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I Want The World

Posted in Australia 2016, Travels, Uncategorized on March 11, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

Today was quite interesting. It started out with us rescheduling New Zealand, as we had originally thought about going today, but decided against it. So I started the day out with packing and cleaning up after us, going for my walk…which became more dramatic than it should.

First and foremost, since I didn’t plan to do a big walk, I decided to bring neither my camera nor my phone, because I thought, what would I ever need or get to photograph?

Jokes on me, because when getting up from my safe place, I found myself looking into a pair of black eyes, belonging to the cutest cow I’ve seen in a long time. And she had company by three more. I know where they’re from – they’re from a far nearby. I talked to a local about the escaped cows and then continued on like nothing. When walking a bit further, I came across one of those dragon lizards and a bunch of tiny geckos. I guess jokes on me when I said I wouldn’t see anything exciting.

Later in the night I headed down to World Science Festival which was held on the Southbank, and started the evening out with watching ”Wall-E” on an outdoor cinema by the river. After the movies was done, I strolled down the marketplace and checked out the dress I’ve found myself checking out a lot. Really need to get it.



Spent the rest of the evening resting by the river, walking around Southbank to photograph it for my mother and then got home later than I thought I would. Perfect last evening in Australia for now.


southbanky southy southyyy

// Sara