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We Are Not Like Others

Posted in Music, Uncategorized with tags on August 31, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

I’ve spent these past days pledging a few albums, such as The Lounge Kittens upcoming “Sequins and C-Bombs“, Sumo Cyco’s second album as well as Martin Sweet’s new project Sweet Creature’s debut album, “The Devil Knows My Name”.

While I am excited for all three of these albums, most certainly Sumo Cyco’s seeing they very quickly made their way up to one of my favorite bands with their first album “Lost in Cyco City”, I’m getting more and more intrigued by Martin’s new project.

Today, they posted their third single for the album, “Our Moment

No surprise, that it does sound a bit Crashdiet, but with Martin on vocals, but I do really like the song, as well as what they have released before. It’s showing he still got it in him, and I think this album could potentially be a killer. It does sound very promising.

Sweet Creature consists, aside Martin Sweet, of Linus Nirbrant from This Ending, Tin Star from Gemini Five and Michael TxR from Toxic Rose, which sort of makes this band a bit of a supergroup, on the underground level, so to speak. If you also want to contribute to this album, here’s a link to their Indiegogo so you can order the album yourself. I have included links to the other two mentioned bands as well on the top.

All I can say, I’m super excited for all these releases, and I can’t wait to get them home.

// Sara

Delain – Moonbathers

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Delain, the Dutch metalband most famous for “We are the Others” are finally back with their fifth studioalbum “Moonbathers”, following up the success of “The Human Contradiction” and EP “Lunar Prelude”. For me personally, since I heard “The Glory and the Scum” I’ve been waiting like crazy for this album, and it’s finally here!

Listening to “Moonbathers” is like watching a movie – it’s start off with it’s opening track “Hands of Gold” which is a foreboding song about the adventure yet to come, introducing our hero and perhaps also our villain – in this case portrayed by Alissa White-Gluz. Our first encounter with the hero and the conflict is shown in the second track – “The Glory and the Scum”, giving us an idea what is about to come, and the conflict just culminates in “Suckerpunch” before it’s slowed down and dawned upon us in “The Hurricane” and “Chrysalis: My Last Breath” where our hero gets betrayed.

The climax of the movie, the battle of the movie, starts off with “Fire with Fire” where our hero sees red in her eyes and gets prepared for the ultimate showdown which takes place in “Pendulum”. But then it happens. “Danse Macabre”. Our hero lost. Heroes don’t always win, and heroes don’t always wear capes. A shot at redemption is given with “Scandal”, despite being a Queen cover fits the narrative perfectly, before our hero and the villain break down in “Turn the Lights Out” and finally reach the settlement, and let the credits roll with “The Monarch”.

Not only are the songs placed the way they are to give you this kind of narrative, but the musical arrangements of this albums help enhancing the image of yourself watching a movie, where you let your imagination paint the graphics.

With all of that being said, it’s a very very good album. What gets me the most is all the arrangements. Every single song, every single arrangement behind it just leaves you speechless, sitting there not sure what to feel – you follow the feeling of the music and takes you both up and down, without even paying attention to the lyrics at first. And once you do, you get drawn into a dark world, but not without the little light in the dark – which was also the inspiration for the title, “Moonbathers”, for those of us who find comfort in the dark rather than the light.

I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is – but this album simply speaks to me. Perhaps it’s on a more personal level rather than anything, but I can only salute Delain for bringing us this musical masterpiece of an album for us all to enjoy, laugh and to cry to. Thank you Charlotte, for understanding all of us moonbathers.


// Sara


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Today it arrived! My Delain Moonbathers box, I’ve seriously been waiting for this box ever since the album came out. I’ve been wanting to dig into this album right away. The single, “The Glory and the Scum” got me so excited for the album so what can I say aside FINALLY!


So this is the little box. I must admit I was happy to see it was a bit smaller than Sabaton’s gigantic box, and it’s all made out of wood, which gave it a more… authentic touch.

So, what’s in it?


First and foremost, the album! I was happy to see it wasn’t a gigantic earbook, but simply one of these mediabooks – so it fits in my recordcollection, haha. Finally, finally I have the album in my hands. I’ve been waiting.


