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Put It On Her

Posted in Uncategorized on October 12, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

In the midst of still not being well enough to go back to work, I’ve spent most of my day planning out things. Planning out Australia, planning out what to do next with my sim, planning out what to do for my hamsters cage. And it’s an amazing idea, I’m telling you! My hamster will be so happy when she get her improved living.

Aside this, I’ve also started planning and mapping out new projects. I can’t tell you all about them now, because they are just in the start, but I’m pretty excited about it in all honesty.

And on top of that, SlipKnot announced a Finland date. It pisses me off a bit, because that date, January 18th, are actually a bit more suiting because of our Australian endaveours to go to, but of course they had to announce it later instead of at the same time. But then again, this just makes me wonder if maybe we should just add another show to our already on going month of gigs. I’m just gonna wait and see if they also add a Norwegian show, because then we might as well just do that one.

So basically, while I’m bleeding money from not working, I’m planning new, costing plans.

Isn’t it perfect, huh? I also, finally, ordered my new jacket. I hope it comes soon.

// Sara