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Give Me Light

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Today we did a little bigger trip – over to the Santa Monica Pier. Not a too big of a trip from Hollywood, but enough to make us set it out as a daytrip. And when we got to the beach it was just… so great.


We strolled down the pier checking out most booths, and had delicious ice-cream down on the beach, taking it easy, chilling, grasping the sun, talking about the matter of life and death… Normal things you know.

santamonica1 santamonica2 santamonica3

After enjoying our ice-cream and crashing a musicvideo recording, we ended up on the Third Street Promenade. I was stupid and forgot my hoodie at home, so we found the first best clothing store and picked out a nice navy blue cardigan. I don’t have a picture of it sadly, but it did keep me warm. We stopped by a candyshop as well before deciding to return home to have some In-N-Out burgers before returning home to a good nights sleep.


// Sara

Going to California

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Today was another one of these more “lazy” days – I’m guessing because of the show the night prior. That and the absolute downpour prior to it which gave us both a slight cold.

What we did though, is walking down to the farmers market down by the Grove, which was more like a market square if you ask me. On the one side, with the fancier buildings were the more high end store side – it looked like it was taken from a fancy movie or something, and with the music and dancing couple it felt like I was sent back to the 50’s. We walked around the stores for a while before going to the other side of the buildings, where a big market blew up.


It was a whole bunch of different stands with different kind of food from all over the world. I guess it’s called a world market for a reason, no? It was amazing walking around between all the different cultures and smells and take it all in.

After walking the long way back we sat down with a glass of wine enjoying some episodes of “Pretty Little Liars” trying to recover. These past days with all the walking took out its right on our feet.


// Sara

Sanctified with Dynamite

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On the agenda for the day was the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

For the first time since we got back to L.A. we got some bad weather. However, it looked only cloudy as first so we thought “Eh, we don’t need to take our raincoats”. Of course, it started pouring like there was no tomorrow as we walked the hour long walk down to the Walk of Fame. And to make it even worse, we accidently passed it on top of everything. What are the freaking odds of that.


But, it wasn’t in vain though – walking too far led us to the biggest recordstore I have ever set my foot in – Amoeba Music Store, and we didn’t even know where to start when we got in there, but soon enough we found the metal section and started morphing about. I need to get back there to pick up an album, but couldn’t exactly do it this time.

We finally figured out where we went wrong, and after a quick stop at McDonalds to avoid the worst of downpour, we continued our journey. We finally found our destination, and it was fun to watch the stars, and doing occasional stops whenever you found a star with an interesting name on it.


But what really DID catch my attention, aside the stars, were all the alternative stores lined up by the streets! Ran in and out of every store, constantly, finding all kinds of things. We also got to the Chinese Theater, the Hollywood-sign lookout and the close by shoppingmall… And as we were about to go in Forever21 we noticed the streets has been shut off by police, blocking the streets, and the next thing we know we are being evacuated. Apparently, a suspicious package had been found at the metro station. Bummer.


However – I finally got a hand of a U.S. flag for my jacket now – the first flag on the other side of my jacket. It always feel strange when you add a new flag to your jacket. Surreal feeling.


Well, we made our way home in order to get ready for the evening, when we were about to catch Danse dE Sade at the Viper Room.

To be Continued

// Sara


Danse dE Sade @ The Viper Room, West Hollywood, United States of America 10/2 – 17

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So, as previously mentioned, this night we headed out to catch Danse dE Sade at yet another legendary venue here in L.A – The Viper Room. I’m guessing that most of the people who do read my blog are music interested, and perhaps even so in 80’s hairmetal or the heavy metal scene as it is – and I’m guessing the names of these venues are no surprised for either one of you.

It really was surreal to enter yet another epic venue from the past, and what I love about this place, as well as the Rainbow, is the fact that it seems like no time has passed. The staff looks like I’d imagine they’d look back in the days, they talk the same way and throw things about the same way. It was like going 30 years back in time, and considering the band we were seeing, made it even better. Time travel at it’s finest, you know!

After some time hanging about and having a few drinks, the first band of the night started – Black Magic Beach Party.

Black Magic Beach Party

So, I nor Nathan had any clue whatsoever what this band was – and it was a primarily instrumental band. I can in all honesty only recall them singing in one of the songs actually. They played incredible blues inspired rock, and as someone who can easily get bored with instrumental gigs found myself being entertained.

