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Lordi’s new costumes – a run down

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A couple of days ago Lordi FINALLY posted the full images of their costumes and masks for us all to have a better look at the new costumes, so, finally, I feel a bit more confident about giving you my two coins of what I think of them.

amenbody amenface

So, let’s start off with Mr Amen, only because he’s the first chronologically when uploading the photos.

First and foremost, I’m glad to see he got some bandages again! He’s really very on and off with those – some era’s he’s drowning in them, other eras he barely has any, but this era, it’s like, the perfect amount in a way. They are not everywhere, but still there, giving you some heads up that he’s actually a mummy and not some random zombie monster.

I like the decomposed flesh a lot as well – it’s getting gorier, even though it’s less blood. The mask… Well, I must admit I’m not a that big of a fan of his face. It’s very Get Heavy-ish, and personally, Get Heavy is my least favorite look of him, but the effects are pretty cool. However, I must agree with Sophie on one thing – his eyes. I, we, know that he’s sort of like, opening his eyes a lot in this picture, but its also about how the mask has been sculptured. I guess we’ll see more of it once it goes live and everything.

hellabody hellaface

Next up is Miss Hella, and now, now we are fucking talking alright. Excuse the french. First thing I noticed though, is that for every era it seems she gets less and less clothing, but seriously, this costume is nothing but mad! The naughty, burned school-girl meets Barbie and the 80’s, in a perfect mix. I love that she’s so feminine, but still a bit… sexy, you know? It feels like the wrong word to use, but on the same time, I don’t know what else.

And the face…. someone commented that she looks like a dead Pamela Anderson, and I can almost agree on that! She looks stunning though. And, personally, I’m excited and thrilled as hell that she’s going back, well, halfway anyway, to blonde. I was soooo gutted when she went black, so when I saw the blonde I was literally squealing. And the purple highlights are amazing. I love the fact that Hella always goes big when she changes. You never know what to expect from her.

manabody manaface

Here we go! The first thing.. am I the only one, or is he, Mana, as well as Hella, losing clothes? Either way, I love this look. I almost want to say it’s my favorite of all of his, but I don’t dare to just yet. But seriously, that cloth with the symbols on… and not to mention, Fleshy Bessy! The spider! The spider he has on his chest, or more in his chest. This is amazing. And oh, the fly on the belt… These details you know!

As for the face… and hair.. the first thing we all said was that he looks a lot like Awa, the previous keyboard player. Especially the “Demonarchy” side of the face. But aside that, the mask looks really great, and I’m glad his hair is down again. It seems everything went right with this fella!


And the big L. First of all. DAMN THOSE SHOES! The grins! Holy shit, if that isn’t intimdating, I don’t know what is (as far as Lordi goes). And I love that the silver boot still got some of the brown around the teeth… aside that… it’s pretty… It’s not a lot going on. If you compare it to earlier costumes of his, this one is very toned down. But you wanna know something? I love that. I love that it’s so “simple” in a way, and that’s more all about him rather than flashy costume pieces. And I love that the belt-skirt-thingy has this glittery touch to it. I love everything that glitters, you know?

The mask is probably the best one he’s had so far. I can’t really put my finger on exactly what it is, but I always felt that occasionally, his masks just became a lot of holes and not a lot of soul (oh that rhymes) but, now it’s like the perfect mix of the holy gory side, and still a more… Arockalypse kind of side, I guess. I don’t know how to put it better! But, I love it.

oxbody oxface

Say hello to Mr Ice-Cream! With strawberry topping! The first thing Sophie said to me when she saw this was that he looked like one of those duo-flavoured ice creams. And he really does, or well, the mask anyone. Jokes aside, this is OX for those of you who may not know – Looks absolutely incredible. Seriously, this is his best mask today, damn. Intimidating! And, for once, they gave him reasonable horns. Amazing.

And it just gets better when you look at the whole costume. Lepard skin, going all 80’s on the one side, and being clad in sewn together human skin on the other side… and the face on the crotch cloth.. Absolutely everything went right with this costume, I guess this is really my favorite of this era. I can’t stop looking at it!


So, with all of that said, I guess I can easily say that OX is my favorite, tightly followed by Hella, and Amen being my least favorite. But they all look really cool, it feels like a promising era. Now we just await the album.

