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April in Music

Posted in Music, Uncategorized on April 30, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

Another month, another recap! Lets see how April looked like musicwise.

5. Amaranthe

After a delightful show in Helsinki, it isn’t much of a surprise they are up here, and they seem to steadoly claim the fifth place! Well, better fifth than not on it at all, right?

4. Sumo Cyco

Finally I got around to listen to “Opus Mar” which fell away in the priorities when work and travel and what not got in the way, but better late then never, and this album… Or perhaps it’s just this band all in all. Such a good album, I really wish they could tour here again soon, and that I can hopefully attend this time around!

3. Twilight Force

I think this band has become one of my favorites to work out to. Especially “Riders of the Dawn” which gives you the perfect energy for running up the hills. And you know, adventures.

2. Battle Beast

“Bringer of Pain” is, and remains, an amazing album. “Familiar Hell” as a song is just.. I can’t describe it, you know. “Bastard Son of Odin” remains my favorite work outsong, alongside “Drop Dead Cynical” and “Fury” with Amaranthe.

1. Sabaton

No surprise at all. I’m still high on “The Last Stand” and I don’t think that will wear off anytime soon. The titletrack itself is enough to keep me happy and content the entire day. I cannot wait to see them again.

Alright, so let’s move on to albums!

5. Rebels – Majesty

Majesty was Battle Beast’s supportband on the Bringer of Pain tour in Europe, and I really, REALLY, enjoyed them. This album is really, really good, it has turned into my to-go-to album whenever I need something to listen to.

4. Opus Mar – Sumo Cyco

New masterpiece of the band. I am getting as addicted to this album as I used to be of “Lost in Cyco City”. This band seemingly can do no wrong.

3. Heroes of Mighty Magic – Twilight Force

“Heroes of Mighty Magic” remains on the most played albums list – I suspect my sudden obsession with “Riders of the Dawn” to be one of the causes.

2. Bringer of Pain – Battle Beast

It’s been a bit of time since the tour, but this album is still going warm here at home. Amazing album, I’m telling you.

1. The Last Stand – Sabaton

Well, well, well. No big surprise. As I mentioned when I talked about Sabaton, I’m still high on this album, so no surprise here.

Alright, last topic for the night is SONGS.

5. Familiar Hell – Battle Beast

Of course. This is easy my favorite song on the album.

4. Battle of Arcane Might – Twilight Force

I have a thing for listening to opening songs. Like, that open a show. It drags you back to the show, and gives you that adrenaline rush you have when a show starts.

3. Rebels of Our Time – Majesty

Easily my favorite song on this particular album. It was pure magic live.

2. Shiroyama – Sabaton

Eurovision-Sabaton is the best kind of Sabaton. And this song is one of the funniest live too, if you ask me.

1. Dial Tones – As it Is

AS IT IS is one of those bands that I discovered while going over the entire line up for Graspop, and this particular song has grown to be a favorite of mine. I was surprised I liked this as much as I did, but hey. Good music is good music.

// Sara



Posted in Uncategorized on April 28, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

So this beautiful little thing arrived in the mail today!

Like FINALLY! After all this wait, the album is finally here! All of you who’ve followed me for some time now know exactly how head over heels I am for this band, and how long I’ve waited for this album to finally come out. I have had a first listen at it, and I’ll get back to you all with a more detailed review once I’ve gotten into it more, but the first impression is that I like it. A lot. Right now, it doesn’t quite live up to the previous one, but I’m going to give it one more go before I say more.

Right now, my favorite track of this album is “Maniac”. It’s so good! Gaah. The album was worth the wait though, every day of the week.

// Sara

Ghost Town

Posted in Uncategorized on April 24, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

Soo. I did originally plan to post a review today, but something sort of came in the way. THIS.

Art Nation announced a Sweden tour – which is more than pretty much any band I like have done – and they have som real good looking dates! I’m planning to do both Karlskoga and Örebro, but we will have to see what actually happens. I’m so happy to see Karlskoga being on the bill – as you might now, my new job is actually located in that very town, but I remain here in Karlstad.

And to make this tour even better, Haunted By Destiny is the supportband, and it becomes beautiful for me, considering both of these bands were bands I discovered on Skogsröjet last year, so getting to see them both again, and together, will be… good. Really. Beyond good.

Let me know if anyone of you are coming to the shows as well!

