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Attero Dominatus – Sabaton the love story.

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Ten years ago, on this exact day, June 29, after further inspection, my life changed forever. This marks the exact day I became a Sabaton fan. The location was Borlänge, more to be exact – The Peace & Love festival. Jocke spoke of how it was ironic a festival called “Peace” was inviting Sweden’s only band who sung about war to play, and this was also the day I figured out they were Swedish, by the way.
While this may not have been the first time I experienced Sabaton live, it was the day I became a fan.
A few weeks later I found “Attero Dominatus” in a supermarket, and on that path – From that album, onwards to Monsters of Mora it all went down. My first show as a Sabaton fan, and it became a night to remember. Peace & Love 2008 – where I denied every single sign of Sabaton actually playing.
Over the years I’ve watched this band grow. A band I once saw in smaller clubs, as supportband for bands like Lordi and HammerFall, to now witnessing them headline festivals like Sweden Rock and Graspop Metal Meeting. Witnessing the very first Rockstad: Falun back in 2008.
Metallsvenskan 2009. What a moment. Watching Sabaton play football against other bands, and then wrapping up with a nice show… These moments, you know?
Last year I saw Sabaton be included in Eurovision Song Contests montage of Swedish music exports, and I will not deny that tears were shed. This is a band that means so truly much to me, I cannot even put into words how much I love this band, or how PROUD I am of them. PROUD to see them grow like this, and I feel blessed to have been a part of the journey.
This is a band I’d walk through fire for. This is a band I’ve traveled down to the very south of Malmö to watch, jump on a last minute plane to Luleå up in the North – I’ve seen them in and out of Sweden, and I’d walk a 1000 miles, ten times over for this band.
So far, I’ve seen this band 24 times. And trust me, there’s going to be many, many, many more. This band has become one of the most important things in my life, almost like the air I breathe.
Sabaton, I love you. Since June 29th 2007, and I’ll be always yours.
// Sara

Tons of Rock, Halden, Norway 24/6 – 17: Part 2

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After she left, I headed up toward the hill again to watch the sunset and wait for Amaranthe to start. Linn and My surprisingly joined me after a while, before it was time for me to head down to the tent again.


The tent was PACKED. Like, I know Amaranthe has had a lot of success, but this was crazy. I wasn’t really expecting to have the Delain kind of treatment, but perhaps Amaranthe should be on the mainstage the next time? I think so.

Right on time the intro started echoing in the speakers and they opened with “Maximize”. And of course, from the instant, my eyes are glued to Nils. I promise, I’m not a crazed fangirl, it’s just that, it’s so odd to see him perform on stage. You know he’s my favorite singer ever, so knowing I’ll be seeing him on a regular basis now is a weird thought.

“Boomerang” followed suite, and the band seemed to have a pretty good night! The energy from the crowd was… okay. I guess. I mean, I’ve seen better. Perhaps I should stop comparing nordic crowds to French or German, as they are always much more my cup of tea, but still. Better than at Delain, I guess that is something?

“Hunger” followed suit, and I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it, but this went from being a song I really did not like with them, to one of my favorites. It’s something special about all of a sudden realizing that yeah, it’s not so good on the album, but then you realize what kind of a headbanging song it is, and you instantly fall in love.

“1.000.000 Lightyears” and “Fury” was the next songs on the list, and “Fury” you know… you can’t get enough from that song. Really. “On The Rocks” followed, my personal favorite off “Maximalism”, “The Nexus” was ripped off before it was time for some sing along or karaoke, or whatever you wanna call it with Elize for “Amaranthine”.

“Call Out My Name”, “Digital World” and “That Song” was fired off as the set left for it’s finale and they wrapped up the entire thing with “Drop Dead Cynical”.

It wasn’t exactly the best show I’ve ever seen with them, but it is also far from the worst. Perhaps I have simply seen them too much. I don’t know. I wasn’t a huge fan of “Maximalism” either so maybe it’s just this entire era. Huh.

Right after the show, I headed off to the bathrooms and then over to Sabatons stage. For arriving like ten minutes before it was about to start,  I got some really good spots. Good visually, and I had a lot of space. My hair is a bit like a windmill, so, I kind of need it.


But, lets talk about something for a quick second here. The beauty of the stage I was seeing in front of me. I knew this was a special show – the Carolus Rex kind of special show, Swedish Empire and all of that, but I didn’t think so much about it until I got to the stage and saw it. The three crowns banner that clad Audie, the Swedish banners place here and there, and not to talk about the throne Carolus was about to sit upon later in the show. That’s when it REALLY hit me – this is going to special. And beyond epic.