// Sara
(All images in this blog belongs to Lordi)

PART EIGHT: Tuska Open Air, Helsinki, Finland 1-3/7 2016

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So… the last day. And this was REALLY the last day… It was with very, very heavy hearts that Nathan and I firstly almost overslept, and secondly, left the hotel for the last time. I requested very shyly of Nathan if we couldn’t go to Espresso House, which is like, my favorite coffee house, their Caramel Latte is to die for, really, so, after a few ifs and buts we finally found a place and we sat down to enjoy one last drink and meal together before heading to the airport.


After this, off to the airport we go. Nathan was getting rather stressed, and I was just there like “Calm down, it will be okay”. And once at the airport.. the line for checking in luggage was fucking massive. But, as the positive thinker I am, I told Nate that – “It’ll be fine, I promise”.

As we wait in line, we see some people with a lot of luggage approaching us, and I whisper to Nathan “Ey, it’s a band!” and when they got closer we saw that it was no other band that Gojira, that actually played Tuska the day before! It was intense!

The lane for bags picked up the pace, and we made it in good time for Nate’s flight. It was, again, one of the most heartfelt good byes outside the passport control for UK travels and after that I wandered off to my own gate only to see that the flight had been delayed. Awesome. Not.

But despite that – flight home when good, so did bus.

I want to take this moment to thank every single one of you people – Nathan, Sophie, Marianne, Nicolas, Nicolas, Lea, Niki, Vickie, Saana, Laura, Juuso, Markus, Elodia, the staff at Weird Antiques, Lordi, Avantasia, Toxic Rose, Swallow the Sun, Myrkur, Delain and Children of Bodom for this amazing weekend. We didn’t see a lot of bands, but we did have a lot of fun the entire weekend. And it’s all because of all of you people mentioned in this post. I love you all.

Thank you!

// Sara

Universal Death Squad, Give it Away, The Glory and the Scum

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Ahh guys!

These past two days has been a song-releasing inferno, and it’s probably a lot more than the three songs I’ll be talking about, but, since these three songs happens to be each from bands I hold very dearly, I’ll write a bit about them all in this entry.

EPICA – Universal Deathsquad

Maybe it’s because it’s new, maybe it’s because I’m excited maybe it’s because I’m in love with the artwork of this whole era – but I seriously love it. I sort of feel it’s got everything to it – the heaviness, the melodic parts, the technological parts, all the different harmonies… Ah. Whatever it does, it does make me excited for the new album! Cannot wait.

DELAIN – The Glory and the Scum (Spotify)

Well, sadly, I cannot link you to a video for this one, but seriously, I LOVE IT. I really, really, really love it. I can’t even put my fingers on what it is exactly I love so much… it’s just the way it’s written, and the lyrics… they made it again, you know? I can’t wait, I can’t I can seriously NOT WAIT for the album to come! Jesus Christ.

SUMO CYCO – Give it Away (Red Hot Chili Peppers cover)

Ah. Very typical Sumo Cyco style, and seriously, all I can really say is that I’m getting really, REALLY pumped for their next album. “Lost in Cyco City” was pretty much perfection in an album, and I just want more. How is this band not signed yet? I don’t really get it at all. I love it.

Ahh. This is going to be a heavy autumn, mark my words… So much new and good music being released! And not to talk about next years tour schedule… Rest in peace, my bankaccount!

// Sara


PART SEVEN: Tuska Open Air, Helsinki, Finland, 1-3/7 2016

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So. The devastating, heartbreaking last day had come. I was originally supposed to get on a boat at 18, but the love and passion for my friends had me book a Monday flight home instead. I was excited to get on the boat, and I feel guilty about the cabin that was left unused, but I just couldn’t. I just couldn’t leave already.

I can’t recall us having any breakfast in all honesty, we planned to, but everything was closed. So, we got some stuff from the vending machine and then hurried over to Suvilathi to catch the first gig of the day, Myrkur.

As we approached the venue, it started to rain a little, well, I guess the weather couldn’t be perfect all of the festival, aye? So, we got inside the tent to watch the final half of the Myrkur set (our quest for breakfast took us longer than expected).

It was a very atmospheric show. Both me and Nathan stood there in awe, inhaling everything Myrkur, watching her every step, getting mesmerized by her entire being. It was an amazing set, and I’m so happy we made it out to see and experience this.


However, we were not as delighted when exiting the tent and noticing its pouring. Not like, raining, it’s a basic fucking rainstorm. And for this day only, we had both left our raincoats back at the hotel. We ran over to the merchandise so I could pick on the very important festival t-shirt and a running schedule before hurrying back home to our hotel. Gladly, our hotel was like what, ten steps from the metro station so we didn’t basically die.

