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Glory and The Scum

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So! First thing in the morning after getting up and slowly eating one slice of bread was to calculate costs. Yaaay, right? Not really. Or well, it’s fun in one way, but it also gives one a headache sometime putting it all together. But I also reckon that, the more often I do it, perhaps once a day, the better it is for me later on when trying to put all costs together.

Once done, Florian very fittingly wrote to me and said he was outside Elysée Montmarte, so I jumped down to keep him some company in the wait for Laura, whom arrived shortly thereafter. We made our way to McDonalds where we had some late breakfast or early lunch before going back to the venue and there, we parted ways. I myself, headed off to the Eiffel Tower which would be today’s first stop.


Funnily enough, on my way there, which included a trainchange, I wound up at the Arc de Triomph, so I figured, why not? It was actually my second destination so.


It’s seriously so stunning up close. Last time I saw it, was from a bus and we circulated twice. And this was 11 years ago, so. After a quick look at the maps, I realized the Eiffel Tower was a mere 30 minute walk from the bow, so I decided to walk and discover the neighbourhood a bit.

It’s so interesting in a way, how different French architecture and standards are compared to Swedish. The buildings are really romantic and more… I don’t know how to even explain it in English, but there’s something extraordinary beautiful about it. After a while though, I reached the majestic Eiffeltower.


It’s a very very grand building in all it’s might and it… All of the things I’ve been seeing here in Paris is just hard to grasp. You have heard about them, and seen them on pictures, but when you stand there, right in front of them, it’s hard to grasp they are really THERE.

I headed back toward Notre Dame shortly after to pick up a small medalion, but also to catch Notre Dame in the dark and you know, it was the most dreamlike moment.


As I approached the Cathedral, the bells started ringing. I had goosebumps all over, and my mind went completely blank. It just threw me all the way back into 1482, right into Victor Hugo’s novel. And once inside again, I wound up in a mass. It was just… I can’t really explain the feeling to you, but it was an extraordinary and divine situation to be in.


Right after, I headed off toward the Palace of Justice, Frollo’s home in the Disney adaption, and seriously, when I saw the building, recognizing it instantly from the movie. All these places, once seen in a cartoon movie are all of a sudden real. Very, very real. Sadly, I didn’t catch any good pictures of it.

After this, I headed straight home, and as I write this, I’m just about to leave for Delain, who are playing across the street from where my hotel is. See you later!

// Sara



Delain @ Elyseé Montmarte, Paris, France 4/11 – 16

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So! It was time. With a lot of delays, I didn’t find myself at the venue until a little after doors opened, which I felt a little bad about to be honest, as Laura and Florian had set up for someone to watch my spot, but, what can you do?

When I got to the venue, or well, you know, it was across the street from my hotel, the line went on pretty fast, and right as I got in, Kobra and the Lotus started.

Kobra & the Lotus

I saw Kobra earlier this year, but with Kamelot, and I adored her already when I saw her, so getting to see her with her own band was something I really looked forward to. And wow! What a show! The energy! It was a very short set, but it was very very good. Enjoyed it SOO much. I’m falling for this band.


After a very, VERY short wait, Evergrey started.


Gothenburg based band Evergrey stood for the next show of the evening, and they delivered a really good set! I enjoyed it from start to finish, well, except the stop in the middle when the firealarm went off, and we had to be waiting for a while. But aside that, good, good show!


At this point, or during the fire alarm thing, I had managed to make my to the front to Laura, and thanks to this amazing girl who let me in front of her, seriously, thank you sooo much! And shortly thereafter, Delain started. I love the fact that they simply start as soon as it’s all done instead of having the diva minutes.


The intro, “The Monarch” started and to the rhythm of the drummer they sent up the backdrop, the rest of the band joined and they kicked off with “Hands of Gold”. The response from the audience was amazing, and they followed up quickly with “Suckerpunch” before they continued on with one of my personal favorites – “Glory and the Scum”. Seriously, I just love this song so much.

“Get the Devil Out of Me” was next on the list, followed by “Pendulum”, and you know. This is my song you know. Heavy fucking headbang friendly song, also one of my favorites off “Moonbathers”. I feel like I might repeat this very sentence a lot during the night, we’ll see. The band was on fire! “Army of Dolls” were next, followed by the very, very beautiful “The Hurricane” which is you know. This song… I can’t really begin to talk about how much I love this song, how much I relate to it, and it was extremely special to watch Charlotte perform this song, to watch her put all of her emotion into it… Simply beautiful.

This was followed by “April Rain” before the band left the stage for a short moment, turning all the lights red and my personal favorite off “The Human Contradiction” – “Here Come The Vultures” started. Oh my god, I do not have enough words for how much I love this song.


This song, was followed by another song I love – “Fire with Fire”. It’s like they managed to pick out exactly my favorites to play for the night. “The Gathering” from “Lucidity”, which celebrates ten years since the release this year, was next and holy hell! The audience! What a response! And what a rush the song was.

They wrapped the set up with “Pristine” before they left the stage, only to return and started off the encores with “Mother Machine”, followed by “Don’t let Go” and finally, “We are the Others”. The band thanked for the night and left the stage.

Seriously, this show was soo good. This band is one of those bands who are really interactive with the crowd, and just radiates that energy and translate it onto the crowd. It was an amazing show, and also, I’m in love with Charlotte’s dress. I could barely take my eyes off it! So beautiful.

After the show, we had a quick gathering and then I went off to the merch to pick up on Kobra’s album and take the moment to thank Kobra for the show, and also for her amazing performance with Kamelot at Skogsröjet earlier this year.


After that, I mostly sat around on a couch until a girl sat down next to me, and I started talking to her… only to realize she’s Swedish! HOW BIG ARE THE ODDS? Apparently big enough! So we sat around and chatted until we got evicted from the venue, and the party moved outside.

I met up again with Laura, Cyril and the others, and we hung around talking for a long while, before it was time to say good night and walk our separate ways.

This has been an AWESOME night, it was soooo good to see Delain again, and mostly, to meet all my wonderful friends again. I love you all!

// Sara