With that said, there were some action of course. A few songs in the keyboard played but on a werewolf head and jumped in the crowd to mess around a bit. Getting people to dance, and just messing about. And after this, the singer starts talking about a special friend they had invited from Washington, and at first it didn’t click for me, but eventually it did.

Basically, what they did is that they took out a HUGE doll made out of paper of Donald Trump, and threw him in the audience. Took a couple of seconds before the doll was torn to pieces. Well, you know – that is one way to make a statement.


Eventually, their set came to an end and they thanked for the time and walked off stage, and the curtains closed preparing for Danse dE Sade

Danse dE Sade

So, after a little while Danse dE Sade entered the stage and started off the “Clown F*cker” just as previously. For the nights honor, the singer had gotten himself Priest attire, and miss Stripper was dressed as a nun, adding a lot of extra dimension to the show!


Aside that, the set was pretty identical to the show at the Whisky – I sadly don’t know, or didn’t know, Danse dE Sade well enough prior to the gig to do a proper rundown on every song, but the gig was a lot more intense here than at the Whisky. The members seemed more comfortable, more out of control and basically delivered everything they stand for – indulgence, excess, sex, baroque and roll. The stripper was really going at it, for instance.

And oh, speaking of which – they added a proper bondage couple to the stage as well, can’t remember for which song, but it got intense. I guess it’s something about these club gigs that just makes them so much more intense and intimate.


After the set, the band thanked for themselves and left the stage.

There was actually a third band playing tonight, but we decided to skip out as we found ourselves being too worn out and tired to last another waiting session. I hope Psychocharger had a great gig without us, and maybe some day we will get to see them!

Once home, we pretty much passed out instantly. Thank you Danse dE Sade and Black Magic Beach Party for this gig! It made the night even better.

// Sara


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This day was superslow. Because of all the shenanigans from last night, we didn’t get to bed until 5 or something in the morning, so we got up around 14 or so. Concert hungover, or whatever you want to call it really.

So basically, all we actually did today was walking all the way down the Sunset Strip down into Beverly Hills and walked around the houses. Magnificent architecture, if you ask me, and I got so inspired looking at all the houses, and the conversations were mainly about whether the houses were too big or not for our taste. Or as Nathan said it – “You know you are rich when you have a separate gateway for deliveries and guests”. And I agree.

bevhills bevhills2

On our way back as we passed the Rainbow again we noticed the inscriptions in the wall from various bands and artists.

bonjovipoison cooper

It’s a pretty sight, walking down the Sunset… I’ve been here for a couple of days now, but it still hasn’t sunk in for me. That we are here.


We spent the rest of the night chilling out and taking it easy, trying to recover from the concert and planning tomorrows shenanigans. Nice, slow, day.

// Sara


Lordi @ Whisky a Go Go, West Hollywood, United States of America 8/2 -17

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So… The big day was here. Lordi. At The Whisky. I always knew I at one point in my life would get to catch a band live at The Whisky, but never in my wildest of dreams did I ever think it’d be Lordi, even if it was my dream. Seeing their name on the billboard outside… I can’t even describe it.



We got to the venue pretty late, again. I don’t know what it is with me and America – or perhaps it is because we actually got up so late (around noon), but we made it there about an hour before the doors opened, and there were two or three people there before us only, and very soon after we arrived Aly and Jeffery arrived, and we got to catch up with them! Lucky people had made it to Anaheim so they got to witness this amazing show one more time.

Around 19 they opened the door, and as you can see on the billboard, there were quite a few supportbands, and we calculated that we’d be seeing more supportbands than Lordi, in time. Interesting, huh?

And the stage was also interesting. Again, no barrier, so Nathan found himself having a monitor right in his face, and the stage at Whisky is also higher than it was in Santa Cruz, like, to my chest. We’re getting to see some interesting stage set ups, but gladly it didn’t stop my “It Snows In Hell” thing. But more on that later. Clock striked 19.30, and the first band got on stage.

Aeonic Impulse

Aeonic Impulse was first on stage and they delivered a pretty good set! I must admit that I personally wasn’t too fond of their music, but they got up there and did their thing!


Danse dE SADE

Next band on stage was Danse dE Sade – and they were one of the two bands that I had actually listened a little bit to prior to the show, and I wasn’t sure at the time how I actually felt about them. And it wouldn’t get any easier when their show began – freakshow to say the least. Strippers on stage, bandmembers going all over the place, but sure as hell they delivered a great show. A bit overwhelmed here. BUT – and yes I do feel the need to point it out – two female members in the band. Loving it.