When the rain lighted up a bit, we found ourselves some food and then headed back to the exhibition one more time. We figured since we were already in town, and we never know when or even IF this could happen again, we might as well seize the moment.

Once there, again, we were completely alone at the exhibition, and wandered around, taking silly and stupid photos before we heard voices. And this is the most hilarious story ever. Let me tell you all about it.

On our way there, Nathan joked a bit about “what if Mr L shows up” and I said, yeah, if that happens, and we made some bet I can’t remember, and when we were standing inside it, and heard the speaking in the other room, I swear to God I thought it was Mr L. The voice, the tone, it sounded just like him! We both looked at each other and were like “no way, it can’t be”.

And, well, gladly, I guess, it wasn’t! It was my friend Saana and a couple of her friends. At first we didn’t really talk to them, and Nathan brought me out to the other room and said “I think those two girls are the girls from the Lordi Army UK” because well, we had noticed their UK accents. I told him I’d talk to them if it was really them, which it was, because he was too shy.

So, eventually, I caught them when they took some silly pics and figured “Do you need help?” was a good ice breaker. Which it was. Because the next couple of hours became known as the time when I got to know Juuso, Niki and Vicky from Finland and the UK, respectively. As well as catching up a bit more with Saana – the little time we had at Tuska was waaaay too short. It turned out we had a lot more in common than initially thought, so yeah, you could say we had a good time.


Eventually, we all had to part ways and Nathan and I headed back to Tuska to catch the very very last act of the entire festival – Children of Bodom.

Once back at the festival, we joined up with Sophie and Marianne and I suggested to them all that we’d go somewhere fancier, like a pizza ristorante after the show to have one final amazing dinner together, to which all agreed.

The show with Children of Bodom was intense! It was a great set, and a perfect ending for a very good festival.

Right after this, we headed to a pizza place in the center of Helsinki, half of our crew going home because of exhaustion. Left were me, Nico, Sophie and Nathan and we had literally the most delicious pizza ever, and we had the best and most heartbreaking dinner. Knowing that this is the last time we see each other until God knows when, it’s really one of the worst part about having friends like this.


After the place closed we stayed outside for a couple of hours talking about everything and nothing before we had to make it home, in the middle of the night. It was a heartfelt and tearfilled good bye outside the Forum shopping center, until next time.

Once home at the hotel, we packed our stuff and went to bed fairly early.


// Sara



PART SIX: Tuska Open Air, Helsinki, Finland 1-3/7 2016

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So yes.. after that incident, we decided to walk our way back into central Helsinki, or to be more specific, towards the Helsinki Cathedral. I’ve been in Helsinki many times, but never once have I visited the cathedral. We stopped halfway to get something to drink as our throats were still burning from the pepperspray. As I read my entry, I notice I failed to mention that it was pepperspray that had been sprayed inside the exhibition, so now you know. After walking for a bit longer, we reached the majestic building that is the Helsinki Cathedral. It is, honestly, quite the view.


We hung around for a while before we decided to go home to change our hotels. Nathan and I, booking you know, just a few days prior had two different hotels so we sort of needed to fix that. BUT. Not before Nathan could partake in the Vegemite challenge! He was objecting it a lot at first, but then he took a spoonful (why?) and then he kept chasing Sophie around the trainstation. Haha.

So, said and done, we changed the hotels, got changed, freshened up and then decided to meet up with Sophie and Marianne at the trainstation for some real late dinner. By Mariannes request, we headed over to Burger King and enjoyed a good meal. We had a lot of fun together before realizing what time it was… It was fifteen minutes until Ghost’s set would be over.

Well you know. That’s how it goes when you enjoy yourselves, I guess! Around midnight we parted ways and Nathan and I headed towards Bar Bäkkäri to catch at least ONE live show today – Toxic Rose.

There were various clubs that held various afterparties, mostly with gigs with smaller bands, which was very nice to see. I’ve been wanting to see Toxic Rose since I last saw them, so it was very convenient.

We came somewhere in the middle of the band playing before, got ourselves drinks and found a nice spot fairly close to the stage, but not up their businesses you know. They got on stage right on time and delivered a great and energetic set, despite the crammed venue. It was a decent amount of people, I must admit that were there so it was a good night.

toxicrose toxicrose2

After Nathan’s said a few compliments to the bandmembers we headed home and crashed on the bed, preparing for next day, which was heartbreakingly enough the last.