And it started already at the intro. Instead of the usual “The March To War”, “Dominium Maris Baltici” served as the intro instead. It was a little… odd, because the intro was as quiet here as it is on the album, making it a little awkward. Probably some setting or so, but I guess I shouldn’t be complaining, considering that once Hannes and the rest of the boys were on stage – “Lejonet Från Norden” was the first song to be performed. All this time, I waited for this! For not having “Ghost Division” as the opener!

It was followed by Jocke talking a little bit, the only apparently he was allowed to talk during this special set, as they continued onwards with “Gott Mit Uns”. The energy from the crowd was pretty good. COULD be better, but hey, better than Graspop so I’m shutting up. “En Livstid i Krig” followed suit, and at this time at the show, it still felt like any other Sabaton show. It was first when the next song, “1648” started as it dawned upon me that no, this is not like any other Sabaton show.

“Karolinens Bön” was next, and as I had suspected a bit due to seeing the special show from Rockstad: Falun in a live stream, the caroleans marched onto the stage and took position during this song. Could this show get any better?

Sure it could, because in “Carolus Rex” Carolus himself comes on stage, we witness his coronation and he sits upon his throne. Like, very literally to the song, but oh my god. This is the Sabaton show of my dreams! “Ett Slag Färgat Rött” followed suit, and then “Poltava”.

After “Poltava”, the caroleans exited the stage and Carolus walked down toward the front in order to, well, look out over his land I guess. And that’s when it happened. A pyro shot off as a bullet that has been fired from a gun, and Carolus fell to the ground. “Konungens Likfärd” was the song the band played next, obviously, and the Caroleans came on stage and carried the fallen king out, “back to Sweden” so to put it.

Just as last time, “Ruina Imperii” was in fact not performed live, it simply served as an outro, and as back in Falun, the Caroleans fired off their weapons after the show, and then left the stage for good, for now.

I honestly thought the show was going to be over now, so mind my surprise when the WWII intro started on the screen, with the apropriate pyro and “Primo Victoria” started echoing. At least the crowd woke up a little bit by now, haha!

“Sparta” was next on the list, sadly not with all the theatrics, but if it’s festivals it is festivals I guess – “Swedish Pagans”, of course, because apparently you can never have a show with out this one – “Shiroyama”, “Winged Hussars” and “To Hell and Back” wrapped up the set before it was over.

Jocke asked the Caroleans back out on stage and introduced everyone, including “The Norwegian that shot him” haha. I love this band.

With that said, the show was over and everyone left the stage. And I was just standing there like, what the hell did I just witness. What did I just have the privilige to witness? I have no idea. I headed up toward the stage, and I was very very lucky to get a setlist from a very very kind crew member. I like setlists, but this setlist means so much to me because it was THIS show, you know?

After this, I headed out of the area, to fix the cashless card and pick up Linn, and then we went home right after.

Seriously, this day was so worth it. For Sabaton alone, but I also thank Delain and Amaranthe, Angelina, Linn and My for making it even better! Thank you all!

// Sara


Tons of Rock, Halden, Norway 24/6 – 17: Part 1

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So! It was the D-Day. I kind of decided of this festival very last minute. I thought about it for the longest of time, in fact, planned it for the longest of time but never got around to actually do anything about it – story of my life, if you like. You see, at this very festival, Tons of Rock, Sabaton was set to do their own very very special Carolus Rex set – and it was set to be even more special thinking about the fact that this is the very spot that Carolus was actually assassinated at. How amazing? Very amazing, if you ask me. But, the line up of the festival as a whole wasn’t very exciting, and I was lucky to see that the two other bands I desperately wanted to see did in fact play the exact same day as Sabaton. What a time to be alive.

Halden, however, isn’t very far from where I personally life, which makes about everything so much easier as I could simply hop in my car, drive there, and then drive home after the show. How convenient, huh? And it was a real nice drive. Nice weather, not a lot of traffic, easy roads until you get to Norway – Norway is kind of fucked up like that (unnskyld Hansi!). But gladly, I made it there. Once at Fredriksten, I was very happy to see it was good signs and easy to get around – I usually get very very anxious when I’m supposed to park, but it worked fine this time. Sort of anyone. Either way – I arrived about an hour and a half before Delain was set to start, which is a new good record for me – I tend to always end up a bit late, as you probably learned by now… So I’m proud of myself!

