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So! It’s New Years Eve, and another year has just passed. Time for a lookback on the year that passed.


January held a lot of good CD releases – such as Serious Black’s “As Daylight Breaks” as well as Orden Ogan’s “Ravenhead”. Aside this, not a whole lot happened. I removed one tooth, and at the end of the month I went to Västerås to catch Amaranthe a little randomly. Was a great show, and a great way to warm up for next month’s endeavors!



February on the other hand… Was very eventful. It started with a trip to Germany with the besties to catch HammerFall and Lordi live as they played on the same time in Frankfurt. We were joined by good friends and met some new ones. Two extremely good shows, and the week after they were followed by a little mini tour – starting at SlipKnot in Sweden, which was a show I had looked forward to for soooo long! It was an amazing show, and I headed off to Finland to catch Stala&SO., Amaranthe and SlipKnot again.

On a more sad note… Simon Cruz left Crashdiet without any real reason. That was… odd, if you ask me.



March was the big travel month for me. At the middle of March, I set off on a one week tour that stretched over a couple of countries. Started out in Belgium where I met and caught Amaranthe live again, meeting Elize was beyond amazing. What a sweetheart! We continued on to Spain for some tourism and catching Lordi again on their Scare Force One tour, meeting not only the monsters but also the amazing supportbands that was Dirty Passion and Hollywood Groupies. We went back to Norway to catch our loves that is Steel Panther, and then I almost missed the bus to go see Katy Perry.

Just a week later we headed off to Southampton to celebrate Paula’s birthday at the Lordi show there, where we met Nathan and had some very interesting time with the monsters.



On April 1st I headed back to Belgium and again caught Steel Panther live, went home, landed, re-packed, and went off to Brighton to catch the tour finale of Scare Force One. It was literally one of the best nights, spending time with amazing people and having a certain guitarplayer surprising you in the crowd. We also had the most luxus hotel ever.

Aside this, not a lot happened. Jennie and I started prepping the summercabbage, and we spent many cold nights there.





Sweden Rock Festival, which was a hit! I spent most of it alone, except when I met up with Paula and Hansi, and bumped into Robert! But I don’t complain, it was a lot of amazing shows of amazing bands, and I simply love this festival. At the end of the month I headed back off to Belgium to Graspop Metal Meeting, which was also spent mostly alone, but again: Amazing. Butcher Babies, Alice Cooper, H.E.A.T and of course SlipKnot. Korpiklaani. Need I say more?



July July… first we surprised Nathan with an Alice Cooper show at Gröna Lund, which was beyond amazing! Later followed Väsby Rock Festival with Paula, Robert Sofia and Johanna which was also, beyond amazing. Danger Danger… seriously I just love them. Seeing Åge in action with Ammunition was… so good. To see him happy again, you know?

One week later was Noch Ein Bier fest, which might actually add up to be one of the best trips this year. Three days in Gelsenkirchen with my ladies – Madlen and Michelle. Warm and sunny days except from Noch Ein Bier which was rainy as fuck.



Once again, of course Skogsröjet. The coziest festival on earth. Skid Row with Tony Harnell was amazing, but then again, everything Tony Harnell touches is amazing. The festival was great as usual. I also saw my voice acting hero Annika Herlitz live in action on her tour. We once again went to Liseberg for my birthday.



Korpiklaani! Two shows of one of the best bands in the world (which I say about almost any band). We had the most fun we’ve ever had at a show, and our legs were so sore we couldn’t even walk. But we also got a lot of compliments on everything, so I guess it’s a good thing?



Started out the month with FINALLY seeing Dynazty live on their Renatus tour when they were opening for W.A.S.P, and we also attended a guitarclinic with Doug Blair. Later in the month I headed off to Belgium again for some shows – First and foremost Delain on their The Human Contradiction tour and wrapping up with Powerwolf’s Wolfsnäschte tour. Two amazing shows, and catching up with good friends in Daniel, Laura and Cyril. We spent some time with the guys in Civil War after the show as well, amazing people!



