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After a fantastic night with Delain last night, we had a really calm day in. We decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood, which was pretty sweet. The amount of leaves though – seriously, I almost drowned! Had it not been so close to the road, chances are I’d start play in it.

Later we wound up on this really cute little coffeeshop for a fika. It was nice, what else could it possibly be? Later in the night, we headed downtown, or more like towards, Liége where we met up with some of Antoines friends from his old school. We walked around the nightclub district and then chose a pub were we sat to have a drink and talk for a couple of hours.

We decided to head home pretty early, but not until I had stopped by in a candyshop. Did you know, they have these chilil-looking candies, and completely unknowingly, I just ate one and then my mouth exploded because of the heat. Jokes on me, I guess. The night ended in a perhaps not so perfect way, but once we got home, sound and safe, we wrapped the night up with a movie.

By the way; these were the albums I got yesterday:


Amberian Dawn’s “Magic Forest” and Delain’s “The Human Contradiction”. I’m looking forward to listening to both of these either as soon as I get home or when I’m on the bus on my way home from Oslo.

// Sara

Delain @ Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium 30/10 – 15

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For the first time since Korpiklaani, it was, at last, time to get back on to shows. I must admit, I’m pretty new to Delain, but since I do enjoy what I have heard so far, I was rather excited to see them. We met up with one of Antoines friends around 17 and that’s when we got going. The trip went pretty good, aside missing the food stop and “having” (according to Antoine) to stop at McDonalds (I don’t mind, I love McD) we finally reached Vosselaar.

We arrived a bit late, so when we entered the venue the first supportband had already started to play. The opener of the night was Amberian Dawn which is a Finnish band formed in 2006. The music was really good, and I really enjoyed the show. The feeling in the venue was good too, so yeah, quite a good start!


And yes, I enjoyed this so much I actually went and bought the album right afterwards. I probably made that sound like I never buy albums of supportbands, which I actually do a lot, but usually I even wait until the show is over, but I didn’t want to risk being without an album so I went right away. While I was at it, I picked up on “The Human Contradiction” while I was at it.

We moved forward a bit in the crowd, seeing Quentin and Antoine are big fans of The Gentle Storm.

The began pretty much directly after soundcheck (I love bands like this). They put on a really good show, and it seemed like there was QUITE A FEW The Gentle Storm fans in the audience that evening, seeing how many were actually getting into the show. And Anneke is such a showwoman! Enjoyed it a lot!


And after this… the wait for Delain started. Which wasn’t very long, just like The Gentle Storm they started pretty closely after the soundcheck and they opened the show energetically with “Go Away”.

The show continued on like this. A lot of energy from both sides – the crowd was on fire, and so was the band. Since I’m not too familiar with Delain, it will be a bit hard for me to give a detailed setlist of the night, so bear with me.

Something that I love, or perhaps WHAT, I love about Delain is how atmospheric they are. In their music. And the image. Charlotte looks almost paranormal, in lack of better words to use, in a way, like she has a connection with something else. And this, together with the music, together with the lights, makes it all so perfect. It was quite the show, even just the lights themselves.


The show sadly came to an end sooner than I would have liked to, but everything good comes to an end, right? It was, regardless, a really good show. Thank you, Delain, for this evening.

Right after the show, Antoine and Quentin headed backwards to meet up with Anneke from The Gentle Storm, while I headed onwards to catch Cyril and Laura. I don’t think they actually expected me to be there, despite giving clues, but they were very happy to see me, and believe me, I was very happy to see them too, despite Laura being ill.

DSC_2732 DSC_2733


So the rest of the evening sort of consisted of talking and catching up with them, dressing up Metal Pika for the cold and so on. We walked around a bit and caught up with some members from various bands as Laura and Cyril are pretty close to the band and they also introduced me to Charlotte.

That was an interesting situation. Laura was sad because Charlotte was about to leave and Laura really wanted to introduce me. I said to her not to bother, because it was alright, but she insisted and as I was going “no no no no” Charlotte caught our attention and eventually I was introduced to her. It was nice.

We went outside as Biebob closed and kept talking a bit more before Quentin forced us to go him since he had to work in the morning. Like I said, this was an amazing night. No joke. Meeting up with old friends are seriously the best.

// Sara

On My Mind

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Today has been an… interesting day you could say. Fairly short in a way. Woke up originally at 9, but fell asleep again at 11 and didn’t wake up until 13.20. I panicked a little bit, but then again, what to panic about? Antoine came home from work around 14 or so, and we went to pick up some food.