I wasn’t sure how to navigate at this place, but I figured I’d walk toward the magnificent fortress and by the camping and follow people and hope for the best. Halfway up the hill I feel someone coming from behind and it turns out it was Linn! I had almost forgotten she and her sister were there, so it was great to see her. She helped me find where to get my wristband and then we stood and chatted for a long time before I had to get inside in order not to miss Delain! It wasn’t a massive line, which made me very happy as it was easy to get in.

And this festival, the festival ground, is beautiful. It has a massive hill in the middle of it, and is right next to the fortress, or I should say, incorporated with it in fact. So beautiful, and so small actually! Delain was playing inside the tent, so I went there about 15 minutes before the show was about to start and I was glad to see I could in fact get to the front. Happy days!


Right on time – seriously, I love these bands that are on time. I remember so many years ago when I always had to complain about bands getting on stage way too late. But not anymore! Perhaps it’s because I changed musictaste? Who knows.

“The Monarch” started running as the intro, and the bandmembers sans Charlotte entered the stage and they started the show off with “Hands of Gold”. Charlotte came on stage with her new bright hair, and a beautiful black body with simple jeans. Seriously, this woman is a style icon. I will not deny that. I envied her look on the last tour, and even still now.

“Suckerpunch” was next song on the list, I’ve really grown to love this song, I will not deny that. “Get The Devil Out of Me” followed… And you know, the band was really good. They seemed to lack a little bit of energy, but I think I sort of have to blame that on a very very meh crowd. But they still killed it, believe me.

The very lovely, and beautiful “The Hurricane” – I guess you remember how much I actually love this song, I can’t… I can’t with Charlottes words you know. She knows exactly how to put my feelings into words. It’s like she reads my mind. “Fire with Fire” followed suit, and then “Mother Machine” and “Don’t Let Go” before they wrapped the entire set up with “We Are The Others”.

The band thanked for themselves, and walked off the stage. It was a good start on the day – and I guess this band isn’t all that big up here after all, seeing the small crowd and pretty meh crowd that showed up, but it’ll get better. The set was a bit short – but it was still good. Thank you Delain!

After this, I had pretty much no bands I wanted to see until Amaranthe which was set to perform right before Sabaton, so I strolled around a bit. At first I climbed the entire hill watching out over the festival and watching Airbourne on a distance. It was magnificent. This whole scenic place was just… beyond me. And then, I headed off to the merch instantly to pick up a Delain shirt – a lovely 3/4 sleeved shirt as well as a festival shirt – you know it’s mandatory. I met up with Linn and My who were watching Airbourne at the time, and spent the rest of the gig with them.

After the show was over, I stayed around for a while to catch up with Angelina, a good friend of mine I haven’t seen in ages. We proceeded to get something to eat, once she’d gotten down from the high – the high you get from watching your favorite band perform live. I know exactly the feeling, because that is me after every single Sabaton show. We went up the hill, sat down for hours and hours of talking and catching up about everything and nothing, and it was so good to see her again. We went down to the merch to catch up on a shirt for her from Airbourne, looked through the other stalls until it was time for her to leave. She’d only come here for Airbourne, so she wasn’t staying long.

We said our good byes, and she left.


// Sara

Graspop Metal Meeting Day 3 – Sunday

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So today was the day. The last day of Graspop, and it was also the day for the highlight of the festival for me: Sabaton. But first, I had to get through the day, which was easier said than done when you wake up in a motherfucking sauna. So, I was planning to get down to Alestorm alreadt at 11, but I think I made it there around 12.30 or so? I mean, better late than never.

Once at the crowd, I rejoiced with Stephen, Jonathan and Dieter, and I was also introduced to some new friends of theirs. Never before have I heard someone introduce themselves with saying “My name is like the little girl on the island with her dog”. You know, Astrid Lindgren’s character Tjorven. If you are familiar. But this one spells with an S. Well, that’s one for the books right?

After this, the small wait for Alestorm began, which was basic torture. The temperature was hitting 30 degrees, and the sun was up right over us. I told myself that everything would be alright once Alestorm starts, as music has a tendency to actually make you forget everything… and then… it started.


After the intro, the band started off the show with “Keelhauled”. The audience kind of exploded, which was good to see, but to be frank… the energy didn’t really stay for long. Which I can understand – I even found myself not really being able to jump and headbang as much as I wanted to. “Alestorm” was the next song on the list, followed by “Magnetic North”. And seriously…

Like the band was really good. But I felt myself just kind of losing it… it was seriously just too much. The heat was too much. I felt myself WANTING to headbang but being unable to. Because of the heat. “Shipwrecked” and “Mexico” was next on the list, followed by “Th’ Sunk’n Norwegian” – or as Stephen and I have dubbed it – “The toilets at Graspop”. Because why not.

