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Sabaton Open Air – Day 2: Saturday 20/8 2016 pt.2

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So. The wait begun. It was six very very excited and happy Monstermaniacs that eagerly awaited Lordi. It’s always so weird for me to see their backdrop, to see their crew and everything appear in Sweden. I’ve gotten so used to see them overseas that the mere thought of them being at home is just so strange. I can’t quite grasp it. And this was the first time Jonathan would ever see them, and it was great to get to enjoy it together with Martine as well… It was just.. perfect.


And even more perfect did it become when “Estimated Time of Arrival” started.

I swear to God, the guards looked very suspiciously at us when they saw me and Michelle lip synching the entire thing, but you know… heard it so many times now. They got on the stage, and set off with “Nailed By the Hammer of Frankenstein”.

They quickly followed up with “Bringing Back The Balls to Rock” and then “Get Heavy”, which was a supernice surprise! Ever since I heard it again at Tuska I’ve been asking like literally every Lordi fan where the hell that song was, because it’s absolutely killer! “This is Heavy Metal” – With the heavy metal dude – and “The Riff” where the next songs on the list, I am not a hundred percent sure about the exact order as I didn’t write down all the songs, but.

And then. Somewhere around this part of the setlist, one of the major surprises for me came: “Scare Force One”. As you all know – this is my absolute favorite song on that album, like it’s not even fun how much I love that song, and to hear it again… It’s like, Lordi did everything right with this era for me. They brought back “Deadache” for the regular tour, and they played “My Heaven is Your Hell” on Sweden Rock and now “Scare Force” was back. It was so amazing. And most amazingly of all was acting out the song together with my original GroupieBFF Martine. Seriously.

Then of course, the highlight of the night “It Snows in Hell”, and according to Jonathan, the guards had looked so confused at us. That they weren’t sure what they were supposed to do. And for the first time forever, Mr Lordi even turned his own head upside down to us. Speaking of that. The band interacted so much with us. It was almost like the six of us where the only fans that existed for them. It was.. a nice feeling, but also odd. I’ve never seen them so on their game before as today. It was nice to see.

“Devil is a Loser” was next, followed by “Hard Rock Halleujah”… and then.. exit and Mr Lordi came back, asking us if we wanted more. And that’s when we did it. What we’d waited for to do. He asked us if we wanted more and we said…


Mr Lordi looked so confused at us, going “What…?” and we started yelling “HUG YOU HARDCORE, HUG YOU HARDCORE!!!”

And he just shook his head, “no no no” and we yelled back, “OH COME ON!!! COME ON!!! PLEASE!!!” and he just said “No, that is not going to happen” and we gave up. It was worth a shot, and we have also now finally managed to completely freeze Mr L on stage. Fantastic.


The encores were the usual ones – “Who’s Your Daddy” and “Would you Love a Monsterman?” And then they left the stage. Jonathan actually got Mr Lordis towel!

It was an amazing set. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this set felt. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Lordi so on top of their game as I did today. Thank you so much for a mindblowing show guys!

Right after this show, we wrapped Jonathan in the Swedish flag and sent him off to his meet & greet while we headed off towards Sabaton.


The runtimes on the running schedule were a little confusing, as it never mentioned if it was any breaks between the bands, but clearly it was. We got ourselves some good spots in the back, and I must admit, because of the break, I started to question myself if perhaps we should have gone to the meet&greet as well, and I wasn’t sure what to make of it.

Then, “In The Army Now” started, and I started to get excited, feel my adrenaline pump… intro started… “Hello FALUN! We are SABATON, (…) and this is GHOST DIVISION!” and off we go… but it wasn’t until after this, when Jocke says “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME CAROLUS REX” where I knew that no. I was exactly where I was supposed to be. “Carolus Rex” is honestly one of my jams. “Carolus” and “The Art of War”. Those are simply my jams.

“Ballad of Bannockburn” was third song, and as Jonathan hadn’t gotten back from the meet&greet yet, I decided to record it for him since it’s his favorite, but just then he came back, so all good! And then.. jumpfest deluxe: “Swedish Pagans”. Seriously, I had a little circle around me, because no one wanted to stand close to me. Probably because I’m jumping back and forth, side to side and my hair has quite a radius when headbanging.

Then, “The Diary of an Unknown Soldier” started and I just stopped breathing. Like I already told you, when these orchestral kind of arrangements starts… I just stop for some reason. This was of course followed up by “The Lost Battalion”, and god I just love that song. “Soldier of Three Armies” was next on the list, it’s like every band is just doing it for me tonight!

After this, the show stopped up for a moment to take a moment to appriciate and thank Thobbe for his time in the band. It was, after all, his final show. To do this, they had put together a little video of him. It was… emotional to say the least to see this. It was just.. it’s so weird to think about that this was the end.

Right after this – “Cliffs of Gallipoli” was brought back. And seriously… First and foremost, I simply love this song and this album, but it also became monumental because all of this festival, because of some things happening right before departing, I’ve had the line “broken promises they won’t be coming home”. All festival. And to then have Sabaton play the song live just became… very emotional.

“Counterstrike” was next on the list, followed my other jam “The Art of War” before something big happened. About guitarist. And a little blonde fellow was invited on stage.

Tommy Johansson. 

Better known as, Sabaton’s new guitarist.


It was amazing to get to see the new guitarist being introduced to the band, seeing him brought in, and get to see his very first show with the band. So, I can know say I’ve heard “Resist and Bite” with four guitars, and the rest of them with three guitars.

