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None For One

Posted in Uncategorized on October 31, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

Now it’s starts kicking in. It starts a little slowly with you sitting there, despite packing very very little, feeling like you should throw out everything because at this moment you don’t exactly feel that you will actually bother to use any of it, and then you start think even more. About landing in a new country and a new city all alone in the evening, on your own trying to get to your destination.

And the feeling of hopelessness. I gaze out the window at the rainy evening, or well, more like night now, and for a split moment I see the streets of Paris in front of my eyes, weather consistent and I lose my faith and the head is spinning, thoughts are telling me “no, no, no I don’t want to”. The feeling of not wanting to go, the hopeless feeling of losing your spirit over small stupid things, like the make up brush that has been missing since Powerwolf, or that the body I found on H&M’s website was not in stores, being bothered by the smell of the nail polish remover…

This, my friends, are the very essence of what I call “travelfever”. Of when you start getting nauseous before a trip, a lot of fear mixed up with excitement, the fear taking the lead in these days before. For once, I’m actually packed already – there’s a few small things that I forgot to pack that I’ll add tomorrow, but aside that I’m actually good to go, two days ahead of travel. It’s a new record for me, and feeling the travel fever kicking in I couldn’t be happier over that it’s already done.



I do, however, get very warm and fuzzy when I think about that I’ll soon be on the green island together with the best friends I have, and indulge in 110% Lorditime, and Lorditime is bliss. There’s something quite extraordinary about when we come together, a group of Lordi fans that at one point were simply usernames on a messageboard and now we are on holiday together in Ireland. I can’t wait for this.

// Sara

Break of Dawn

Posted in Uncategorized on October 30, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

I can’t believe it’s only three days until departure. Until it’s time to go on one of those little longer tours, going through two countries and at least seven shows. I’m saying seven because I haven’t made up my mind yet about the 8th. Good on me, right? And thinking about that, I haven’t booked my bus home from Stockholm yet either… Silly me.

So today has been mostly about laundry and packing. I’m glad that I for once get these things done now, at a reasonable time rather than sitting there on Tuesday night freaking out about it. Hopefully I can close the suitcase “for good” either tomorrow or on Tuesday already, and just move on with my life, essentially.

Something I am absolutely obsessed with as far as packing goes, is getting everything into convenient bags. On the one side, it’s for organization reasons – makes it easier to find things in the suitcase, and you know you have everything on the spot, but also for convenience once you are there, especially when it comes to my make up and face/body hygiene bags.


The good thing about these two is the hook attached to them. So basically, whenever you arrive at your destination you simply open them and hang them and that’s the end of it. No need to unpack or move around, just simply hang it up. I have an additional bag for hairproducts.

Secondly, what I call my “airport bag”.


So this is a little bag I got in Australia, if it wasn’t obvious, and I call it my airport bag, or purse if you like. In this I keep everything necessary for the flight – my passport, iPods, phones, charger, and boarding pass. Basically, all the essentials for travel that I want to have easy at hands at all times, without having to shuffle with your carry on piece.

And lastly, my lovely cable bag.


I didn’t have too high expectations on this one after reading the reviews which said that the “pockets” were too small, and while I can agree – some of the pockets are really small, it works fine for me. I can fit everything I need for a trip like this in it – including the computer chord which goes in the second part of the bag, so I have no complaints. And seriously – I used this for the first time on the Powerwolf tour, and do you understand what a special kind of heaven it was to NOT find all of my cables in a big pile of mess in the backpack? That I just simply took this out and all the cables were neatly organized? HEAVEN I SAY.

So, these are some of my small travelessentials, who knows, maybe one or two of you found it somewhat useful. The cable bag I picked up on Wish, the others I found randomly in random stores a little here and there, so keep your eyes open in the beauty sections, and you might find one!

// Sara


Amaranthe – Maximalism

Posted in CDs, Music, Uncategorized on October 29, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

“Maximalism” is said to be Amaranthe’s manifesto to the world, clamining their spot as one of the more promising bands within the genre, and with “Maximalism” they decided to maximize everything on the album, to stretch it as far as possible.