“Drunk” was next on the list, followed by my personal favorite “Fucked With An Anchor”, and then “Hungover” and wrapping it all up with “Captain Morgan’s Revenge”.

With that done, the band thanked for the day and left the stage. The show was amazeballs as usual – it’s Alestorm for gods sake, but I’m sure it would have been… more enjoyable if it wasn’t for the damned heat.

After this, Sjorven and I stumbled toward the fence and the front row to secure our spots for Sabaton. Yes, I was really willing to spend all day there. Because Sabaton. As we sat there, Steel Panther started on the opposite stage, and I watched it as good as I could

Steel Panther

So, on the stage my boys went and they opened up with “Eyes of a Panther” and quickly followed it with “Goin’ in the Backdoor”. Well, to be frank I wasn’t seeing a whole lot as I remained on my side of the stages, but I was happy to see Michael come over to our side once in a while!

The crowd response was amazing though. That I can admit. “Just Like Tiger Woods” was the next song, followed by “Death to all but Metal”. They slowed things down a bit, “That’s When You Came In”, and honestly – I’ve come to really really love this song. I won’t deny that. It’s so nice.

“Poontang Boomerang” was next on the list, and then “Community Property” with the proper sing along to. They brought up 17 girls on stage for “17 Girls” before wrapping the set up with “Party All Day”. The set was a lot shorter than a Sweden Rock, I’m personally missing “Fat Girl” for instance, but it was a good set.

The only critique I really have is the jokes. It’s obviously the same jokes, but they might wanna look into it a little bit, seeing they said “Opening for Aerosmith, we met Steven Tyler”. And Aerosmith wasn’t even playing Graspop. At least make it a little believable, right? Aside that, good and energetic set. But what else to expect?

After this, I headed off to a signing session with Alestorm while Hatebreed was playing our stage, and got back in good time for it to end. Thanks to the stranger keeping my spot!


So, after being at the signingsession and all that – Mastodon started. It was a nice set… I guess. To be honest… I was really gone. I actually had to sit down at the front row, with Sjorven, Stephen and Jonathan bringing and pouring water on me. It was.. an experience I shall say, I spent the first 30 minutes of the show just standing trying to focus on one thing. I either the rhythm of the music or my body. But after a while I just gave up and sat down. I felt my legs weaken, and it was a good thing. I saved myself from a lot.

I looked a bit at the band through the holes in the fence, and I did enjoy the show despite never being much of a fan.

After this, I laid down in Sjorvens knee to rest a bit properly before the next band – which was going to be Rob Zombie. And I was really excited for Rob Zombie, not gonna lie. It was nice lying down and listening to Evanescence. By the way, I want to direct a large thank you to all the people, all the strangers, that brought us waterbottles throughout the day. So nice of you. I love you.

Rob Zombie

I’ve only seen Rob Zombie once before, at Sweden Rock, which was the show I discovered him on. So I was happy, even though it was hard – he played at the same time as Gotthard, which sort of killed me. Like a lot.

But despite that, I’m happy that I stayed for Rob Zombie. I really enjoyed the show, and John 5 is simply eyecandy. We even got his towel, in fact. Thank you, Sjorven!

After this… the eager wait for Sabaton began. Lazily listening to Scorpions which played the other stage, and the crowd started to gather. Once the sun went down by the way, the temperature shrank.

Once Scorpions was over… It started. “In The Army Now” echoed through the air and then followed by “The March To War”…


And they hit it off with “Ghost Division”. Is anyone here shocked? I was however, taken aback by the second song of the setlist – “The Art of War”. How long has it been since I heard this one? Probably last year, but it feels like an eternity.

“Blood of Bannockburn” was next on the list, followed, surprisingly, by “Attero Dominatus”, and then, as you know, my personal favorite “The Last Stand”. I can honestly not get enough of this song. At all. Whatsoever. I felt that the crowdparticipation, at least where I was standing, wasn’t that great to be honest. I’d expect more from Belgium, but oh well.

Another beautiful and welcome surprise, “Panzerkampf” was next on the setlist, quickly followed by “Sparta” sans the spartans. Still an epic live track though, mind you that. “Screaming Eagles” was next on the list, followed by of course, the greatest moment of the show “Carolus Rex”.

Seriously, I don’t even know what it is and why it is, but “Carolus Rex”, or any song of the “Carolus Rex” album just… It simply is the best moment. Really.

Another not so great moment followed in “Swedish Pagans”. I hope one day we will not be tortured with this song. Anymore. “Diary of an Unknown Soldier” soon cut it off and we got to embrace the beauty that is “The Lost Battalion”.

