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The Unholy Gathering

Posted in Uncategorized on January 31, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

You know, the beauty with “The Unholy Gathering” is the fact you find yourself always chanting “THE GREEEEAAAAT DEMONARCHY, THE UNHOLY GAAATHERIIIING”. It’s such a perfect live song. And it doesn’t seem to matter what I do at home – if that song comes on, you fucking chant. I’ve even found myself at work starting to chant when I’ve listened to it.

Speaking of Lordi is awesome, because now it’s really only days. Only a couple of days. Days like, in two days I leave for the UK and Powerwolf and Epica. It’s so unreal in a way, but also so fucking cool. And on Saturday I board the plane to the USA. It’s scary, but also exciting. But I’m so glad to have one of the best friends ever, Nathan, by my side thought the entire journey. It will help sooo much, and I’m sure we will have a lot of fun regardless of what happens.

And gladly, I’ve managed to wrap up packing. I think pretty much everything is done now – I have a few things to reconsider, but aside that, all the important stuff is actually packed. And that makes me so happy. So happy that I did for once, make it in time. That for once, I don’t need to stress. So glad.


Today was spent with Adam as he accompanied me to get a new memory card for the new little video camera, as well as a headset to my phone as I cannot prioritize finding my other one. We ended up having dinner out and had a real nice chat. It’s good to catch up.

With that said, I’m now hitting bed. Long day tomorrow!

// Sara

REVIEW: Mors Principium Est – Embers of a Dying World

Posted in CDs, Music, Uncategorized with tags , , , on January 30, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

Finnish melodic death metallers Mors Principium Est are back with the 6th album in their already pretty strong catalouge – having their older albums being praised all over the world and seen to be on the same level as the pioneers in the genre. Since the past album, there has been a line up change – guitarist Kevin deciding to leave the band, entering Andy Gillion who has already been writing some material, and now, after some time, the album is here.

The album opens with a rather dramatic intro – it starts off with a doomsday kind of vibe too it, before pouring into a more dreamy kind of setting. The whole thing is very cinematic, and before you know it it launches you right into the opening track “Reclaim the Sun” which shows off a bit more aggression stylewise than what the intro would perhaps suggest. I find the song being rather pleasant – not supergood, but not bad either. Decent opener! It has some magical arrangements in the middle that I’m pretty much living for. “Masquerade” is the second song of the album, and I fell in love with the rhythm of the verses on an instant. I have a thing for funky rhythms, most specially when added to a metal song.

“Into the Dark” delivers the epicness an album like this needs, with it’s fairly bombastic arrangements, followed by the more melancholic “The Drowning” which I found to be a very very pleasant song actually, growing rather fond of it the more I hear it! “Death is the Beginnig” continues on in the melancholic vibe, being a duet with a unnamed female vocalist. Perhaps some of you will kill me for not recognizing the voice, but I really don’t! I do love the arrangements though.

Another thing that caught my interest a whole lot more with this song in particular is the fact that the heartbroken feelings that the lyrics is writing about, translates extremely well into the music as well. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything like this before, that kind of translation. It’s incredible. Now that is what I call writing with feelings!

We later on get picked up by “The Ghost” which at first starts of pretty nice and sweet, but soon gets more aggressive as the song goes on. “In Torment” is the first of the musclepacks of the album with it’s aggressiveness, and I get impressed by the vocals here. Some of the songs have felt a bit sloppy, as where here he’s really screaming. We get a churchinspired instrumental breakdown in “Agnus Dei” before being launched into the two last songs, as well as two more musclepacks of the album – “The Color of the Cosmos” and “Apprentice of Death”. Nice ending of the album!

So, I think overall it’s a pretty good album, most certainly moving forward – however, it feels a bit flat. While every song has it’s moments, while every song has something, just something that differs them from one another, it still feels bland. Like I’m listening to the same song. I would probably not notice if it wasn’t for the fact I didn’t really listen, you know?

But aside that, it IS a good album – I love all the little accessories and arrangements that has been done, and it is absolutely worth to check out, maybe only for the sake of that.

(Label: AFM Records)

CDON I Amazon I Ginza

// Sara

Need You to Understand

Posted in Uncategorized on January 29, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

Today I’ve been really prepping for the trip. After finally, finding the last missing pieces of my luggage, I have gotten in the mood for packing. I guess that is one of the worst traits that I have when it comes to traveling – I get stopped by something as simple as a piece of clothing or so missing, which puts forward the whole process because I cannot get over that one missing piece. But, it’s found, and now I’m on the road again, so to speak! For the first time in my life I’m really using travel size. Previously, I’ve been very judgemental toward myself and how much I use of stuff, and always been worried I’ll run out. But now I’ve really tested how long it lasts, and it’s way longer than I’ll be gone, so it’s good!