Afterwards, I had a quick session with work before we headed off to the mall in Liége where I first of all went to Primark to pick up on some things before Australia as well as Claire’s. Claire’s is like Glitter – the perfect store for small nice and cute accessories. I wasn’t sure what to get, IF to get anything at first, but eventually decided on four earrings.


So basically. One earring with a cuff with sea-theme. A pair of turtle ones, a pair of snowflakes (Frozen yay!) and then a few cuffs I thought I’d customize whenever I have time.

We got home, dumped the stuff and headed off to an italian restaurant for dinner and later on to a cocktailbar for a last drink before heading home.

Now we’re just lazily watching “Paradise Hotel” before going to bed.

Tomorrow’s Delain! Yay!

// Sara


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Today has been a long day. Or well, in all honesty, not as long as some traveling days usually are, but long enough for me. Especially since I wasn’t really done packing, and shit like that, but this sure as hell was my day. Packing the last went smoothly (if this has anything to do with the reminder to myself to pack calmly, I don’t know). And when we came to the bus it was a little bit late, so everything just worked in my favor!

I went with Nettbuss this time around, which has a directline Karlstad – Arlanda. I love that. Finally I don’t have to change! I scored a single seat and seriously, Nettbuss is so comfortable. It was a pleasurable ride, even though we got a little late.


But you know, being a little late with the bus was no actual problem. On the contrary, it made everything fit perfectly. I got through the tax-free with a zillion tons of candy, went to the bookstore and picked up the two first books in The Hunger Games books and then I decided against going to MAX and went for one of the “finer” dining places. Got myself a shrimpsalad and a coke and it was soo good. If this doesn’t motivate me to finish my studyings, I don’t know what else could.


So tasty! Right after I finished dinner, it was time for boarding. I got to board amongst the first, and of course, I managed to score a whole row of seats for myself. Off with the shoes, on with the cozy socks and spread my shit all over the plane. A big bag of Gott och Blandat and the first seven chapters of The Hunger Games kept me company when I wasn’t too busy looking at the city and airfield lights.

Landed in Belgium AHEAD of time which made everything much easier, and Antoine came to pick up right when I walked out of the arrival area. We went to see a friend of his real quickly, and now we’re here.

Yes. This has totally been my day. Everything has worked in my favor. Or perhaps the odds… were ever in my favor.

And my new passport has officially been out of the country now. Belgium became the first stop!


// Sara

Dead Memories

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There’s one thing I hate about myself, that I truly wish I could change, but I struggle and fail everytime.

And that is how late I always get with things.

I promised myself it wouldn’t be like that this time. That this time, I would NOT be late with packing before traveling. Yet here I sit, at 1 am not having actually packed for Belgium, leaving tomorrow. Perhaps it has something to do with being excited. While it’ll be nice to go away, I also have absolutely no desire what so ever to travel.

I’m really curios what all of this comes from.

Oh well. I shall just put the rest of the cheesecake in the fridge and try to pack the last few things.

I kind of have to.

// Sara

Sing to Me

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All of a sudden I got a surprise workshift tomorrow, which is always nice because I’ve been dying to start work, but it is also putting my schedule a bit off. What a good thing that I got almost everything for Belgium already sorted out, huh?

Regardless, it’s going to be nice to have a mini vacation before the hardest two working months coming up in November and December. I will have to quit one of them, but it isn’t a too big moneyloss, gladly.

This entry will be quite a mess, in all honesty, since I don’t really know exactly what to write since I have to go to bed earlier than expected. So. Yeah. I’ll leave you with this. I’m alive and well, just without time.

// Sara


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The worst part about traveling away, and having a bit of an interest in clothing, is the fact that it’s very, very, VERY so hard to decide what to bring, or well, what to wear.

I’ve spent the past week trying to figure out what kind of clothes to bring and for what occasion. Gladly, I have my clothes for Delain and Powerwolf fairly ready, it’s mainly clothes for the days where we DON’T have any events where it’s hard to decide what to wear. And on top of that, it’s already Sunday night. I sort of wished that I was done by now. And this one shirt I really wanna bring because it’s like my wingman of clothing, I of course cannot find. And now that I think about it, I forgot to throw in my Graspop tshirt in the washer. So I don’t have my bandshirt wingman either.

Thank God for Deadache and Red Square design Lordi shirts, huh?

But yes. Only a couple of days left now until Delain! I’m really excited, really. It’s going to be great. It’s also going to be great to get out of here for a little while, a change in environment, if you like.

// Sara