So ok. “Resist And Bite” was the next song on the setlist, and I was expecting to get something here. But no. Nothing. I mean, if you see the Swedish crowd during the “Carolus Rex” songs, you will notice the kind of pride that goes into it. It was lacking that, like, big time, on Graspop for “Resist and Bite”. Come on people.

“Winged Hussars” and “Nightwitches” wrapped up the set. The storming of Normandie started, followed by “Primo Victoria”. “Shiroyama” and “To Hell and Back” wrapped up this amazing set. The band thanked for themselves, and left the stage.

We retreated a big to the back to watch the last fireworks ending this years Graspop before I collaposed on a grasspot trying to grasp time and space again. It happens when I see a band I really love – like Sabaton or Lordi that I lose grip of time and space and I need to “come down” from the high, so to speak.

Sjorven and I spent the rest of the night, frankly running around the festivalsite and talking about music and pretty much everything before deciding to go to bed. At you know, 5 am. And I was getting up at 7. How awesome, huh?

// Sara



Graspop Metal Meeting Day 2: Saturday

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Saturday was here! In all honesty, Friday passed on so quickly, I’m positive this whole festival will pass as quickly. Today however, was a real slow day for me. In fact, there were only two bands I really wanted to see – Avatar and Rhapsody. Avatar played already at 11.30 in the morning, so early up I was getting, and into the festival arena to watch, yet another, swedish pride.


Right on time the circus arrived and even though I hate the playtime they got – Avatar is best seen at nighttime or inside a club in my opinion, but I guess it is better than nothing. The boys put on a great show though – I always love seeing them. And I was happy to see they had quite the upshowing too, despite the early set.

After Avatar, I headed over to the food courts to pick up some breakfast  – something you simply can’t do if you try to reach a show – and then I met up with Jonathan and Stephen for Rhapsody.


So, remember how I said on Sweden Rock that I completely missed out on this band? Well, this time I made damn sure I was not going to. And I did not. With the company of two great friends, I witnessed a great show from this legendary band. It was good seeing it.

After Rhapsody, Jonathan and I hung around and lazily watched Danko Jones, before checking out the shoppingarea. To my delight, they have removed the fee to enter. Thank heavens! To be hones though, the heat of the day made it hard to focus – yes you heard me – I had a hard time focusing on what albums I wanted and did not want to buy.

Rest of the day I was chilling a bit in the tent before heading over to Camp Ellen to hang out, and then head off to Deep Purple which Ida, amongst others, wanted to see.

And I won’t put its own thing here for Deep Purple, because I honestly think that Elias was the only who actually paid any sort of attention to the band in question, whereas the rest of us were too busy playing around with other things.

We lazily watched In Flames after the show, before Dieter, Stephen me and Elias decided to go back to the camp to get Stephen an aspirin and to check on Jonathan who had mysteriously left. All was well – and we had a nice night chat before going to bed.


Graspop Metal Meeting Day 1: Friday

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So, first day of Graspop! It was a cloudy day, but I was hopeful. I got up somewhat early today – Battle Beast was scheduled to start already at 13, which is, well, not super-early, but early enough. Got ready, headed out of the tent off I went to the festival grounds.

Battle Beast

I arrived at the stage a little before the show began, in order to get a good spot. Which was somewhat impossible, seeing the front row had been claimed by Rammstein fans. Oh well, shit happens I guess? Second row works fine – especially since it wasn’t any pressure or so. A lot of people, though.

Right on time the band entered the stage and opened with “Straight to the Heart”, and quickly followed it up with “Bringer of Pain”. The band was good, Noora is insane, but the crowd… Perhaps it’s because of my location, but you could tell the people around me wasn’t exactly there for Battle Beast, to put it that way.

“Familiar Hell” was next on the list, and then “Black Ninja”. The last one is a song that has started to grown on me quite a lot lately, and I was very happy that they did “Lost in Wars”, following this. For “Bastard Son of Odin” I was pointed out as one of the very few ACTUAL sons, well, daughters, of Odin in a crowd full of… whatever they are. They wrapped the set up with “King for a Day” and “Beyond the Burning Skies”.

It was a good show – a good start on the festival, if you will. However, I really, REALLY miss “Touch in the Night”. It’s mine and Laura’s song, and even though she wasn’t there, I miss it.

Right after the last song, I hurried of REAL quickly to the Jupiler stage to catch AS IT IS.


AS IT IS did in fact start while Battle Beast was still playing sadly, so I missed out the start. But I just can’t leave Battle Beast, you know?