// Sara

Adrenaline Rush – Soul Survivor

Posted in CDs, Music, Uncategorized with tags , on April 22, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

Stockholmbased Adrenaline Rush is back with their second album, following the highly acclaimed selftitled debutalbum. It was in 2012 when Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse) joined forces with Tåve to record what would become the debutalbum of the band – later on getting all the pieces together for a new, energetic rockband. After going through a line up change as well as involving more songwriters in the process, the second album is finally here.

The first thing we are getting thrown in the face is the energetic and surprisingly, heavier, song fittingly called “Adrenaline” – and the album follows in the same vein. It’s faster and rawer than the previous album, making quite an improvement, if you ask me. However – the biggest improvement lies in Tåves vocal capability. She seems to have made quite a journey since last, which offers a lot of new interesting dimensions to the album, really taking it to the next level together with the heavier musical style.

Listening to this album though, is like listening to a classic album from the 80’s, as far as the different song material goes. We got the more aggressive songs, the sweeter songs, the more party kind of songs – as if Danger Danger and and Mötley Crüe had a badass daughter. Lyricwise it is very similar to the previous though – the rebellious kind of songs about breaking free, finding yourself and perhaps a broken heart or two.

My own personal favorite on this album is the title track, “Soul Survivor” which is somewhat similar to “When We’re Gone” from the previous, a more low key song with a beautiful message. I’m absolutely addicted.

With that said, I must admit I enjoy this album a lot, it’s a big step forward for the band themselves, and I hope I get the chance to see them some time with the new line up and the new material.

Favorite song: Soul Survivor
Least Favorite song: Break The Silence
Dance-friendliness:  6/13
Headbang-friendliness:  7/ 13
Crowd-friendliness: 8/13

// Sara

Sumo Cyco – Opus Mar

Posted in CDs, Music, Uncategorized with tags , on April 19, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

It all started for me when I was feeling like I really, really did not want to attend said Butcher Babies show, where I figured I’d check out the supportband, just as a last resort. The first thing I said upon hearing “The Ugly” was “I hate this, but it intrigues me”. Which the same words I’ve used for bands as Lordi.

Here we are, one year later, and I’m completely sold of Sumo Cyco, and in March I finally recieved my pledged “Opus Mar” album. And oh how I’ve been waiting for this, all back from when “Anti-Anthem” was released as it’s first single last year.

Listening to “Opus Mar” is like being on a trainride going someplace. The first part of the album, much like a journey – starts off exciting with intense and powerful songs, to name a few the singles “Anti- Anthem” and “Move Mountains” – strong melodies with interesting rhythms and beats, giving you exactly that kind of Cyco feeling you, or at least I, am used to from the previous album.

Only this time around, it’s a bit more – more rawer, more intense, heavier and dirtier than before. The lyrics are still the same type of outcast-kind-of-anthems, yet a bit more aggressive even on that point. Sever has really made sure to put all of her vocal capacity to max – we hear her screaming, sing and even rap this time around – but what intrigues me the most are the small, very swift, appearances of the clean beauty of her voice. It appeared only briefly in songs like “Building Castles”, and it gives me an infinite amount of respect for her as a singer.

When continuing down the road, the album also tones down. It reaches the tranquilized stage of the journey, where you are settled in and perhaps even doze of, with songs that aren’t necessarily bad, but they are a bit anonymous. But, then, as we are reaching the final destination the excitement is being picked up again with one more flaming work in “The Broadcasters (Murdering by Radio)” which is a fresh breeze amongst the more bland songs, before going into the hysteric moment of anxiousness and stress that dismounting a vehicle can be – getting off, finding your luggage, before the calm of arrival comes upon you in the last collecting song “Building Castles”.

I’m actually impressed by this album. It’s such a big step forward from their previous album and not to mention, to see them grow this much as they have – both as songwriters, musicians and producers. I really recommend everybody to check it out if you can, be it you buy it from them or on Spotify, because this band is flaming.

Favorite song: Move Mountains
Least Favorite song: Words (I don’t dislike it, but I have to choose)
Dance-friendliness:  4/13
Headbang-friendliness:  6/ 13
Crowd-friendliness: 8/13

I Amazon I Sumo Cyco Store I

// Sara


Jet City Woman

Posted in Uncategorized on April 17, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

Long time no see. It’s really quite crazy at the moment at my place – A lot of heavy decisions has to be made, as well as packing and organizing for the move which is happening sooner than originally planned as you know.