// Sara

PART FIVE: Tuska Open Air, Helsinki, Finland 1-3/7 2016

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So, I think in all honesty we woke up a little later than we should have. We had made some epic plans for today – Lordi exhibition! So, we were supposed to meet Sophie and Marianne at the Kamppi square around, well, some time, but we decided to postpone it a little bit because you know, we are lazy as hell. But, eventually did we make it out there, and it was a nice day you know. Sun was shining, really warm, me and Sophie wearing the exact same Lordi shirt… you know, normal things.

We were supposed to go to McDonalds, but Marianne asked to go to this Finnish burgerplace called Hesburger instead, and you know, sure, why not? So, we went there, enjoyed a nice brunch with a lot of talking and laughing and planning and what not. After that, the “epic” journey to Weird Antiques started.

The place was a little bit off, or well, actually, the thing is, we decided to walk there. It is probably easier and more convenient to go to subway, but we figured “why not?”. So after a long walk, we finally made it to the place, and we were… very reluctant and hesitant at first. For some reason we were a group of super shy people. We forced Nathan to go first seeing he was the only guy, and after some waiting and more awkwardness we found the owner who let us in to the exhibition.

And let me tell you something about Lordi exhibitions. When you walk into it, at first you get taken aback. A little petrified, because of all the mannequins. And then, the next stage is joy. You feel the adrenaline and joy fill up in your heart, feeling it pound a little faster when all the things and people-less costumes you love so much and dearly are there. And then the excitement and mischiviousness comes. When you start giggling at everything and nothing. You are literally entering a world were it is a hundred percent Lordi and no one can take it away from you, and no one can touch you in this state of bliss.

lordiexhibit25lordiexhibit24lordiexhibit22 lordiexhibit23

Unlike the exhibition in Savonlinna, you could actually walk straight up to the costumes, touch them if you wanted to. We were very, VERY reluctant at first like.. oh my god, we don’t wanna break them, you know? But I guess that at some point we’d accidently hit one thombstone one too many times so as the hours passed by, we simply didn’t care anymore and that’s when face-swaps and goofyness enters. If Lordi only knew.

lordiexhibit21  lordiexhibit2 lordiexhibit3 lordiexhibit4 lordiexhibit5 lordiexhibit14

The exhibition consisted of three “rooms” – first room was more of a big room with two sections – first section consisting of a stage with a lot of random costumes, Mana seated (!) and some extra goodies. Paintings and thombstones. Second part of the room had all of Mr Lordis costumes – The Arockalypse and – Get Heavy in one line, as well as a few other costumes, the most noteable one being Otus’ costume being on display. A lot of random small things – Amen’s guitar case, Amen’s guitar, the Rock Police gear, some more paintings.



In the last room was, again, a lot of the costumes, Hella’s scarbie box, the entire set up from “Deadache” tour, Dark Floors props and some old goodies. The chainsaws, the old Monsterican Dream set up, Blood Red Sandman bed, Hella’s baby stroller… A lot of things! We had the exhibition all to ourselves, which made it even better!

lordiexhibit10 lordiexhibit9lordiexhibit1lordiexhibit20lordiexhibit3lordiexhibit7lordiexhibit16lordiexhibit13

We had a fantastic time at the exhibition, and after about three hours it was time for us to leave. We heard some shoutings out from the store, but didn’t think so much about it. Then I saw this guy spraying something and it was about the time when we saw the store owner grab a baseball bat and chase after the guy that we realized that this was actually a robbery.

Very, very quickly did we turn around and hurried back into the backroom, all the way back behind the “Dr Sin” autopsy table to hide. And you know… Things are really getting out of control when you hear yourself asking “Ok, so what Lordi props within reach are good weapons in case he comes in here?”.

It’s a surreal… surreal feeling, I tell you. We stayed in there for a while before we thought it was safe to go out. Sophie is starting to cough a little bit, but I didn’t think much about it. Then I started coughing and I didn’t think too much about it either – I’ve been crawling around on the floors, who knows how much dust and latex pieces I have in my throat! I figured I’d take a deep breath to clear the throat a bit, which would turn out to be the biggest mistake.