It’s going to be a hectic last week before departure, with a lot of workinterviews as well as work, and trying to pull it all together. I told myself I had to do a lot of things before this trip, naturally, as per usual, I have done none. I hope I can pick myself up starting tomorrow, to at least you know, get the Go-Pro running.

With that said, I’m now going to bed actually. Short entry I know, and sadly I think that is what you will have to expect from me these couple of days.

// Sara

REVIEW: Vanishing Point – Tangled in a Dream (Re-release)

Posted in CDs, Music, Uncategorized with tags , , , on January 28, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

Yet another re-release are seeing the light from AFM Records, and this time it’s Vanishing Point, the Australian progressive metal band. This album went out of press many, many years ago and isn’t available on any digital streaming services – making this a way to re-discover the band, and yours truly is one of them. So, despite of this being a re-release, I’ll treat it as a normal album.

The album opens with a pretty epic intro and opening song – very cinematic, lures you in only to leave the listeners a little… well, I don’t know how to say this in a not too harsh way – but I wasn’t too impressed with the first couple of songs. I literally dozed off a bit at the start, even though it did get interesting at certain parts, it never got to me, but gladly – the album picked up it’s pace starting with the fifth song on the album “Never Walk Away” which is a bit of a heavier than the others.

But, I’m not entirely convinced until “Two Minds One Soul”. Good works with keyboard accessories combined with dance-able melodies makes this my favorite track of the album all in all. The now aquired heaviness continues in “When I awake” before launching us into a very beautiful ballad – “Dancing with the Devil”. The album is wrapped up in a very dreamy and trippy good night lullaby in “Tangled in a Dream”.

It’s an okay album, if you ask me. It could be a lot better – could also be a lot worse, I reckon. I’m not to big of a fan, but on the same time it is good to have this little gem in my collection, after all.

This edition comes with 10 bonus track – A “Samsara II” which in my opinion is a lot better than the first, despite being a re-recording. It features two coversongs by Journey and Pink Floyd, two Japanese edition bonus tracks and five live versions of their songs, making the edition, aside the material, a bit interesting.

(Label: AFM Records)

CDON I Ginza

// Sara

Home of the Brave

Posted in Uncategorized on January 27, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

I cannot believe, that in one week from now, I’ll be seeing the mighty wolves in the UK. That in a little more than a week from now, I’ll be boarding a plane from Copenhagen to Los Angeles. That I’ll put my foot in Trumpland, for whatever now that may be. And then it’s just straight back to tourlife. We’re getting on a bus to Santa Cruz pretty instantly after landing, an 11 hour busride, but hey, that is sort of how we roll, you know?

But I’m positive. I’m excited. I think it will be all good, especially once it all starts, once we’re there, checked in and everything, it will be amazing, I am sure.

Today is a chill day. I had my last shift in the stable for now, which is bittersweet, but also good for now. I treated myself a long bath together with Savatage’s “Edge of Thorns” (what else?) and now I’m just enjoying Toto on the vinyl and sitting here writing this for all of you to read. Tomorrow will be a more intense day, I’m sure.

// Sara

All I Bleed

Posted in Uncategorized on January 26, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

Today has been hectic. I think I have though, managed to get more done today than I have this week. I’ve booked my third job interview for next week – You know I rarely speak of these things, but, it’s exciting to think about. I have some job to do next week as well, so I will be really FILLED UP right before going to the States.

While I do have some concerns about going, I’m very excited and happy that it’s finally happening. Like, after all this time (not so long, after all) it’s actually happening. I will be at that very venue. I will see the band, I’ll be there with my partner in crime Nathan, and we will have such a blast I am sure.

With that small update, I sadly have to leave you because I am about to fall dead tired down and I need to catch a pokéstop (streaks!) before going to bed to prepare for tomorrows work.

// Sara

I Don’t Mind if You Die

Posted in Uncategorized on January 25, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

Today I bought the final piece for the trip – the last concertticket. It’s all very unreal. Very unreal that I’ll be seeing my favorite band, on the most historical of venues through all times. It’s going to be beyond epic, that is the least I can tell you about this trip. And it’s about a week until I actually embark on this little mini tour. Which is also, very unreal if you ask me.