But one thing that has been consistent throughout all of this, is me listening through every single band that plays the festivals I plan to attend. I am already since long done with Sweden Rock, and has now started on Graspop Metal Meeting. I sort of have to take the festivals in order, to make sure I don’t miss out.

It’s surprising how many bands you end up liking, as well as bands you end up, well, not liking. But it’s fun to see what is originally like ten bands, quickly become 30.

Another heavy thing that has happened is that today I did my very last shift in the stable, at least for now. It’s a bittersweet feeling, but also a relief to know that it’s over now. That now I don’t have to think about that as far as my weekends goes. And what makes me happy, it really does.

Aside that, I’m really falling asleep and I should probably head to bed. It’s been four days off, but not for me – always working.

// Sara

Funeral Fog

Posted in Uncategorized on April 14, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

Today has been a day off here in Sweden due to holidays, and even for me, the workaholic that I am, have also had a day off for a change, but trust me when I say it hasn’t gone to waste. I’ve been doing laundry all day, as well as packing like crazy. I still feel a bit disoriented – I don’t really know exactly where to start with everything, so I of course decided to start with the most important things I possess – My Lordi collection.

I guess it’s just to start somewhere, you know. And if I get these things out of the way, it’ll make it easier. Or at least get me started, you know? But fuck me, it was hard. I know it’s just relocating, but still.

And yes, the Lordi albums are being packed down here and not with the rest – I want all the Lordistuff to be in one place. I’m also looking into doing a similar solution for Sabaton – it’s becoming time for it, don’t you think? But we will have to see.

Aside that, I’ve actually had the time, after I ran out of boxes, to play some The Sims 4. It’s been since January I last played, so it’s been a long time coming.

NP: De Mysteriis Dom Satanas – Mayhem

// Sara

Ghost Town

Posted in Music on April 13, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

Some time ago, in the middle of all the tours and everything happening, Art Nation released yet another single from their upcoming album “Liberation”. As you know, I was all about the previous single “The Real Me”, and even more so for their deubt album. So naturally, I was excited as hell for “Ghost Town”.

To be honest… My feelings are a bit mixed about this song. I think generally, it is actually a very good song, I really love the chorus. However, I’m not the biggest fan of certain parts of the song – which for me, kills the mood a little, sadly. I guess this is what I was afraid of with “The Real Me”, and it had to happen, eventually. Even the best of albums, like “Tearing Down The Walls”, have their weaker songs (“We Will Never Die”) and perhaps this is the one.

It’s really too early to say, isn’t it? It’s just the second single. I guess we will have to wait and see. It’s not long now!

// Sara

Pretty Little Distance

Posted in Uncategorized on April 12, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

So, I have started to box things up here at home for the upcoming move to the new apartment. I knew I wasn’t going to stay here forever, but it’s a surreal feeling know the days are now counted. Due to time, I haven’t packed a lot – just my closet really, but it is indeed a start.

I planned to actually have my unsorted CD’s sorted before I get out – that way I know what CD stand they will belong to, and I don’t have to feel bad about them never getting sorted.

I am really excited about the place. I know it will take time for me to make all the money necessary to decorate it the way I want it – but isn’t that the beauty? Once there, I’ll start making up the blueprints and plans on how to make it, and calculate exactly how much I’ll need for each and every room – making it the perfect living spot.

It’s good if anything, that I have something to entertain myself with these dreadful months without a single concert, don’t you think?

NP: White Flags – As Lions

// Sara

United in a Scream

Posted in CDs on April 11, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

Today has been a really, really good day. Like, honestly. Firstly, I got a propers night sleep which is absolutely awesome for once. Secondly, I signed the contract for my new apartment! Woo! It’s going to be pretty great – it’s a nice place, my dreamplace, in fact.

And to top it off even more, I got a job I applied for which will make things sooo much easier to deal with, everything is really just going my way today, huh?

And to make it even better – I finally, after a long time of searching, found an album I had been looking for for the longest of time. I was originally down at Knastret in order to kill some time before the meeting, and when I stumbled upon the album I even got so shocked to see it that I stared at it for a good while before realizing what it was.

“Straight Down The Line” with Return. I’ve had this on vinyl for the longest of time, and now finally I have it on CD. FINALLY. While browsing about the CD’s, I came across another one from Return’s catalouge, and I figured, they, why the hell not? And this is the story on how “Attitudes” also came about my recordcollection.

I guess it is pretty safe that say that, good comes to those who waits. Couldn’t be more true in this case. If you excuse me, I’m just gonna go and add in these precious new albums!

// Sara