A Delain pendant. At first when I saw the image I was a bit worried, because it looked rather big, but this – this is the perfect size. I like it!


A wallflag, with the “Moonbather” motive. I prefer not to open them until I’m going to use them, so sorry for the, well, shitty image!


Lastly: A 7″ single of “Chrysalis” and “The Monarch”. This was a nice extra touch – apparently, it’s supposed to be silver, I have yet to find out when I open it!

So, that was that! I’m glad it finally arrived so I got the album most importantly!

// Sara

Sabaton – The Last Stand

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So finally, after a few ifs and buts it’s time for me to write about this album as well. “The Last Stand” is the 9th studioalbum from Sabaton and is, as the title suggest, dealing with the topic of famous last stands, the final battles. I must admit, I did have quite high expectations on this album – as I’ve always come to have when it comes to Sabaton.

At first listen, I was a little taken aback by “Sparta”. The more recent opening tracks has been pretty fast, in your face kind of songs, while this one is… how do I put this, slower? It’s calm in a way, the calm before the storm perhaps. But it is very, very big, or large, on the other hand.

The album picks up it’s pace a bit already in the second song – “Last Dying Breath” and keeps on in a pretty usual Sabaton-kind of manner. It’s very big – as usual – big choirs and epic arrangements, but it’s also pretty bland. It’s just… like one line. Songs melting together at times, aside for the few oddies like “Ballad of Bannockburn” which is probably the most out-there song on this album.

Something that makes me a bit torn about this album is how easy it is to place some of the songs on previous albums. It’s not simply that the sound is similar, but down to the fact that I can say “Ah, this is this song!” the most obvious one being “Winged Hussars” – basically the result of “The Carolean Prayer” and “The Art of War” having a lovechild, with the only exception of “Ballad of Bannockburn” who’s completely off the trails, as far sa Sabaton goes.

It’s a very, very typical Sabaton album. You got the big, epic songs like “Sparta”, “The Last Stand” and “The Lost Battalion”, the songs that are a bit more low-key and heavier such as “Hill 3234” and “Rourke’s Drift”. However, perhaps I’m just cheated by “Shiroyama”, but this albums feels… a bit softer? Perhaps it’s the added layers and layers of keyboards that gives me this feeling, but I would have no problem seeing “Shiroyama” in Eurovision, for instance.

Something though, that I simply loved and that took my breath away on the first listen of this album – “Diary of an Unknown Soldier”. I’ve already told you many many times about how much I love the orchestral arrangements before “Nightwitches”, and this sort of intro to “The Lost Battalion” just left me breathless. That kind of build up before a song… Sabaton, they know how to paint with music. Perhaps I’m the only person in this world feeling this kind of passion, but I just cannot get over how amazingly made that combination was.

My personal favorite song on the album, on the other hand, is “The Last Stand”. I love the cheerfulness, the epicness, the melody lines… I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this song is. Seriously get’s my adrenaline pumping.

I’m a bit torn. It’s a fine album, and as a fan I really love it. As a critic, I’m not THAT impressed with how similar it is at times, but on the other hand – I’ve been listening to this album non stop since it was released, so I guess that says something. All I can say is – I love Sabaton more than anything in this world, and that didn’t change in the slightest with this album.


// Sara

Sick Flick

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So, after finishing off a review for a new album, I decided it was time for me to finally get out and get into the new Lordi album, “Monstereophonic” or as I call it – “Månster-e-ju-fånict” which translates to “Monsters are really lame”. It’s all a parody, folks, don’t take it too seriously.

So basically, what I did was to put the album on my iPod and get outside, perhaps a little later than I had originally planned, and head out in the forest, just me and the iPod. There’s nothing I love more than being out in the nature, walking around, climbing around, basically being on the move, and I came to realize I pay a lot more attention to the music if I’m out, away from distraction, away from other people, just me, the music and the nature on our own.

And let me tell you something. When the SCG for “Demonarchy” started, it was just like something was changing. I’d look right into the pitch black forest and almost feel like fairies were twinkling behind the trees, like magical sparkling mushrooms would grow out of the ground, like mythical creatures would start surrounding you, the world would be glittering, while feeling the magical notes coming through the earbuds before it aggressively changes rhythm and the feeling of being unsafe would take over, looking out for werewolves and zombies.

