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Familiar Hell

Posted in Uncategorized on March 6, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

Finally! After some time, maybe I should not say all this time, it’s here! “Bringer of Pain” !

The reason I’m getting it so “late” is because I was waiting for a giftcard. I’ve spent endless of hours answering surveys online in order to get giftcards, but it turned out that particular company only sends them out once a month, so I kindly had to wait. But you know – whoever waits for something good, gets it in the end.

I have yet to listen to it, as I planned I’d do my first listen to it in the car to work tomorrow. I’ve gotten a new job which is a town over, that allows me to listen through a lot of music in the best kind of ways – when cruising in a car.

// Sara