Technically, Powerwolf was in November, but I threw them in in October. In November we saw the final show for the year – HammerFall in Scandinavium. Supporters for the day was Edguy and Civil War, and it was one of the most amazing shows ever. We were invited by Civil War to the afterparty and had a blast. A good way to end the year, if you ask me!

But perhaps the most importantly… was the final show ever with Mötley Crüe. A very emotional night, bittersweet if you like. Amazing set by Alice Cooper, and a fantastic one with Mötley. Spent with Michelle and Robert, couldn’t think of better company.



December was a slow month, mostly preparing for Australia…. only to learn that the festival has been cancelled. Gladly, we could easily re-book the trip to later.


So… I guess that’s my year in short. Let’s take a look at the predictions:
* Double my CD collection. I currently hold about 250 cds, more or less, and I wish to reach 500 before the end of 2015.
* Travel somewhere new. I have plans, and I hope they hold.
* Accomplish something. Just anything.
* See Bon Jovi live again
* See Korpiklaani live again
* Audition

So, I did see Korpiklaani, I traveled somewhere new and accomplished something. I didn’t reach the top of my CD collection, I only made it to 300, which is great.

So for this year..

  • Make it to 400 CD’s. Let’s make it a little more… achieveable.
  • Travel somewhere new. Aside what we have already planned.
  • See Civil War live again
  • Get somewhere new.

And I want to thank the following;

Michelle R, Jennie F, Robert T, Paula L, Daniel G-H,  Anna S, Linn F, My F, Oliver S-M, Tyr, Jaana, Kaarle, Mara W, Madlen R, Sophie E, Argo P, Emily H, Didyana B, Hanna G, Dennis N, Hansi H, Nikos S, Emelie V, Thomas C, Joakim A, Erik H, Sara K, Sergio P, Curt U, Sara S, Anna M, Daniel H, Sofia A, Aneta D, Paula S, Philip V, Ida V, Caroline U, George B, Ludvig A, Gunilla K, Lars U, Andreas K, Jasmin B, Anna T, Maria B, Nathalie G, Max S, Alexandra A, Johanna N, Sara A, Erica K, Faedra P, Martina A, Ewelina W, Kim C, Courtney K, Oona E, Alexander P, Linus H, Crystal L, Arpad B, Sandra H, Anna S, Nikola M, Nettan K, Albin F, Mary N, David H, Robert F, Cecilie H, Janie H, Tinna A, Rene P, Josefine L, Peter O, Mattias N, Felicia H, Martine F, Lina L, Faey, Gustaf K, Terese S, Marcus B, Emil L, Ellinor J, Mary B, Kramer W, Kjersti A-B, Isabell F, Elisabeth A, Jenny R, Renata K, Rebecka Y, Linnea Ö, David R, Jenny W, Fredrik E, Emma J, Malin B, Tuija L, Nina K, Johanna S, Marika A, Marina, Sophie F, Laura T, Matilda I, Marjolein V-D, Hanna H, Oskar V, Felicia M, Jens S, Amanda K, Alexandre W, Oliver L, Gereon, Elin K, Shalisa T, Fredrik B, Stevan B, Jennifer S, Oskar L, Oscar L, Josefine P, Josefine T, Tobias B, Patrik B, Karin W, Gabriella G.

Steel Panther, Lordi, Sabaton, SlipKnot, Knastret, Cherry, Ingesund, HammerFall, Slaughter, Blas Elias, Vixen, Kittie, Lady Gaga, Olly Murs, The Sims 4, The Sims, Disney.


Beat It

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So, miraculously, CDON managed to ship “Gods and Generals” to me RIGHT IN TIME for New Years, and after a quick trip to Knastret, I can finally say I broke it. I reached 300 before this year was over, and I’m super happy about it.

So what albums did I get then? Well first and foremost, as I told you – “Gods and Generals” with Civil War.

whii 015

Secondly; Sabaton – Primo Victoria, re-armed version.

whii 009

Thirdly; Mastermind – Angels of the Apocalypse. I am not at all familiar with this band more than that I’ve heard their name, so it’ll be very interesting as soon as I sit down to actually listen through it!

whii 010

Fourth; Toto – The Seventh One. I actually hold this precious one on vinyl, but at the moment I’m just too lazy to convert it myself, and I’ve been wanting this on CD for SO LONG.

whii 011

And lastly; Van Halen – 1984. Also one of those albums I’ve been wanting to get for a very long time but never got around too. But finally, it’s in my possession.

whii 016

So, yeah. I feel pretty accomplished today. But now, bedtime!