By the time I got there, they were already at “Concrete” in their setlist, so that became the first song for me as far as AS IT IS goes. “Cheap Shots & Setbacks” was next on the list, and the band was very energetic. “No Way Out” was next, followed by “Soap”.

The crowd for AS IT IS wasn’t superbig, but the crowd that attended gave off good vibes. Sometimes you know, a smaller crowd is better than a bigger one. “Austen” followed suit, and then “Can’t Save Myself”. And then… You know.

There are two songs I really like with this band – “Pretty Little Distance” and “Dial Tones”. I’m not going to go in on further details as to why, I just do. I was convinced that “Pretty Little Distance” was going to be the opening song, but on the same time, I had no clue – I have never seen this band before, I don’t know their habits. So imagine how happy I was when they announced no other song than “Pretty Little Distance” was the next song.

“Hey Rachel” was next on the list, until they wrapped up the set with “Dial Tones” and I was in pretty much a euphoric state. It was such a good show – such a rush to watch.

After AS IT IS, I headed back to the mainstages to attend Battle Beast’s signingsession… which was cancelled. I did instead get the oppurtunity to hang out a bit with Cyril, which was awesome.

As this happened, I walked around the grounds for some time, hoping to make it to Epicas signingsession… which didn’t happen. What the hell. Oh well, I went back to the camp to rest and deal with some things before I headed back to the festivalgrounds to see Epica.


So Epica – I arrived a bit late, just before they started, so I was walking to their stage as “Eidola” was echoing through the air, and as I arrived, “Edge of the Blade” started echoing out. It was quickly followed by “The Phantasmic Parade”.

Epica had a big crowd for the day – bigger than I remember them having the last time I saw them play at Graspop, so that was good to see. “The Essance of Silence” was next, followed by “Ascension”. Despite the big turn up, I actually have to admit that the feeling in the crowd wasn’t… really that great. I’ll admit that I was standing pretty far away from the stage, so perhaps it was better closer, but it didn’t seem like it sadly.

My personal favorite “Unchain Utopia” was next in the set, followed by “Cry for the Moon”, and then.. “Sancta Terra”. Which was… at first somewhat unsuccesful when the keyboard wouldn’t really work. And.. I’m not sure if it was technical problems, or simply a bad day, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard Epica be this untight. Like… I rarely feel like I’ve experienced bad gigs, but this was not exactly a gig I’d tell the grandkids about, so to put it.

“Beyond the Matrix” and “Consign to Oblivion” wrapped up this, relatively short set of Epica, and despite all the issues – I thank them. I did actually miss seeing them.


Right after Epica, I headed off to the other mainstage to witness Europe, a band I haven’t seen in ages. It was a really nice show, but it got even better when I managed to meet up with Ida and Adam from Camp Ellen again. Europe delivered a real good set, I was happy to see them.

After this, we headed back to the camp grounds of Camp Ellen and hung out, associating with each other and just… chilling before we headed back to the festival grounds to catch Rammstein.


So, I’ve always been fond of Rammstein, but never considered myself a fan. But I really looked forward to see them – and what a show it was! I enjoyed every single minute of it, even though I have to admit I was going for “Trink Capri Sonne” rather than “Hier Kommt Die Sonne”. Yes. I went there. But really, amazing show. Would see again.

After the show, we headed back to the camp and to bed, preparing for next days endaevours.

// Sara


Graspop Metal Meeting – The Journey

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It’s been only a couple of days since Sweden Rock, but it’s like they say – go hard or go home right? Very last minute I decided to repack everything because it just wouldn’t fit in the backpack, after all. No harm done, though. I got on the train to Gothenburg, which was… Well, train is just very interesting to go on when you travel with festival luggage. There’s never any space to put it, so you simply have to improvise. Gladly, for once, we were only 15 minutes late! I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not.

Once in Gothenburg, I locked up my luggage and headed off to Forex to exchange some currency. Because why would I ever do anything in time? That’s not my groove, and you know that by now I’m certain. Once done with that, I got off to have some dinner and went over some shops – because why not when in Gothenburg?

After that, dinner and then I headed off to the spot where the bus was to leave. Some people were already waiting, which was reassuring for me. It’s been so long since I last traveled with the festivalbus, and that was only from my town on top of that.

So I got on – claimed a good spot. Right in front of the toilet. Very important, especially for this long busride. Eventually people started to drop in, and FINALLY I saw a familiar face in Elias. The bus got, well, somewhat, full and we began our journey towards Dessel. It was a fairly peaceful journey… until the sunken Norwegian passed out in the bathroom. After he you know, puked all over. The police actually came in Germany but we simply left… well, you know. Don’t want troubles!

