to stay in front of the stage for the rest of the day, but pretty soon we figured that, yeah, we are not going to have to do that, so we wandered about the little place that was the festival area, checking out the practically non-existing merch and shopping booths. We did get some patches, though!

We lazily watched Chris Holmes and whatever band was really playing, and it wasn’t until after that (meaning it was just Sator and then Lordi) we claimed our spots at the barrier. And then the wait began… and then… You know.


Sjorven is a first timer. He’s never ever seen Lordi before, not even being NEAR seeing Lordi before. So he’s a first timer. So I told him – you know it will start when “God of Thunder” starts. Much like “In The Army” with Sabaton. So imagine my confusion, when what started echoing from the speakers was in fact “SCGVIII: The Opening Scene”. I got dumbfounded and I was just like “what”. Wasn’t exactly prepared.

After Mana and NALLE (!) had gone on stage, Skeletor came out and “Let’s Go Slaugther He-Man” was set off. The crowd was pretty thick actually – I liked that. A lot. But sadly… Yeah. It is like it with Lordi, let me leave it at that. “The Riff” was next on the list, followed by, already as the third song, the song I was the most exicted about for the evening – “Demonarchy”.

Never in my life did I think I’d get to witness “Demonarchy” live, at least not like this. At least not this soon. I knew they spoke of some, potential, probable special show, but aside that, we all thought and felt that as far as the “Demonarchy” side goes, we are all screwed. But apparently not. And it was absolutely dreamy live. I love this song so much, do you understand? OX’s bassolo together with “Bite it Like a Bulldog” was next on the list, and then “It Snows In Hell / Children of the Night”. Upside down never gets old. Well at least not for me. I was a bit worried the guards wouldn’t let me do it, but we always manage to persuade them. One way or another.

“Hug You Hardcore” was next on the list, and then a bloody return of “Sincerely With Love”. Like, I really did not miss this song, and I remember I just turned to Sjorven shaking my head like “why is this back?” Oh well. If they like it! And then, the second surprise for the night.

“Sick Flick”.

I’m pretty sure this song was the most wished for song ever since like, “Icon of Dominance”, and finally they are doing! And it was absolutely amazing. “Nailed by the Hammer of Frankenstein” was next, this song I DID miss on the other hand, so good one. The set was then wrapped up by the big three, if you like – “Blood Red Sandman”, “Hard Rock Hallelujah” and “Devil is a Loser”. And of course, encores in the shape of “Who’s Your Daddy” and “Would you Love a Monsterman?”.

The monsters thanked for the evening, and walked off the stage. The show was really good, like really good. Hello, “Demonarchy”? And it was good to see Nalle in action. I guess you could say I “missed out” on him last time around, and even if I miss Hella, (where the hell is the women?!) it was really good to see him.

Thank you!

After the show, we lazily watched Niefelheim before buying popcorn and walking back home to the hotel.

Thank you, Lordi, again for a great show. I love you always. Thanks to Art Nation and Sjorven as well for the festival!

// Sara

The Final Journey

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So today was an interesting day. I’m changing cars, and because of this, I took BXW out on one last road trip before handing him over to my parents for new endavours. It was bittersweet as hell, since I really, truly, love this car. How much haven’t he and I got through?

As our final destination and roadtrip, I chose Rejmyre as destination. Mostly because this is the festival we didn’t make it to this year, as well as it being not too far away. So, with that said, I gathered all my favorite roadtrip CD’s and headed off.

The weather was interesting, but also perfect. Raining, sun, raining, sun – making sure we got everything out of it. I saw a lot of rainbows and at last… I made it to Rejmyre. And it was weird, I must admit to see the place without the festival going on, but I had a pleasant feeling going back there. The best festival on the planet, I’m telling you.


I wasn’t sure how to make it home though, as I on the long forest road noticed I didn’t have much gas left. Gladly, I found a small gasstation and could fill it up accordingly.

Around 22.30 at night we arrived home to the tunes of Accept’s “The Final Journey” as I, for the last time, exchange BXW to 236. So, the end of an era, and the birth of a new one. I’m sure 236 will do an equally good job, at least I so hope.

// Sara


June in Music

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Alright! It’s that time of the month again, where I go over the most played artists and such. So, let’s start with most played bands.

5. Art Nation

Art Nation, Sweden’s new stars I guess you could call them. You guys know I’ve been obsessed with this ban since I saw them at Skogsröjet a year ago, and since seeing them on Sweden Rock I’ve been really high on them. Seriously, they are like H.E.A.T – they can do no wrong.

4. Amaranthe

Good old favorites. I was really happy to see them on Tons of Rock again. I love this band – like, if I was ever in a metalband – this would be the one. No joke.

3. Delain

Long time no see with this band – I haven’t seen them since November last year, up until now when I saw them at Tons of Rock. Charlotte Wessels speaks my mind. I can’t… Like, it’s almost as if she saw into my head and took out all my feelings.

2. Alestorm

No surprise. “No Grave But the Sea” is really growing on me, or well, at least the For Dogs version. I can’t put my finger on why I find myself listening to specifically that version – I guess it’s soothing in a way.

1. Sabaton

No wonder that the Golden boys are on top, am I right? I wrote a couple of days ago about my love for this band, and I find it hard to put into words how much I love them, and how much they mean to me. But yes, the Carolus Rex show at Tons of Rock is probably a big reason they are number one.

Alright, let’s move onto Albums:

5. Carolus Rex – Sabaton

Very suspected. After all, prepping for the Carolus Show was real, you know? And this album… I’m not sure if it’s my favorite Sabaton album ever, however, it is the album I’m most proud of, if it makes sense?

4. Bringer of Pain – Battle Beast

Battle Beast’s newest album still holds on tight to the top, and it should – it’s a killer album.

3. Liberation – Art Nation

I guess I could use the same as above – This album is killer, and I’m just addicted.

2. Edge of Thorns – Savatage

It’s intersting of this album seem to always make the toplist, yet Savatage never makes the top bands. “Edge of Thorns” is my relax album. Like people would use Enya, I use Savatage. Isn’t it funny how certain bands just get certain positions?

1. No Grave But The Sea – Alestorm

It’s the dogs. I’m telling you.

And lastly, here’s the top ten songs of this month:

1. Take Me Home – Art Nation
2. Gott Mit Uns – Sabaton
3. The March To War – Sabaton
4. Lejonet Från Norden – Sabaton
5. As I Lay Me Down (Acoustic) – Wiktoria
6. Gates of Glory – Twilight Force
7. As I Lay Me Down – Wiktoria
8. By The Blood in Our Hearts – Running Wild
9. Rebels of Our Time – Majesty
10. Riders of the Dawn – Twilight Force

// Sara