But with that being said, it doesn’t mean I do not have work to do. Oh no, on the contrary, I have a lot to do as it seems. I still haven’t wrapped up packing, but it’s coming to an end. Gladly, all that is left to pack are small things, things that won’t be the end of the world if I forget. Well, at least that is what I try to tell myself!

I’m sorry for the sort of uninspiring kind of updates right now, it’s sort of what happens when these things come along. Oh well, it’ll be better I promise!

// Sara

The Sims Tuesday | Aria Progress

Posted in The Sims, Uncategorized with tags , , , on January 24, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

So, since I last wrote about Aria a LOT has happened. She’s been promoted a couple of times – she’s currently in the level of “Pioneer within New Technics”. I’m going to admit right away – I play this game in Swedish so I’m not too sure about the english titles of the job.

I was surprised to see how highly level-wise she actually is in the profession, seeing she hasn’t visited Sixam yet. I think I recall Anna doing it fairly early. I guess we’ll see what happens! I’m just somewhat happy that the career is over. It’s a fun career, but it’s getting tedious.


I’ve started to work more on her personal life as well. Her boyfriend comes over nearly every weekend now, mostly to do some yoga, but they get some time together. I really need to care more for the relationship of her, especially since she’s doing the popularity ambition as we speak.

The weekends she doesn’t spend with her boyfriend, she spends in Granite Falls, taking a serious note at her Herbalism skill. She only skills, so far, she has yet to complete is Herbalism and Photography, and the latter one I’ll work on slowly because of how… boring it is to complete.


I love being in Granite Falls though. Maybe it simply is because it’s something new, I don’t know, but I just love it. And even more so that her best friend is a bear. For better and for worse, I guess.


// Sara


Music Monday I Vixen

Posted in CDs, Music, Uncategorized with tags on January 23, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

I’ve had a great AOR kick lately. I think this might be something that Art Nation brought with the territory, but I’ve found myself listen to barely anything but AOR these past couple of weeks, and I got this serious craze with Vixen for the past week. Out of nowhere I just dashed for the albums I own and crank them loud.

Or, to be more specific, the selftitled release, for now.

I’m pretty sure I’ve written about this album before, but it’s just because it’s so darn good! Starting off with their big hit “Edge of a Broken Heart” the albums just keeps on delivering good tunes, solid playing and just amazing melodies to either sing your heart out to, dance the night away or just indulge in. Sure, it doesn’t exactly outdo it’s succedor “Rev it Up” which is a close to flawless album, but it still got some really good gems – like the more… edgy? “I Want You to Rock Me” or the sweet “Cryin'”.

And not to mention, probably my favorite part about Vixen – Janet’s voice. Janet’s raspy, sexy but yet feminine voice that turns on that extra edge on the tunes, giving them some, excuse my choice of words “balls” to the music, outdoing a lot of other bands of their era.

Putting on this album sends me back many years in my life, but to good years. Good times, happy times. What I don’t exactly understand is why I abandoned this music in the first place, but it’s coming back very fast. It’s good to be back.


// Sara


REVIEW: Borealis – World of Silence MMXVII

Posted in CDs, Music, Uncategorized with tags , , , on January 22, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

In 2008, a Canadian prog-powermetal band called Borealis self-released their debut album “World of Silence”. Nine years later, on a real label, they have decided to re-release the album that started it all. But, to make it even better, they also re-recorded it, to show off the growth of them as a band, as well as individuals.

So, to make a quick summary of the album as an album, I think it’s a decent album. On the one hand, it is very well written and arranged – it has good melody build-ups, I love all the accessories and string parties that they have applied on the appropriate parts to lift a song or a section to the top. The solos are very technical, showing a lot of skill, but at times they don’t blend too well with the songs, leaving it a bit un-personal for my taste. But, for a debut album it is really good. While I found “Purgatory” to be more bland, this is a stronger album, for sure.

So, how does the re-recorded sound? Well, the material is obviously the same, but it’s elevated! It’s more technical, it’s an overall better production, but what caught my eye the most was the improved vocals. It was better sung, better planned – over all a better performance than previously. And of course, the production over all is much better – which is to be expected from a growing band.

The song that caught my heart the most was “Eyes of a Dream”. It’s been lifted to new heights, and I’m enjoying it more than ever.

With all of this being said, it’s a good release and something you should get your hands on if you are into this kind of music. And mostly, I’m looking forward to their new album, to see what they can do.

(Label: AFM Records)

CDON I Amazon I Ginza

// Sara