Isn’t it amazing, how a simple instrumental track, can trigger a vivid imagination, and what sort of feelings and mood they can set? That, my friends, is the beauty of music.

// Sara

The Sacred Vow & Hug You Hardcore

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What an interesting day it has been. So, Lordi did finally release their new music video for “Hug You Hardcore”… and well…

First and foremost – I’ll give you the censored version. I’m not at all a fan of the uncensored version… which makes me not so much a fan of the video at all in all honesty. I mean… I like the parts where you see the band play. But aside that… it’s too much for me. It’s like, it doesn’t make sense anymore. Who here remembers music videos like “Blood Red Sandman”, “It Snows in Hell” or even “Would You Love  a Monsterman?” – both versions of it? It just… it’s like… they are just trying to shock in a way that it just becomes tasteless and boring. Sounds horrible to say, but it’s the truth.

However, the song on the other hand I love! I love the riff and the groove, I feel this will be one of those songs you go really crazy to on the shows!

And then, yesterday, HammerFall released a lyric video of the first single of their upcoming album, “Built To Last”, “The Sacred Vow”

I’ll give you this link to Decibel Magazine, since they are the one who has the “right” to publish the song.

It’s a very typical HammerFall song – much in the veins of “Templars of Steel”, lyricwise, about them defending the sacred vow that is the heavy metal lifestyle. The lyrics seem to made up of a lot of old HammerFall lyrics or songtitles, which just adds up even more to what I already said – it’s basically a homage to their own vow to defend heavy metal, to show the way like they did way back in 1998.

Musicwise, it’s also that very HammerFall – big choruses, heavy riffs and even some speed thrown in the mix. Very, very HammerFall’ish.

This song makes me really excited for the new album, I honestly can’t wait! Sadly, I have to wait A LONG TIME, since I won’t even be home when this precious little album will be delivered to my doorstep. Luxuary problems, huh?

Sabaton Open Air – Sunday

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Let me tell you about this night alright. We went to bed at about 3 am in the morning, I was lying on nothing but my not blown up matress in the gig clothes, not having done anything, when I’m woken up at 4.30 in the morning by Jonathan screaming. At first I’m like, what the hell? And I’m asking him what is going on, apparently, someone tried to push over his tent and steal the rain protection. What the fuck guys? Since when do metalheads do pranks like this? And considering the camping searched all the bags and shit, where were the guards if the safety was so important? Jesus christ. We commonly refer to this as the “Tent-Attack”. And the name is so funny I can’t stop laughing at it.

Tried to go back to sleep, not sure how successful it was, but I sure as hell woke up at nine as we planned in the morning only to realize Jonathans tent was filled with water. Oh well..I guess we can safely say he had the ultimate first festival experience!

We packed our stuff, which wasn’t a lot, and then went to the car, and headed down into the city centre. We walked around for quite a while hoping to find a café only to notice how utterly DEAD Falun is as a city. We did find a nice Pride staircase though!


We gave up very soon and headed over to MAX which was a very good decision – as we ran into Martine and the gang there! It was nice to be able to say one last good bye before going to our destinations. And also, it was nice to see a fast food restaurants filled with nothing but metalheads. How often does that happen? We had a nice breakfast / lunch whatever you want to call it, and as we got ready to leave, Michelle and her gang walked in the door! How amazing isn’t this. We said goodbye to them too, walked out on the parking lot being a bit confused for a while, only to remember we didn’t drive here and then walked back to the trainstation. It was a heartfelt good bye, but more of a “until next time!” and then Jonathan got on his train, and I got in my car.

I stopped halfway home as usual to take a break and enjoy Swedish nature, and of course take a haul picture for you all to enjoy!


Small, but significant. I had “Heroes” prior, but got it signed there. It’s “The Last Stand” and Hysterica’s “The Art of Metal”, also signed.

I continued my journey home, stopped by IKEA to pick up a frame for the vinyl and then crashed at home.

Thank you, all of you who were involved in making this trip and festival absolutely amazing! You rock, and I love you all!

// Sara