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Revenge is Sweeter

Posted in Uncategorized on December 1, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

The beautiful thing with The Veronicas, is the fact that I very rarely listen to them unless things like this happens. When a person takes his frustration out, and decides to wreck your every day life upside down. When he’s handling in affection, and won’t listen to what you say and handles without reason.

When a person like him thinks it’s more important to have derranged views than keeping someone they once claimed they cared for. When a person thinks you are too annoying because apparently, being passionate about something is also overreacting. And that this quality of yours, is worse than everything else you have ever done for them.

When you have done things for a person no one else could, because they don’t have the geographical location, the resources or the brain to even come up with these kind things, when none of this matters anymore because you are too passionate for their taste…

When you have gone through thick and thin, forgiven every single bad step he ever made, and even though that person went behind your back,  and you forgave him repeatedly, but he feels that none of this is worth it.

When that person, wants so badly to get rid of you, but also so badly hold on to you he openly admits that he’ll stalk you… well, here’s to you! Here’s a blog entry entirely dedicated to you. You are much welcome.

And it’s always in moments like this, The Veronicas are the best kind of music. I haven’t listen to this song since 2009, when Elias left me. Oh good old days. Ah, I love The Veronicas.

// Sara