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Universal Death Squad, Give it Away, The Glory and the Scum

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Ahh guys!

These past two days has been a song-releasing inferno, and it’s probably a lot more than the three songs I’ll be talking about, but, since these three songs happens to be each from bands I hold very dearly, I’ll write a bit about them all in this entry.

EPICA – Universal Deathsquad

Maybe it’s because it’s new, maybe it’s because I’m excited maybe it’s because I’m in love with the artwork of this whole era – but I seriously love it. I sort of feel it’s got everything to it – the heaviness, the melodic parts, the technological parts, all the different harmonies… Ah. Whatever it does, it does make me excited for the new album! Cannot wait.

DELAIN – The Glory and the Scum (Spotify)

Well, sadly, I cannot link you to a video for this one, but seriously, I LOVE IT. I really, really, really love it. I can’t even put my fingers on what it is exactly I love so much… it’s just the way it’s written, and the lyrics… they made it again, you know? I can’t wait, I can’t I can seriously NOT WAIT for the album to come! Jesus Christ.

SUMO CYCO – Give it Away (Red Hot Chili Peppers cover)

Ah. Very typical Sumo Cyco style, and seriously, all I can really say is that I’m getting really, REALLY pumped for their next album. “Lost in Cyco City” was pretty much perfection in an album, and I just want more. How is this band not signed yet? I don’t really get it at all. I love it.

Ahh. This is going to be a heavy autumn, mark my words… So much new and good music being released! And not to talk about next years tour schedule… Rest in peace, my bankaccount!

// Sara


PART SEVEN: Tuska Open Air, Helsinki, Finland, 1-3/7 2016

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So. The devastating, heartbreaking last day had come. I was originally supposed to get on a boat at 18, but the love and passion for my friends had me book a Monday flight home instead. I was excited to get on the boat, and I feel guilty about the cabin that was left unused, but I just couldn’t. I just couldn’t leave already.

I can’t recall us having any breakfast in all honesty, we planned to, but everything was closed. So, we got some stuff from the vending machine and then hurried over to Suvilathi to catch the first gig of the day, Myrkur.

As we approached the venue, it started to rain a little, well, I guess the weather couldn’t be perfect all of the festival, aye? So, we got inside the tent to watch the final half of the Myrkur set (our quest for breakfast took us longer than expected).

It was a very atmospheric show. Both me and Nathan stood there in awe, inhaling everything Myrkur, watching her every step, getting mesmerized by her entire being. It was an amazing set, and I’m so happy we made it out to see and experience this.


However, we were not as delighted when exiting the tent and noticing its pouring. Not like, raining, it’s a basic fucking rainstorm. And for this day only, we had both left our raincoats back at the hotel. We ran over to the merchandise so I could pick on the very important festival t-shirt and a running schedule before hurrying back home to our hotel. Gladly, our hotel was like what, ten steps from the metro station so we didn’t basically die.

When the rain lighted up a bit, we found ourselves some food and then headed back to the exhibition one more time. We figured since we were already in town, and we never know when or even IF this could happen again, we might as well seize the moment.

Once there, again, we were completely alone at the exhibition, and wandered around, taking silly and stupid photos before we heard voices. And this is the most hilarious story ever. Let me tell you all about it.

On our way there, Nathan joked a bit about “what if Mr L shows up” and I said, yeah, if that happens, and we made some bet I can’t remember, and when we were standing inside it, and heard the speaking in the other room, I swear to God I thought it was Mr L. The voice, the tone, it sounded just like him! We both looked at each other and were like “no way, it can’t be”.

And, well, gladly, I guess, it wasn’t! It was my friend Saana and a couple of her friends. At first we didn’t really talk to them, and Nathan brought me out to the other room and said “I think those two girls are the girls from the Lordi Army UK” because well, we had noticed their UK accents. I told him I’d talk to them if it was really them, which it was, because he was too shy.

So, eventually, I caught them when they took some silly pics and figured “Do you need help?” was a good ice breaker. Which it was. Because the next couple of hours became known as the time when I got to know Juuso, Niki and Vicky from Finland and the UK, respectively. As well as catching up a bit more with Saana – the little time we had at Tuska was waaaay too short. It turned out we had a lot more in common than initially thought, so yeah, you could say we had a good time.


Eventually, we all had to part ways and Nathan and I headed back to Tuska to catch the very very last act of the entire festival – Children of Bodom.

Once back at the festival, we joined up with Sophie and Marianne and I suggested to them all that we’d go somewhere fancier, like a pizza ristorante after the show to have one final amazing dinner together, to which all agreed.

The show with Children of Bodom was intense! It was a great set, and a perfect ending for a very good festival.

Right after this, we headed to a pizza place in the center of Helsinki, half of our crew going home because of exhaustion. Left were me, Nico, Sophie and Nathan and we had literally the most delicious pizza ever, and we had the best and most heartbreaking dinner. Knowing that this is the last time we see each other until God knows when, it’s really one of the worst part about having friends like this.


After the place closed we stayed outside for a couple of hours talking about everything and nothing before we had to make it home, in the middle of the night. It was a heartfelt and tearfilled good bye outside the Forum shopping center, until next time.

Once home at the hotel, we packed our stuff and went to bed fairly early.


// Sara