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Let There Be Night

Posted in Uncategorized on December 12, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

Hello amazing people!

I’m sorry for the extreme delay of any kind of update. December is a busy month, trying to pull together things for Australia, working what feels like 110% and trying to study for an exam, all at once, but also trying to figure out what to even bring to Australia.

Decision, decisions…

However – something amazing was announced yesterday. New acts for Väsby Rock Festival includes POWERWOLF and TRIXTER.

I love Powerwolf, as you all know, but Trixter… Trixter is one of those bands I discovered in 2007 that I always cared a little bit more for. That I like better. That I always hoped to see live. But it was one of those bands who were big before, and now are more… yeah. Where all those bands are.

However, I saw that they were booked for a festival in Italy, and I thought I’d try to go there to see them, because seriously, it’s one of those bands I just have to see. Sometime. So when I saw their name at the poster for Väsby… I was on Skype with Paula I remembered, and I just stopped mid sentence. And then I started breathing heavily. TRIXTER. IN SWEDEN. AT VÄSBY.

Now, I am for sure going to Väsby next year.


// Sara