We arrived safely and a little sore in Dessel, got off the bus and took our luggage. We meant to go together, all of us, but yeah, that didn’t happen. We were a group of people that got a bit lost and behind, and normally, what happened, is that we formed a group. Elias and I had pre-purchased tents that were already built, but the others camped together and we were invited to join. We spent a few hours waiting – some waiting, some carrying luggage to make it go somewhat fast and easy and smooth for us. It was very nice actually, bonding with each other. People that at one point were complete strangers were now helping each other out. And oh, I shared a Sabaton beer with Jonathan, which was nice.

The first thing, I will not deny, that I did was to take a long nice shower. Well, it wasn’t that long, but it was nice. But the thing is with Graspop Metal Meeting – it might be called grass, but it is really the sahara desert. So after walking 10 seconds I was already covered in dust. Again. Oh well.

In the evening I pretty much just chilled, listened to music and took it easy. Preparing for the next coming days.

// Sara

Only for the Weak

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At 9 in the morning the journey home began. It was bittersweet leaving, for several reasons I’m going to admit. Firstly, I haven’t gotten my sweater back. Secondly, the festival is over. And thirdly, this is the last time I’m going to Sweden Rock with this car, with my beloved BXW.

The journey was peaceful and quiet. No roadrage, found gasstations easily. It was rainy, and sunny and then rainy again. At the end, I got a bit rushed seeing I had to make it to XXL before they closed, on a Sunday.

Sweden Rock was great, and now I had to prepare for next weeks endaveours – Graspop Metal Meeting.

// Sara

Sweden Rock Festival Day 4 – Saturday

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Early morning again for the last day at the festival. It’s always bittersweet, waking up the very last day of the festival, knowing that today is the last day whatsoever to be in this amazing place, waking up to the sound of music and knowing the day is, if I would do it, be filled by amazing acts.

Early in the morning I got up to catch Electric Boys in the morning.

Electric Boys

Electric Boys delivered an energetic and groovy set. I can’t exactly call myself a fan of the band as I merely just see them occasionally rather than actually listening to them on a regular basis, but everytime I’ve seen them I’ve enjoyed the show tremendously. And there was no exception for today. Conny Bloom knows how to get the crowd going, even at 12 in the morning. Thank you boys!

After Electric Boys I went around starting to pack… and I noticed my work out sweater was missing. Went to the showers by the campground to ask if they had seen it, and got the answer they had likely thrown it away. Apparently, they are the kind of people that throw away clothes rather than giving it to lost and found. Says a lot about them.

Kept packing up the camp – figured I might as well have it done, you know. I meant to see the Symphony Orchestra show, but I’ll be honest. I was really upset learning my sweater had likely been thrown away that I lost my mood. I don’t like losing my things, and even less when I can’t get them back.

Sadly, the distraction and packing sadly led me to also miss out on Rhapsody. It was when I packed the camp and heard some symphonic metal coming from the festival I realized they were on. Damn it. Damn me. I managed to see the last song though, so I guess I’ll just”redo and do right” on Graspop when it comes to them.

I took the time to do a last shopping round, picking up a piece of clothing and some other things before watching ARTCH.


The first, and so far only time I’ve ever seen ARTCH was in 2007 when they played together with Satyricon. ARTCH is the old, or well, current band of the old bassplayer from Wig Wam, so seeing him this year was a way to see some people that I once loved so much in the flesh again.

And it was emotional. It was very emotional seeing Bernt, or Flash, in action again on stage with this band. And Eirikur Hauksson on vocals is just incredible – I love him as a vocalist.  It was a great and small show, real cozy inside the tent. I loved every moment.

After ARTCH, I went to pick up some late night dinner and watching Venom while doing so. I had not planned to see this band at all, but I was happily surprised actually. I really enjoyed it. I will try to pick up on them somehow some day.

After this, I went out, picked up my folding chair, a bag of popcorn and a drink and sat down far way back at the site to watch In Flames from afar eating popcorn and drinking good Pepsi. After this, I went to bed and got ready for the long journey home tomorrow.

Thank you so much Sweden Rock for this year, and all the bands for being amazing. Thank you so much.

// Sara


Sweden Rock Festival Day 3 – Friday

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Today I got up early in the morning and headed off down to the car, the computer and internet to do something very very important: Get Katy Perry tickets. It was a smooth process – no queuing or anything. It’s going to be good to see her again – first time I saw her was two years ago. It’s funny though – this is the second time out of two times possible that I find myself buying Katy Perry tickets while at Sweden Rock. How great is that? And even better – we’ll be leaving for Katy Perry right after, and right from, Sweden Rock.