Third band for the night was Dûrion. WITH A FEMALE DRUMMER, CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH? And apart from that, this band was REALLY good. I really loved their music, and the show they put on was amazing. The singer in the band is extremely charismatic, and we had a lot of fun during their set.


Tower Guard

Tower Guard is the band out of the four that I’ve listened to most before the gig, powermetal with a concept – about guarding the tower, basically. The whole show was a quest throughout, and I loved it. They had a female bassplayer too – I love the amount of female musicians we have seen on stage tonight. It made me extremely happy.



It was such a surreal moment when “God of Thunder” started, and I wasn’t ready you know. Wasn’t ready to see Lordi at the Whisky a Go Go, but before you knew it, Skeletor walked on stage and they hit it off with “Lets Go Slaughter He-Man”. By this time, the place had gotten packed which was good to see!


“Babez for Breakfast” was the next song on the list, quickly followed by “The Riff”. Somewhere here – either before “The Riff” or before “Hellbender Turbulence” Mr L is talking about his balls, and as being someone who’s heard this speech like so many times, I obviously started to pretend to step on his balls, which led him to tell me that “Yes exactly, you girls can step on them if you want!”. Haha. Oh lord. After “Hellbender Turbulence” it was time for the bassolo – and for the third gig in a row, OX singled me out (London, Santa Cruz) in the crowd. It’s really becoming our moment.


“Bite it Like a Bulldog” was the next song on the list, and again, what a live song. I hope they keep this in the list. Followed by, again, personal favorite “Icon of Dominance”, followed by Manas Drumsolo, which was as cool as ever. “Hug you Hardcore” was next on the list, and again. Even though the setlist came off as pretty boring at first glance, they really managed to pick out the crowdfriendliest songs, and the songs that makes it most amazing live.

“It Snows In Hell”… well. I got down again, and I guess we can say Mr Lordi has now fulfilled his first attempt at murder – he really kept all the water this time and poured it very evenly all over my face and chest, and the amount of water was so much I found myself choking and not being able to open my eyes for a good few seconds. He got me good this time. I guess it’s what happens when you are lying you know, ON the stage. I felt him doing something with my face as well with his fingers – it felt like he was pushing hairstrands out of my hair, but Nathan witnessed about otherwise.


After the medley Hella has her little moment before “Down with the Devil” began, and I’m just falling more and more in love with all of this – this song was already one of my favorites on the album, and it gets more so live.


“Blood Red Sandman” was next on the list, followed by “Hard Rock Hallelujah” and wrapping it up with “Devil is a Loser” before leaving the stage.

They came back, started off with “Who’s Your Daddy?” much to my happiness – as you know, they scratched this one off in Santa Cruz because of time, so I’m so glad it happened. And I have now had Mr Lordi dryhump towards me. What a time to be alive, huh?


They wrapped up the set with “Would you Love a Monsterman?” before leaving the stage for good. When Mr L threw out his towel, the audience went insane. To the point they knocked Nathan over so badly the monitors on stage got tore down, and this time we had had enough so we found ourselves losing it on the guy. COME ON ITS A TOWEL. Sorry but, watch the equipment!

Aside all of that, it was a really good show. Very intimate, again, and it’s very special. Whisky a Go Go guys. I cannot believe it.

We went up to the second floor to attend the meet n greet which went very quickly this time – some small chatting with the band before we reunited with Aly and Jeffrey and got outside. We spent a long time outside the venue chatting, catching up, spending some last couple of hours together before parting ways for this time.

monstersss whiskkkkyy

Thank you again, to everyone involved in this show – you made it the most amazing ever. Thank you!

// Sara


They’re Coming to Take Me Away Ha-Haa

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The following day we got up at about seven in the morning in order to catch the bus back to Los Angeles, which proved to be easier said than done. Of course, as the previous days it was raining loads, and then we struggled to check in our bags, but gladly, everything worked out and the bus was a wee bit later so I even managed to buy myself the most delicious cup of caramel coffee I ever had.


The good thing about this bus is that it would go straight way to Los Angeles – no transfers, nothing, just one long busride that allowed us to finish up a lot of things in the mean time. Makes a hardworking person like me really happy! But I cannot deny the fact that it got boring at times.


Once in Los Angeles, I had my first experience with UBER that went wrong. Not the UBER, but I accidently booked it too early. But gladly, it was no harm done. He drove us to the apartment a friend of ours has lent us, and it’s so beautiful. I know already when she told us about it, but it was even more gorgeous.