As I inhaled I felt my throat complete clogging up and getting difficulties to breathe. About this time, I notice Sophies coughing has gotten worse, and both Marianne and Nathan are coughing. Nathan rushed for us to get out of there, as he noted that every person who was in the store was, just like we, coughing really badly.

Once outside, we learn that it had indeed been a robbery, but gladly, the robber hadn’t gotten away with anything. The police arrived shortly thereafter, and we left our testimonies and then, when we checked so the storeowner was okay and everything, we left the scene. Nathan said afterwards; “First time in Helsinki and I’m already known by the police!”

Well, Welcome to Helsinki Nathan!


// Sara

PART FOUR: Tuska Open Air, Helsinki, Finland 1-3/7 2016

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So, right after the show the French people decided to leave for the hotel as Marianne wasn’t feeling very well, and Nathan and I took the opportunity to look at the merchstand, only to realize that Lordi did in fact not have any merch with them to this show. Oh well then. After this we headed back to the city to meet up with Sophie and Marianne at McDonalds.

It was a nice rejoice – Marianne was feeling better and we sat down and had a proper meal and chat about the amazingness we had really just witnessed back at the festival. We left fairly quickly after finishing like half the meal as I wanted to head back to festival ground to catch Avantasia live, but not before we had gotten changed.

And you know.. I always have a hard time deciding what to chose, and I’m very positive that this ultimately became the reason we got a little bit late for Avantasia. I was seriously beating myself up all the way back to Suvilahti, because the song “Avantasia” was the song I really, really wanted to see and seeing it was pretty early in the set, I felt pretty screwed. I remember how I even sat and checked to see how long the songs before it was, just to try to calculate, sitting and saying to Nathan “And then again Tobias talks so much so perhaps…” and Nathan seriously did the most amazing job calming me down.

The thing is, we made it to Suvilathi/Sörnäinen exactly when they started playing, but then we had to get to the festival and inside the gates as well. I kept saying to Nathan “I swear to God, they are going to the last ‘Avantasiaaaa’ when we get in”. I was so stressed, Nathan telling me it will be fine, me stressing a little bit more… and finally we made it in and we heard Tobias say “This is ‘Ghostlights'”.

“Ghostlights” was the song ahead of “Avantasia” in the set, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt as relieved as I did in that very moment. And then.. it was time for the big moment… “Avantasia”.

And like.. I fell in love with this song the moment I heard it. You know how you sometimes have these songs, that as soon as you hear them everything simply makes sense, when you get chills all over your body and you enter this euphoric state where it’s just you and the music? Yes. That’s it. That’s what is going on with this song.

And it was just as perfect as I imagine it would be. Yes, I did see Avantasia at Sweden Rock, but I wasn’t a fan then you know.


The show continued on, and I enjoyed every moment of it. I’m not going to go in depth, but seriously, I sure as hell enjoyed myself! Which is sort of fun – At Sweden Rock I got bored very quickly, but I guess we can all agree on that being because of the cold rather than the show. They put on one hell of a show, Thank you Avantasia!


After the show we headed back to the hotel. We contemplated for a moment to go to Bäkkäri for some shows as a part of an afterparty, but decided against it when we both were really tired. So instead, we went to a store, bought goodies and went home, put on some music on the speakers and laid in bed talking about everything and nothing and planning for tomorrow.

Quite a pleasant night, don’t you think?

// Sara


PART THREE: Tuska Open Air, Helsinki, Finland 1-3/7 2016

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It was a surreal and almost dreamlike moment when the castle started to make its way onto RadioRock stage. It was… I had a hard time grasping that what was to come next was indeed Lordi and not some other band with a huge set up. That is how long it’s been since Lordi used a stage like this, this big. Nostalgia is really just the first name on the feeling on this.

As we watched the poor crew set up the stage (poor crew as in having every ones eyes on them) we talked and chatted and were just you know, basically getting ourselves excited for the gig. Discussed the castle layout. Discussing how the hell Lordi was even going to fit on stage… and then we noticed it. Awa’s and Kita’s masks on the drumset and keyboard. It was… a bittersweet? Would that be the right word? It was a strange and emotional feeling seeing the masks of the ex-members, the Arockalypse masks, on top of that, from the ex members on stage. Jesus Christ, this show was really about to become an emotional rollercoaster.