After doing such and returning to the camp, I got ready, had nice breakfast and then started searching for albums. You see, I have a little book with CD’s I’m supposed to get – because most of the time, I get blank. To put some perspective on this – I save up all year round for the shopping spree I go on on Sweden Rock. So once I’m here, I just kind of go blank.  Because the thing I’ve waited for all year is here and now I don’t know what I want to buy. So, I have my book to help me set me straight.

At 14.30 I headed off to Rock Stage to watch the old heroes in KIX.


I have never been a superbig fan of KIX, but I do like some of the stuff they’ve made, and was excited to see them. What I really like with these “old” bands is that nothing has changed. They are still the same, looking the same, acting the same. Most of them – not all. They put on a really good show, I enjoyed every moment of it. Half way through I had dinner / lunch while watching, and I seriously love these little moments.

The next band on the other hand, was the big one for me today.


I went off to Festival Stage in wait for this band that I saw the last here at Sweden Rock in fact five years ago, which was the first time I saw them with Nic. I remember how hard it was, hearing the songs, but also happy to see them with a singer that takes so good care of them vocally.

When the intro started, which consisted of old Gotthard songs merged together like when tuning a radio (similar to what Amaranthe has) it hit me like a fist right in the gut. I haven’t listened to Gotthard for so long because of the pain, and hearing it like this just remembered me about it all. Just like a kick in the gut.

The band came on stage and opened up with “Silver River”. And it was like no time had passed. “Electrified” was next on the list before they went for an old school favorite in “Hush”. The audience was pretty good actually – about what I’d expect for them playing in the midst of the heavy sun. “Stay With Me” was the next song on the list before continuing on with another big favorite – “Mountain Mama”.

Something that has always got me with Nic, is that whenever they sing older songs, songs from Steve’s era so to put it, if you close your eyes, you could almost believe it was him. He both sounds similar, and if anything makes himself sound very similar to Steve. “Feel What I Feel” was next song on the list, quickly followed by the very beautiful ballad “Remember it’s Me” from “Firebirth” album. “Sister Moon” and “What You Get” was next, and then something very special, and most importantly, very heavy, happened.

On the screen, the big screen on the Festival Stage, as they started playing “Heaven”… Steve Lee appeard. And a recording of his voice echoed out in the speakers, as the band played and sang along to it. The video displayed Steve singing. It was as if he was there. I can assure you – my eyes were not dry, and I don’t think any eyes were. Here’s to another gut punch, but it was so beautiful to see him being with them still, in a way.

After this gorgeous moment it was time for some old hits – “Top of the World” and “Lift U Up”, “Anytime Anywhere” being absolutely amazing as per usual, and then they wrapped the whole set up with “Come Together” and “All We Are”. The band thanked for themselves and walked off the stage.

Seeing Gotthard again was so amazingly good. Like a blast from the past, without actually being from the past. I’ve missed this band, I have to admit.

After this, I headed over to the signing session with Gotthard. I waited in line for some time, figured it was for the best to just get it over with. Went back to the car to dump off some things before getting back to the site and witnessing RATT.


RATT… the last time I saw them was on Sweden Rock 2008. I was really excited to see them again, seriously. It feels like all these bands I once saw like once or twice are just coming back for me to see once again. I said it to my friends – the bands on Sweden Rock kind of rotates a lot, and they always end up coming back if they haven’t stopped all in all.

The band was good. It was an energetic set, and a very very very energetic crowd if anything! It made me extremely happy to see that they got so well recieved. Really good show, thank you RATT!

As per usual, I needed to rest my legs – I don’t know what has happened in the later years, but my legs get extemely worn out in to the muscles and bones, and it gets painful to walk. So I sat in my car and lazily watched Scorpions on the big screen and listening to the music. It could be worse, right? And then, I headed in to see the last band of the night, Running Wild.

Running Wild

So, I have a friend who really loves Running Wild. Like, he REALLY REALLY loves them. Sadly, he was not present at Sweden Rock this year, so as any good friend would do, I streamed the whole show as good as I could to him over messenger.

The show was very very good. I had listened a little bit prior to the festival, but I was completely sold during the show. A pirate band, again. Are you even surprised? Probably not. There was a good vibe all through the crowd, and the band was performing well. A perfect ending.

After Running Wild, I headed back to my camp and went to bed. Electric Boys went on early, so it had to be done.

// Sara