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Fatal Charm

Posted in Uncategorized on October 13, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

Today has been bandrehearsal day, or well, mostly. I still need to find that spirit to get up in order to get things done, but I can’t find it. Thankfully, going to the rehearsallot helps a bit.

It’s going good. While we didn’t play THAT much today, mostly talked about everything and nothing, we did some last minutes rehearsals and it’s steady. It’s not as unsure as it was originally, and we’ve decided on trying out a few more songs to get some variety.

Aside this, Michelle and I have made more plans. We are going to try out something… certain, next year, and it’ll be very interesting to see if it’s really worth, and to see if we pass out or possibly throw up doing it. I guess we will see.

Anyway. I managed to get myself another job interview as well. Things are actually going better now, gladly. And apparently, Curt and I are celebrating six years on Facebook today. Which in reality is eight years friendship. Time passes by so incredibly fast…

// Sara