The album starts off very promisingly with the single “Maximize” which is very similar to everything Amaranthe has done before, even the construction of the song is very similar to two previous openers, yet, maximized, and the album closes with the epic, majestetic and Disney-like “Endlessly”, where we really get to hear Elize work her vocals in the best ways possible. In between the two however, it’s very up and down.

And lyrics. This is something, I haven’t really known how to adress, but I’m used to Amaranthe having a bit more “clever” lyrics, almost a little in the vein of Epica rather than anything else, but several of the songs on this album has lyrics resembling what you hear on the radio or in the club, rather than what you are used to. I guess it all gets a bit stronger when Elize also bends her voice in a more Rihanna-esque kind of way. There are exceptions, of course. BUT, it is interesting to see how much she can do. From Rihanna to “usual” voice to opera. Sweet.

The material over all, is very Amaranthe-ish, like we have known them for ages. However, there’s a couple of songs that sticks in my eyes – “That Song”, and also “Limitless”. These are the songs that got either little to no metal elements in their songs. Without actually being a ballad or something else. And this… I don’t know. I love them for trying out things, and changing things up, and, well, maximizing, but for me, this just became oddities sticking out, in a bad way, on a fairly solid album, despite sounding very overproduced at times with a lot of unnecessary effects that don’t really do a lot for the songs.

However, these songs are weighed up by songs as “Faster” and “Fury”. And let’s talk about “Fury” a little bit.

When I heard this song as the single, I just loved it right away. It’s absolutely amazing, Henriks vocal work is beyond me. I seriously have this song on repeat. BUT, since it’s growling vocals, I have had it a little tricky to hear the lyrics properly, but I did notice the Yngwie Malmsteen reference, and upon examining the lyrics a little more, I found myself laughing for a good amount of time and found myself loving this song even more than I already did. Seriously. I… I can’t even. This is the song that saves the album for me.

Another song I want to lift forward is “Supersonic”. This song is, the humor aside in “Fury”, probably the most interesting song on the album. First and foremost, this song is really an elevated version of themselves, as well as being a bit of an anthem for themselves, with lyrics expressing that this is simply who they are. I love how they play around and Elize just going completely off with a little opera part, for me giving a bit of a feeling that they’ll simply do whatever they want.

So, I guess it’s safe to say that I didn’t exactly love this album right away. It’s a bit tricky though, it all depends on what song I’m listening to. Right now, “Endlessly” is being played, and I just love everything. But as soon as “Boomerang” comes on I just want to shut everything off. So, the good songs are very good, while the “bad” ones I just want to get away. I enjoy about half of the songs, and this is after giving the album quite a few chances. I love “MASSIVE ADDICTIVE” so much, and was probably expecting something a lot more in the vein of that one, and this is why I’m left a bit.. meh about it. I’m just gonna go back to “Fury” now.


// Sara


Sally Face

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on October 28, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

So, Christmas continues around here, and today my disposable cameras for the tour has arrived! I really hope I get the result I’m seeking with these cameras, but at least it’s worth the shot you know! I can’t believe I’m leaving on Wednesday, that the tour has actually arrived!

But, let’s ignore that for a moment. Let me talk to you about something else.

When I was at Kyo’s the other weekend for our The Sims weekend, we watch a gameplay by Jacksepticeye where he played an episodic click to point game called “Sally Face”. It’s basically about Sal, a boy with a dark past and a prosthetic face that moves into a building where something terrible has happened, and it all evolves in the game. The first episode ended with the worst of cliffhanger, and we found out that you can indiegogo fund the developer so he can finish the series.

I would really personally want to finish this game, so I decided to pledge 25 dollars to the developer in hopes of getting it done, AND NOW I’m asking you people are attending my little space on the internet to also go in and pledge, even if you aren’t interested in the game, do it for the sake of letting one man finish his project. You can donate as little as five dollars, or perhaps even less for all I know, so in in in! Click >HERE< to get to the Indiegogo page!

// Sara


Posted in Uncategorized on October 27, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

Well, I guess that is literally what you could say about today’s arrivals. It’s funny, because I was literally, just an hour earlier, complaining to my mother about one of the things, that it hadn’t arrived yet, but finally it came! So what was in my million arrivals?