// Sara

Ace of Spades

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Oh wow. This morning started out extremely weird, and heavy hearted. While sorting out the things for my work, I heard the radio speaker announce some bad news for metalheads. At first, I didn’t listen too much – I figured it was just going to be about some band breaking up, but then he announced it.

Lemmy Kilmister, frontman of Motörhead, has passed away at 70.

I… completely froze. And then I sat and stared into the dark for several minutes before composing myself. But I tell you no lie.. Lemmy was on my mind the entire ride throughout the county.

Hard rock and metal lost an icon today. Rest in Peace, Lemmy.

(Lemmy live 2008, on Dec 1, Karlstad, Sweden)

The rest of the day was spent with Nathalie, a good friend of mine I rarely see. We went for lunch and some shopping, catching up about literally everything.

// Sara


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Seriously. The days are passing by so fucking quickly. It’s hard to imagine it’s only a couple of days left of this year. Like, what happened? It feels like it was just yesterday I saw SlipKnot live for the first time, or got on the bus to see Amaranthe in Västerås…

These past couple of days has been stressful. I always thought third time would be the charm, but I still had a shift from hell at work. BUT, I am optimistic for today, so hopefully, FOURTH times the charm. I guess we’ll see. The perks of doing a car district is that it’s always warm and I can listen to my music and have a generally cozy time. It’s a long district, distance wise so I spend most of the time just driving.

With that said… there’s so much on my mind right now. We have finally finished booking SlipKnot, and are practically done with Toto, and I cannot stress how GOOD this feels, people! Like seriously. A big stone has left my shoulders.

With all of that said, I’ll now head off to bed.

// Sara

Set Fire to The Rain

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Merry Christmas blogreaders!

I hope you had a good day. My day has been up and down, I must admit. I started off with the workshift from hell, where I wound up in two car accidents on the same day. I curse countryside roads, just saying,

But from there, the day was better. Donald Duck on the television, “Kan du Vissla Johanna”, good dinner, Karl Bertils Jul and then giftgiving. I must say, I appriciate every single person around me who bothers and feels that I’m worthy getting gifts. Seriously, you are all so precious.

klappis 149klappis 153klappis 157

klappis 155

Suitcase, The Body Shop and cosmetics are from my family, and the electric drumset is from Michelle. I kid you not when I literally sat and said “no… she’s gone mad” when I realized what she had actually gotten me.  Thank you all, you are amazing!

Later in the night, I gave my aussie-buddie a call where I sang “We Wish You a Perry Christmas” to him over the phone, because it’s simply the kind of thing I do to my best friends. After this, I packed as much Christmas-y things I could and got in the car and headed to Jennie’s.

Where I had… Like.. As if I hadn’t had a rough day already, of course shit got worse. See, I’m not afraid of living things. Like, horses who fights, men who follows me and things like that. But if I’m cranking “Blessed and Possessed”, on a pitch-black evening on a country side road… then I will fucking cry out of fear when the radio all of a sudden goes silent, then cranks out the creepiest of noise and a lady with a monotone voice telling me there’s a pinetree on a road close by. And once she’s done, Attila’s voice took over the car again. I shit you not when I said I cried. I’m somewhat afraid of technology.

Anyway, I eventually made it to Jennie’s, got inside, rumbled around her kitchen and set up a nice Christmas table. We sat and talked about about everything and nothing, she gave me two gifts – two different hats, and they are amazing! One silver sequin, and one with Rudolph. My kind of hats.

klappis 160

After this, we played “Cards Against Humanity” which I won 61 – 28, Sorry Jenz! The night continued on talking about everything and nothing, eating lussekatter, popcorn and cheesedoodles, whining about everything and nothing and ‘torturing’ the cats.

For the first time ever, I think, we did in fact NOT EVEN TOUCH the computers. That was… pretty nice, actually.