And then… before we knew it… Ralph Ruiz gets on stage, lipsynching to “SCG3”. Hearing them open with “SCG3” instead of “ETA” was the weirdest and most surreal thing ever… and when the drums started, pyro starting and everything launches us into “Bringing Back The Balls To Rock”… I can’t even. I can’t even describe how surreal and odd it was. And then when this chanting starts… “Get Heavy… Get Heavy...” It’s like, is this real? Is this fanta-sea? Who knows. “The Kids Who Wanna Play With The Dead” was next on the list, followed by mine… well, not my favorite I guess, “Biomechanic Man”.


And it’s after this Nathan grabs my arm and looks at me with big eyes. I’m just staring at him like “what the fuck man?” and he just looks at me and goes “Do you hear it?!” and I’m just there like “No???” and he’s like “THE CHAINS; THE CHAINS!!!” And I’m still confused before it hits me.

“Pet The Destroyer”.

You see, all the day, all up to the showstart, we had talked about how “Pet The Destroyer” would probably be cut from the setlist because of lack of Kita, which was really sad, seeing I had gotten soooo pumped for this song, and in all honesty, it’s really one of Lordi’s best songs. So, with that said, we were all very very convinced that “Pet The Destroyer” wouldn’t in any sort of way happening.

Until it actually did.

I… I’m trying to find the words. The words when the realization hit that they are indeed playing that song. All I can say for sure is that it was the best moment of the show, and that I am forever grateful they played it, after all.


“Rock The Hell Outta You” was the next song on the list, followed by OX’s repeating the old trick on beating up the poor person with the baby before “Blood Red Sandman”. I’m pretty sure it’s about here some time where OX’s fires off his bazooka and are, well, basically an inch or so away from blowing Amen’s head off.

“It Snows In Hell” was the next song and for the first time ever Sophie has joined in to do the upside down thing. Just as hilarious as always, really.


“Who’s Your Daddy?” was up next, followed by “They Only Come Out at Night” before they left the stage and Amen came back, and this time through the castle doors. How majestic isn’t that! He came out, did his thing, and “Devil is a Loser” was a go. They followed up by “Would You Love A Monsterman?” and wrapped up the whole set with “Hard Rock Hallelujah”.


First of all. Can we all appreciate the sound of silence? Now my heart awakes to the sound of silence…. and what I mean with this is, Mr Lordi not talking between the songs. I love the sound of silence. More songs got to be played that way. And you know what was even better? Did you hear that? The sound of NO “Sincerely With Love”! That silence I enjoy even more than the talking thing.


But aside that… reliving this set… this stage setup… It was magical. And the most magical moment was in “Hard Rock Hallelujah” when Nathan puts his arms around me and we have Sophie in front of us jumping together in a clan. Because one thing is clear – Without “Hard Rock Halleujah”, us three would not be here together. We wouldn’t even know each other. It’s hard to grasp sometimes.

After this amazing show we tried to collect ourselves and headed back into the central of Helsinki.


// Sara


PART TWO: Tuska Open Air, Helsinki, Finland 1-3/7

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So, I came to the hotel. And tried the code. It didn’t work. Why? Because I’m stupid, you know. I repeatedly entered the wrong code, so I had to call Nathan to come down and pick me up. However, while  I was waiting this adorable couple came and let me in, so I called the elevator and when the doors open… A wild Nathan appears!

Firstly, he had a HEARTATTACK seeing me already inside. And then, it was hugging party. Like, I felt like I was about to squeeze the life out of him, that is exactly how much I’ve missed this guy! And DAMN! GUY’S GOT A BEARD NOW! I was like WHOA, Nathan just aged a lot!


We also took the moment to alert Sophie on Snap that we had found each other and we were alive and safe and sound.

So, we went back up to the hotel where I took a shower and started getting ready for the show, while Nathan and I were catching up. I had a hard time deciding on what to wear, since the weather was you know, pretty nice so my long sleeved bodysuit sort of wouldn’t do it. I eventually settled and also brought my Korpiklaani tank in case of heat or something.

After that, we headed over to the legendary McDonalds we always eat at while in Helsinki, or well, it was Nathan’s first time really, but you get the point. We caught up even more and you know… sitting there. With someone you see so rarely, but you love so much, being able to really TALK about Lordi… that is something else. With someone who also knows like everything, if not more than you do, who knows about every single little person so you don’t have to explain anything… just talk. That was beyond nice.

So, after this began the long ride to try to get to Tuska. At first we were a bit unsure where to go, what subway to take, but eventually we worked it all out. I was starting to get a wee bit stressed – I really wanted to catch Delain, or at least most of it, so yeah, hurry hurry!


