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VIP in Hell

Posted in Travels, Uncategorized on November 8, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

Today started fairly early for all of us, as we had decided to head for an early viewing of the Guinness museum. We decided to walk, as it was only about 20 minutes away, but I’m going to admit it wasn’t exactly the most pleasant walk we’ve ever had, as the bad weather had just hit Ireland, at least since we arrived.

We finally arrived at the storehouse, and it was pretty cool! As you guys might now, I’m not much of a drinker, but it was very very interesting to see how they make this famous brew. We got to witness Nathan pour his own pint of Guinness, and my favorite part was the advertise part where they had a singing oyster and a fish on a bicycle. It absolutely made my day. We made our way up to the Gravity bar, and the view over the town was absolutely mesmerizing!

barrels   fishridingbike nathanpourindpint shitelingclam view

After this, we headed down to Arthurs Pub close by for some delicious lunch with nice catching up and shelter from the rain. Straight after, we headed toward Dublinia, the viking and medieval museum, which was VERY, VERY interesting and fun. It was an interactive kind of exhibition where you got to parttake a bit, and I just love those. It gets more interesting.


After Dublinia we headed straight home through the pouring rain, warming and drying up a bit at the hotel before heading down to the VAT house Pub for a last drink before our last day here in Dublin. It was a nice evening with the same musician as last night, remembering about the great times and of course, a lot of excitement for tomorrows show.


// Sara

Sound of Silence

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Today has been a bit of an eventful day. We started our day with what was supposed to be a “continental breakfast” but turned out to have nothing but cereal and bread. After breakfast we went off to the Leprechaun musem, and stopped in some of the stores on the way. As we got to the museum, we learned we would get on the 1’o clock tour, so in the meantime, we went off to check out the Saint Michan Church.


It’s a beautiful building, but also very very old. It was built already in 1095, so imagine. After this, back to the museum we went and got to discover the world and tale of the Leprechaun. It was a very interesting to learn the real tale about it, and not just the glorified version of it. The funniest room were the room of the Giants, where we actually got to feel like Leprechauns.


Funnily enough, we met a Swedish guy at the exhibit who had been at Sweden Rock, who so happened to think Lordi was the best show. What are the odds!


After this, we went to have some lunch at T. P. Smiths bar, and it was heavenly! All the food we’ve been eating here so far has been nothing but delicious. Once done, we headed towards some smaller monuments, like the Garden of Remembrance, before we headed off toward the Museum of Wax.

That, my friends was an experience of it’s own. We got to learn a lot about Irish history, and also get scared to death in the Horror Chamber. To be honest, we didn’t actually dare to go all the way into Dracula in case he’d sit up for something.  But we really, really enjoyed it.


After this, we headed home at to the hotel, waited for Sophie to come back and to go and have some dinner. Nathan decided to sit out on this one, and after a long looking around we decided on a pub and it was the best choice ever. Not only was it cheap in comparison to dishes, it was the coziest place, and they had live musician there, which, I guess, most pubs DO have, but what I liked about this one is that he talked to all of us, interacted, entertained, made jokes about where we were from. The dinner became very very pleasant because of him.


Back in the hotelroom we’ve been catching up, talking, planning and enjoying the fact that we are living on the pubstreet and have constant Irish folkmusic 24/7 right outside our window. It’s so fantastic and cozy. Tomorrow, it’s the Guinness musem.

// Sara