We settled in pretty quickly and then we headed down the Sunset Strip toward Whisky and the Rainbow. It was so surreal in a way… To just simply stroll down the Strip, the Strip that was once so important to the music scene once, and still are to this day.

And dining inside the Rainbow was a surreal dream come true. To sit inside and just know that, this is one of those places. Those place you have heard about, read about, and now you are here yourself. It was hard for me to grasp, no lies.

rainbow1 rainbow2 rainbow3

After dining we went home and crashed into bed right away. And tomorrow… Tomorrow is the big day.

// Sara

Lordi @ The Catalyst Club, Santa Cruz, United States of America, 6/2 – 17

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Because of the weather, and because we are lazy, we really only stayed in line for an hour. By the time we got to the venue, there was just one person there ahead of us, but as soon as we had come, more and more people started to come as well, so we really made it in exact time. We met up with some real cool people – Buddy, Alex and sadly a guy I never caught the name of and we had a good time catching up with each other!

Despite having the VIP which allowed us to enter the venue before the rest of the people, we decided to wait in line, because really, there is where all the fun is. That is where you meet new people.

When we finally got inside, we got our bracelets for the meet&greet and then got toward the stage…. or more like, pedalboards on the floor. The stage was so small that the supportband were forced to have just their drumset on stage, and the rest of them be on the floor in front of the stage. Interesting, huh? Like Galway, but instead of separate stages and all that shit.


So, Warcorpse was the supportband for the night, an old school thrashmetalband from Santa Cruz. They were really good – and they put on a real good and energetic set getting you pumped for the show to come. Thank you guys!


After the band was done everybody waited for the band to get rid of their gear before everyone approached the stage. Unlike Galway, there wasn’t even a flightcase in front of the stage, making it real close and intimate. Crazy to think about. Then the LONG wait began. The supportband was done already at 20.30, and Lordi didn’t begin until 22.15 so… Long wait for sure!

And they were even further late. BUT, at 22.20 “God of Thunder” finally started rolling.


Mana and Hella entered the stage, followed by Skeletor who pretty much declared war on He-Man, and the rest of the band followed as they started off with “Let’s Go Slaughter He-Man”. It was so good to see them again, and I must admit it felt really good personally to have Mr L wave to you from stage. I was a bit concerned at first, but all of it disappeared.

They followed up quickly with “Babez for Breakfast” and I had seriously forgotten what a riot of a live song this actually is – I hope they keep it for some time. “The Riff” was the next song on the list, followed by “Hellbender Turbulence”. And you know… Galway was one thing. Being this close to the stage, and the band, left us being able to even smell the band on stage. Imagine that, huh.


OX’s bassolo came up next – and just as in London I was the one singled out in the crowd again. Really funny though, because I do LOVE his current bassolo. It’s like being at the club. I wish more people would join me dancing.

The solo emerged into “Bite it Like a Bulldog” which is also one hell of a live song. I can’t even begin. Next song on the list is a song, that I mentioned during the European Monstour, being one of my absolute favorites. When Mr Lordi talks about the die-hard fans that wished for this song, he pretty much talks about me. I’m one out of many who consistently would ask for this song over and over again. And finally you know.. And I feel so blessed I’ve gotten to see it live so many times now. I love this song so much. Oh, it’s “Icon of Dominance” by the way.


Afterwards came Mana’s drumsolo, minus the dancing skeletons, and it emerged into “Hug You Hardcore” that is growing on me, soon becoming probably one of my favorite live songs of them. And then… of course.

“It Snows In Hell”. For this time, I had to get down on my knees on the floor and put my head on the stage, next to the monitor in order to do it – because I’ll promise you this – I will ALWAYS find a way to do it. Of course I got my fair treatment – a little bit of water, and a lot of fingering in the face from him. And the whole first part of the verse with him looking dead straight into my eyes. The song emerged into “The Children of The Night” which is also a song I have wanted for so long – this tour has really become THE TOUR.

After “Children of the Night” Hella had her little solo moment that emerged into “Down with the Devil”… This song you know. It’s good already on the album, but again – live song, live song, live song! “Blood Red Sandman” was next on the list, followed by “Hard Rock Hallelujah” before sort of wrapping the set up with “Devil is a Loser”.


Because they were running short, they had crossed “Who’s Your Daddy?” off the list and they went directly to “Would You Love a Monsterman?” before thanking for the night and going off the stage.