Once we got to Suvilahti we were like “and now what?” but as always when you’re at a gig at an unfamiliar place – FOLLOW THE METALHEADS! We found one in particular we started stalking, joking a bit about how creepy we must be. But thanks to that, we made it to the festival. And of course, right when Delain was playing my favorite song “Here Come the Vultures”. I was hoping that maybe we’d get in before the song is over, but I tell you this shit:

The moment we were on the other side of the gates, Charlotte did the last “I’m in it for the beat” and done. And I was like “Of fucking course. Why not”. So, instead, we headed immediately for Lordi’s stage, securing some front row spots on Amen’s side of the stage, very much on the side, but we figured it’d work out later. Nathan stayed put to watch the spot, and I did my little tour to say hello to some of my friends – starting with Marianne from France and Saana from Turku. After catching up with them, I went to Delain’s stage, after all, looking for Sophie and the rest of the French people.

At first I found Lea, Nicolas and Nicolas, and once I had found them I also found Sophie a few rows ahead of them and… again, HUGPARTY DELUXE. Like, squeezing the life out of someone deluxe. We enjoyed the last one or two songs together of Delain before heading back to Lordi’s stage. Sophie decided to remain with us on Amen’s side while Lea and the Nicolaus’s went to Marianne.

So, this led up to the amazing moment where I got to introduce Nathan to Sophie. It was majestic, and naturally, the first thing we start bonding over is Lordi. And catching up on everything. Literally everything. Soon enough, Swallow the Sun started, the band performing before Lordi and…


It was a snoozefest. The first thing Nathan said after the show was “Wasn’t that just the longest thing ever? And the songs… were soo long?” and yes, yes they freaking were. I’m usually not bored with bands, but I’m sorry, I really could not enjoy this. What I could, however enjoy, was what was about to get on stage next.


// Sara

PART ONE: Tuska Open Air, Helsinki, Finland 1-3/7 2016

Posted in Finland, Travels, Uncategorized on July 19, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

Oh wow. This has had a long time coming, I’m sorry about that! The reasons are 1) I forgot my powerchord to the computer at home, and 2) I’ve been working 12 hours a day, I haven’t really had the chance to properly sit down, and it will probably take some time before I actually get this done as well. But we take it day by day, alright?

So. Sick as a hell, it was finally time for me to head back to Suomiland, and for me to attend a new festival for the first time – Tuska Open Air. However, my travelplan looked a bit different this time around. As you know, I usually fly, but I figured this time it was time to try something new – and hence booked a ferry with a cabin in it where I could stay. Said and done. Around 14 o clock I left my home in Karlstad for what would probably become the longest trip of my life. Or well you know.. I guess going to Australia was technically longer, but it didn’t feel that way.


First, I got to Örebro where I had a train change to keep on onwards Stockholm. Once in Stockholm, I managed to get to the docks after a few ifs and buts and a few rages later. And it was so weird. To see the big ship, you know. And going through and boarding it was the weirdest thing I have ever done, seriously. But I liked it. I really did. I had a very very cheap cabin (The point was to make it as cheap as possible) so I had no poweroutlet or anything, which was interseting.


I went on top deck for departure and I must admit, I was feeling like a little child on Christmas when the ship left coast and we took off toward Turku. Like, I’M ON A SHIP!




After a while, when it started to get late, I headed down a few floors to reconnect with Nathan who had just landed in Helsinki trying to find our hotel, and once that was done I took a shower and went to bed, probably a bit later than I would have wished.



At 6 am sharp the alarm I ordered from the boat rang and it was.. well, heavy to get up really. I don’t like going up early, especially not after not sleeping properly. But yeah. I got up, packed my stuff and much to my happiness, there were barely any people at all in the lobby, which made getting off the cruise fairly easy. Once in Turku, I made it to the busstop and then to the busstation. I was sitting at Turku’s busstation snapping Sophie being like “I’m almost there!”. Seriously. This is by far the longest it has ever taken me to get to Helsinki.


So… My bus arrived. I got on it. I tried to sleep, and I guess I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up it was about 20 or 30 minutes left ’til Kamppi busstop and you know… You all know how much I love Helsinki, right? So stepping out of the bus in Kamppi.. I’m home. I’m just home.

And then, I walked toward Lonnrotinkatu (Yrjonkatu was sold out this time) to attend the reunion of the century.


// Sara