I went home earlier than usual because I’m seriously DEAD TIRED. So good night people, and Happy holidays all of you!

// Sara

Highway To Hell

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Todays rehearsal was short, but it went well. Or well, at least for my own accord.We went over like, half “I’m Eighteen” before moving on very quickly to “Highway To Hell”.

I felt a bit rusty, I must admit. I haven’t been to the rehearsal lot for about three weeks or more now, so I actually had to sit and ponder for a while on how to play “I’m Eighteen”. Everyone was waiting and I’m like “hold on. I need to think”. But once we started playing, it all just let go. It came naturally.

“Highway To Hell”. Well, we got through it but I was unsure on a lot of the fills. After the girls had left me, I sat down and closely studied a video on youtube and listened to the song, and I triumphed myself by learning the entire song there and then.

Anna forgot her vegan ham, so she came back after a while where we planned next weeks rehearsal. We will meet up earlier to perfect my playing, it’ll be easier when I can play WITH someone rather than look at a silent video.


Great progress. I can’t wait for next week.

// Sara

Someone Like You

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Such an Adele phase for me right now. Not sure why, but I’ve really gotten into her lately. I guess “Hello” got to my head after hearing it one too many times on the radio at work.

2015 is really rushing away, and it’s hard to think about the fact that it’s merely 3 days ’til Christmas. It doesn’t really feel like it. I’m not sure why.

Gladly, I’m done with all my giftshopping and the only problem I really have left now, beside the big vegetable soup that is Australia, is my newest CD purchase. I couldn’t decide whether to go for “Blood of the Saints” by Powerwolf or “Gods and Generals” by Civil War, so I went for both.

Only to be greeted by “Blood of the Saints” being “need to import”. Which means, I will probably never see that album. Or perhaps in four months, like I did with that Firewind album that mysteriously appeared while I was at Sweden Rock Festival.

// Sara

One in a Million

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Sitting at Jennies after some stressful days at different works. The great thing with being with Jennie, especially when being so tired you can’t sit up is all the laughter. And all the laughter is more than needed right now. I must admit.

Soundwave cancelled. Let down by the most important person in your life. Trying to come up with a new tour after Soundwave cancelling. Figuring out what the heck to do with SlipKnot. You know, normal shit.

So we sit here. And sing “Do you wanna build a snowman”/”Of course I wanna build a snowman”. Joke about friends that aren’t really friends, whine over people who can’t make up their minds and having a headache on top of that. New years will be good I think.

// Sara


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So, today came the verdict. Soundwave 2016 is officially cancelled as of today.

Wow. What a time to be alive, huh? You see, it’s so fun. I figured there must have been some reason why we never got around to book hotels or return tickets.

This sucks big time, I must admit. I really looked forward to going to a FESTIVAL in Australia, getting wristsbands, chilling out in the sun with a cold drink between bands, showing the Australians who’s the boss in the pit… You know, things like that.

Things that won’t happen at all. Gladly,we have a bit of a back up plan, and in a TWISTED TURN OF EVENTS, I will, finally, get to see the Quantuum Enigma tour in it’s full, in the most unexpected places of them all. I guess it’s a bit of comfort, after all.

So yeah. You could say our Australian trip took quite the turn.

// Sara

Let There Be Night

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Wow. Guys, I’m truly sorry for the lack of updates. December has been superbusy with pretty much everything, considering Australia is creeping closer and closer by the day.

With that being said, issues have started to emerge as far as Australia goes. And that little detail, is the fact that Soundwave seems to be going nowhere. They not announced nowhere NEAR as many bands as I usually see them having and seeing the early bird tickets are still up, something is truly, truly wrong.

To make things even better, it is indeed confirmed Soundwave won’t go on in 2017, and rumors now has it it’ll be cancelled in 2016. AJ, the promoter, said yesterday that we’d be hearing from him soon enough, as soon as he knows himself, but it all feels pretty dark, if you ask me.

And it’s sort of… fun. Because I can honestly said, I’ve had a bad gut feeling about this trip all the time. But I decided to ignore it, and I figured it was because of out flightroute, or the travel being so long.

Turns out it was about this. All we can do now though, is to wait and see.

// Sara