“To Hell and Back” was next song, followed by live premiere of “Sparta”. I’m not a big fan of this song on the album, but it DOES make a VERY good live show I must admit. Holy hell.

“En Livstid i Krig” was brought out before we had a bit of a breakdown on stage, Hannes accusing Tommy of being a bit cocky for “having been in the band for like 15 minutes” so they dared him to sing a song. And that’s when we knew. “Gott Mit Uns”.

And this was just soooo good. I’ve missed this song since “Noch Ein Bier”, so it was great to see it again. And Tommy is one hell of a guy!

After this, they left the stage and my personal favorite moment of the show started. You know what I’m talking about.

Lights out.

Helicopter siren. 


Orchestral arrangements.


Seriously. I can’t describe to you how amazing this is. It’s like I said many times before – these guys, they know how to paint with music. Like Pocahontas paints with the color of the wind, Sabaton paints with music.

Next song on the list was “Shiroyama”, seriously, I love this one. “Primo Victoria” and “Metal Crüe” with the fireworks from hell rounded up the show, and the boys thanked for themselves and left the stage.

While I do miss some songs – “The Last Stand”, “Winged Hussars” to mention a few, I enjoyed this show so much. And I love this band so much. Everytime I go to a Sabaton show I remember why I love these five men so much, and why I have devoted my life to them. Sabaton, again, I love you.


Right after this, Jonathan and I headed back to the car for some late night drinks talking about Sabaton and Lordi and whatnot and then going to bed.

What a day it was!

// Sara

Sabaton Open Air – Day 2: Saturday 20/8 2016 pt.1

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It was really the best feeling in the world at the moment when I woke up in the morning, in only my regular pyjamas and even feeling it being a little on the warm side. Never before have I felt this amazing feeling at a festival, and trust me, this has just given me a blooded tooth as we’d say in Sweden, to do this again and again and again. And how convenient, isn’t it, to already have the living place set up when you arrive? Oh yeah.

Started out originally with sitting down, trying to figure out the lyrics to “Hug You Hardcore” and chatting with some people before a wild Paula appeared outside my car door for some breakfast hang out. After a while she left and I started to drag myself out of bed, and with the help of Michelle and the very kind guy Lalla, I put up both mine and Jonathans tent before going back to make my car less messy and then, onwards to Falun Centralstation to pick up Jonathan.

It’s the craziest thing – I’ve known this guy for like, eight years, and this is the first time we’d ever meet. I was unsure if I’d find him, but once I arrived (late, of course, what else?) and I saw the blonde guy in a jeans jacket I knew it was him. And it was SO WEIRD. To see him, and hug him and talk to him in person, that the person you’ve talked to on the computer for the past eight years is actually a real person.

We got back in the car, talking about everything and nothing while getting back to the site. Went to campsite to drop things off and then continue to sit and talk and essentially, catch up. After a little while we got into the area to catch the first band of the day live.

Amberian Dawn

So, this band was one of the supporters of the Delain show I caught in Belgium last year, and I’ve been dying to see them again, so believe me when I said I was excited to finally see them again, and the convenience of them playing Lordis stage on top of it all.

They performed a good and enjoyable set, and I’m glad we managed to catch them!


After this, we dodged for the front row, put up our Swedish flag and the long wait for Lordi began. We decided, since we had the flag up and everything, to take turns watching it when no band was playing the stage. So at first, I went off to get some food because I was basically dying from hunger, and after that, Jonathan took a stroll around the area to check it out while me and Michelle guarded the flag. Not too long after that it was time for me to leave to get in the very, VERY long queue for the Sabaton signing session…

At first I stood there, 15 minutes prior to start and being angry with myself for not taking “The Last Stand” book with me so I would have had something to read. My phone was running out of battery and dumped by the Swedish Caroleans so I literally had no entertainment and I get bored and restless so easily.  I thought of asking Jonathan to go pick up the book for me, but we solved it in a better way – Jonathan kept me company the whole line, and also wound up getting signatures as well!


We queued for almost two hours for this session. That is seriously the longest I’ve ever waited in a SIGNING line. I’m sure someone out there was waited longer, not to mention the people who were in the front, but yeah, it got a bit heavy because of the burning sun. And to make it even worse, the Swedish Military Defence had their little obstacle course with them, and I stood there with my Boda Borg veins pumping me wanting to go through it. But, at least we got to see Helle do it! That was fun.

We got to the signing, got our signatures and then went off to the car to drop them off and to pick up the stuff Jonathan had planned to bring to the meet and greet with Lordi. Because yes, that’s right folks! He did win it, after all! So happy.

After this, we decided to get dinner and watch Sorcerer from afar before Equilibrium, in order to not take any stupid risks. We were a bit unsure sitting up there, because unless we heard something wrong they said something like “We won’t wait 27 years til next time” and we were like WHAT THE? But then again, they only had like one album out so… Well, it gave us a brainteaser.


After we were done with dinner we went down to Bandit Stage again and joined Paula, Helle, Ted and his friend at the front for Equilibrium.


So, I have a lot of friend who likes this band, so I got a bit excited of finally seeing them myself, and I really, REALLY enjoyed their show! I have to pick up some albums with them, that’s for sure!

It was also a big show for Jonathan – he experienced being crushed by a moshpit for the first time, and he also witnessed his very very first Wall of Death in person, up and close! It was monumental. The boys in the band put on a really, really good show, like I already said, I really enjoyed it. Thank you!


And after Equilibrium, we reclaimed our spots at the front row and the long wait began.


// Sara