First and foremost, “Insurgent”. I have technically not even begun “Divergent” just yet, but I also know that once I start I’ll be hooked. Not only because of it being (potentially) good, but because of the fact that I always want to finish a book. And with that said, I want to have the follow up close to hand, so now I’ll have both “Divergent” and “Insurgent” with me on the trip, and saving “Allegiant” for later. I doubt that I’ll need to bring that one as well. Or perhaps I should? I’m thinking about my five hour hole in Oslo… my late nights in Paris… My flights all over… Perhaps I should bring “Allegiant” as well. In all honesty, the book I really wanted is “The Last Star”, but since I read “The Fifth Wave” and “The Infinite Sea” in Swedish, I’d prefer to read “The Last Star” in Swedish as well, so I don’t end up confused but GUESS WHAT. It’s not translated yet. Fuck my life, huh?


Second package contained some travelnecessities – a soap container to keep my soap in (I use hard soap, in case you didn’t know) and also a small travel mirror. I have a few of those lying around, but I always lose them. This one I thought I could put permanently in my red backpack.


And lastly, an album I have been awaiting for, well, what feels like, a long time. Sweet Creature’s “The Devil Knows My Name”


It was a little while ago I pledge for this album, or contributed on Indiegogo, I really don’t remember wherefrom. However, this is the new / side project of Martin Sweet, current bassplayer of Sister and also the guitarist in Crashdiet. So, trust me when I saw that I have really looked forward to hear this, especially with Crashdiet being on a break or so for now.

// Sara

Joanne – Lady Gaga

Posted in CDs, Music, Uncategorized with tags , on October 26, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

So. Like I’ve said sooo many times. The thought of Lady Gaga putting out a fifth album sort of didn’t exist for me. She went completely off the radar, especially with those acting gigs of her, and just general silence. So, when “Perfect Illusion” dropped I guess pretty much every little monster of the world simply lost their shit. And now, a few weeks later, I finally hold “Joanne” in my hand.

I am not sure how many songs Lady G actually dropped before releasing the album, but the only two I listened to myself was “Perfect Illusion” and “Million Reasons” which seemed promising. But, how was actually the album?

Well… different. I’ll start off there. As someone who’s very used to pretty much every album Lady Gaga ever made before this, I was quite shocked to hear how toned down this album was. The only song that is really OUT there, is “Perfect Illusion”, the rest is very toned down, with a lot of focus on her voice rather than overproduction. When I listen to this album, it feels like I’m in some countryside little village listening to my aunt or sister singing some melodies about life, and I’m guessing it’s the fact it’s so voice-oriented and acoustic that gives this feeling.

There are however, a few exceptions, such as “Diamond Heart”, “John Wayne” and my personal favorite on this album, “Dancing in Circles” which is more of a funky kind of song, with very typical Gaga lyrics, and it reminds me of when I was in Australia and would come across these salsa dance off’s or what it was they had in Brisbane centrum, and well, fittingly, the song makes me wanna dance around in circles.

I must admit, that I’m not sure what I feel about this album. I’ve given it a few listens, or actually, many listens, in order to make it grow on me, but I just can’t find it. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s so different from what I expected it to be, which is I guess my own fault. What I find extremely intriguing though, is the resemblances from the title track “Joanne” compared to Battle Beast’s “Unholy Savior”, in the verses. I caught myself wanting to sing the Battle Beast lyrics to the songs.

Okay. This is getting a bit messy, because, well, I can’t sort out my feelings. It’s good, for what it is, but it’s not really what I expected. But as far as songwriting goes, this was an excellent piece.


// Sara



Posted in Uncategorized on October 25, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

Jesus, I haven’t been able to stop listen to this song since the album came out. Some day, I’ll sit down and properly listen through and review this album, but for now I’ll let songs like “Maximize” and “Fury” fuel my fire these last days before embarking on my big tour. Or, well, big and big, but it’s really… maximized, if you like. Many bands and shows squeezed in on two weeks together with some sightseeing in Ireland. We have sooo many things planned, it’s not even funny.