After this, we hung around a bit before Mark collected us all for the meet&greet, and we all got into this line where we basically lined up to have a picture taken and then get a signed poster at the merchandise.

Nathan and I decided to take the picture together to speed up time, and as we walked up Mr Lordi instantly started speaking Swedish to me, rambling about most things he could, and Amen started rambling too. It’s good to see them, right? Haha. The phone didn’t cooperate with Mark really, and of course Mr Lordis response to that was “ITS A SWEDISH PHONE THATS WHY”, and as I went to take out the phone out of it’s case, the sexual jokes emerged. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.


When we were about to leave Amen stopped us for a moment to ask us what other shows we were going to. I sort of… It got to me a bit that he asked “What other shows” we were going to, not “Are you going to more shows”. He just assumed, or well, knew, that we would be going to more shows. I just love that. We said good bye to the band and then we went up to get our posters, chatted a bit with Jessica before exiting the venue and talked a bit with our friends that we had made.

Seriously, this was such a great night. Thank you to each and everyone of you involved in this night, I love you all.

// Sara


Out of the Woods

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Sooo…. today was the day. But since our time in Santa Cruz would be so limited, we decided to take some time to wander about in the town to see what we could find, or most importantly, go to to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk which we… didn’t really know about more than that the hotels mentioned being close to it.



So, it’s like an amusement park. That was closed. But we did find the arcade hall as well as the beach, and it was beautiful watching the ocean. But we spent the most time and also money in the arcade hall.


At first we played pirate mini golf, which was insane because it had animatronic effects that we were unaware of and it basically scared us to death a few times. We barely dared to enter the under water part of the course because of this.


After the golf we continued on to burn some money on clawmachines. I’m usually supergood at these, but for some reason this was simply not my day. We also ended up playing some lasertag, some shooting games and pick up some candy before continuing downtown.


So, we found so real cool funky stores downtown, however I did not buy a lot aside from stuff from Forever 21. We actually do NOT carry that in Sweden, I think, so even though it is a big chain, I can at least somewhat justify it. I got a body harness and a couple of choker necklaces, and I found an additional one that I’ll probably be getting when I get back to L. A. because I really wanted to think about it for a little bit.

Afterwards we ended up at a fancy pizza place to have some pasta lunch, for a change, extremely tasty! Really good. We then headed home in the rain, because sadly, it had of course started to rain, and got ourselves ready for the show.


// Sara


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So, finally we got on the bus toward Santa Cruz. We sort of had to take this bus – it saved us a hotelnight and would get us to Santa Cruz in the middle of the day, so it was somewhat perfect. The only downside was the fact that it was two buschanges on this bus, which interrupted the sleep a lot, and to be honest – for the being the first time in America it was a little intimidating.

But everything went fine. The busstations aren’t overly big here as they sometimes are in Sweden, so all the changes went very smoothly, though we didn’t get a lot of sleep.


And then finally, we arrived in Santa Cruz. And it was love at first sight.

Artistic, laid back city with surfers and skateborders around every corner, and not to talk about the streetart! It was beautiful. And very musicfriendly – right next to the venue there were a recordstore and an instrumentshop. How amazing? Speaking of which – seeing the venue, and seeing Lordi’s name on the venue was so unbelievable.


After we arrived we sat down at Five Guys, a restaurant that allows you to customize your own burger essentially, to have some lunch. It was such a relief in a way – to know that we are finally IN Santa Cruz, that we MADE IT, and that we can now take it a bit easy.

Once check in time started, we got to our hotel that appeared not to be too far away from the city centre. And you know… We haven’t at this point seen a bed for 36 hours. For 36 hours, we had been crammed in various planes, cars and buses, sleeping in the weirdest kind of positions. So seeing two queen beds waiting for us was absolutely crazy. We pretty much just spread out on the beds and thanked God for it.


It was a very nice motel though. It’s called the Salt Air Lodge, and our room had two big beds and a nice bathroom. Kinda luxuary, for a change. It’s nice.

After laying down for a while, appreciating the beds we normally take for granted, we got ourselves ready and we headed out to a bar, Blue Lagoon bar to be more exact, to catch the Superbowl. First, we visited the record store of course. Once at the Blue Lagoon we sat down, had some drinks and watched the game. I’m not big on Superbowl, but it was pretty cool to see it in America as it happened.

After the game was over we took a stroll down the town to scout for stores for me the following day and to just check out the town really, at least a little bit of it.

Once back at the hotel, we both started getting ready – having a shower, talking and just chilling before the big day tomorrow.

// Sara