So, today, I have been running errands. The first set of them, actually. Today I focused on things I knew right away I needed – new face wash as I’m running out, travel sizes and refillments for body washes as well as new dryshampoo – all in travel size. I have this sweet little lepard bag that I showed you, and I want everything to fit in there.

What I also got today, is a new calendar. It’s that time of the year now, and it is yes still a bit early to get one, but tours for next year are already starting to plan out, and most importantly, we are going to plan the BIG tour, and a new calendar will be necessary.


Filling out all the tourdates gave me this fuzzy feeling. The fuzzy feeling of happiness as I watch all my months being filled with amazing things to look forward to.


// Sara


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So, starting off this day pretty bad at work, I was greeted by basic christmas as soon as I came home. Not one, but TWO new albums were waiting for me upon arrival. Seriously, this time is just amazing, as I know I have more albums incoming as well, and just one week til Paris. But enough talk about that – what was in the packages then?

Well first one, was a bit of a surprise.


Tore and the No Smokers album “Rökning Dödar” (“Smoking Kills”). I won this album in a contest on Facebook, and sure, I knew I won the contest but I wasn’t really aware on what album I was about to get. This was really exciting though, I can’t wait to dig into it.

Second one, was not as much of a surprise. You got it.


Amaranthe’s long awaited album “Maximalism”. Finally is it here! I got the signed version as well, so accompanying this CD was an autographed card. God, I have waited for this album so long, and I’m actually listening to it right now as I’m writing this. I’ll give you my thoughts of this album in a few days, don’t worry!

So, I guess you could call it a small Christmas here at home with all these albums arriving. But I love it. New CD’s is like a drug to me – to hold a brand new case, smelling the plastic and knowing you have a load of brand new music on there, about to be listened to… It can’t be better than that.

// Sara


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So, picking up from where I left it yesterday, I made sure to save after every single little sugarskull I found. Maybe it was simply me being impatient, but it felt as if it took longer time to collect them now. Perhaps I had just lost the spirit after the game dying on me.

The funniest part was that I was lurking around, and needing just one more sugarskull, when I saw this girl who for some reason hates my sim passing by. I figure she won’t give me a sugarskull, but I ran after her and pleaded to myself that “Please, I know you hate me but..” and then BIG GOLD SKULL appeared, and I had collected all nine! Thank you Elin! Thank you for, despite hating me, giving me the skull needed!

2016-10-23_16-31-40 2016-10-23_17-24-21

So, finally I could celebrate the Dia de los Muertos. Not a lot happened, in all honesty, or well, at least not for that little time I got to do it as I was about to head home, but it was nice to finish the challenge!

2016-10-23_17-27-05 2016-10-23_17-28-05

Aside that, I think she gained one level on her career, and finished some ambitions things. In all honesty, I stopped paying attention to everything else in Aria’s life when this challenge started.

// Sara

Dia De Los Muertos

Posted in The Sims, Uncategorized on October 22, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

Suffering from the worst possible of Post Concert Depression, I went off to Kyo’s for a long awaited gaming weekend. Or actually, it wasn’t that long awaited – we planned it pretty recently in order to play through the Day of the Dead challenge the The Sims 4 team has put together.

We started the evening off with pizza for dinner and catching up talking about what happened recently. And then… off with the game!

I was a little unsure on how to actually do this, but I called down Jasmine Holiday and she informed me about the challenge, and then… It was just to give it a go. I traveled across the neighbourhood in hopes to find sugarskull people, but it was harder than I thought. And not only that, but you actually had to maintain a bit of friendship with the people having the skulls.

And the next problem for me was that, either there comes none, or there comes like five. I started up a system where I’d look in my phonebook and invite all the sugarskulls out for a date, and at one point it looked like a reality show.


And then, it turns out you might end up being given the same skulls over and over again. So it was a lot harder than it seemed. But finally – oh finally, did I get all nine, it was on that group gettogether… and I was gonna go down in my spa-basement to put the new ones in the shelf….

When the game crashed.

No progress saved whatsoever. 

I felt like crying. Because truth to be told, Aria had also had a promotion and a few other things going, making me lose a lot of progress. It was about that time when I decided to call it a night.


// Sara