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Today started off with the most horrible experience with the local buscompany probably ever. I’m not sure how ok it is for a busdriver to look someone in the eye, shake their heads and deny you entrance, but don’t worry people, we are having a dialogue with the company about it.

So, essentially, my supposed to be three hours of sleep became me watching the end of “New Moon” and sleeping for an hour before going to the stable.

It was a usual day at the stable, although this is probably the first time I’ve ever had to walk up to a horse, inspect it closely and say “You must be new here”. You see, 90% of our big horses are brown to the extent you can barely tell them apart, and, embarrassingly enough, there was a gelding I had no clue who he was. And then, the majority of our ponies are white. You can tell them apart pretty easily – except from the new one. I literally mistook every single white pony for being him until I found what set him apart.

After this I booked some jobs, had a nice dinner and watched “Eclipse”. They are really on the television next week, but seeing “Twilight” and “New Moon” sparked my interest. Tomorrow, “Breaking Dawn pt1”

// Sara

The Sims Challenge: Day 8

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8. How are the Pleasants doing?

The Pleasants… at first I didn’t even realize what sims you were talking about, and I can’t say I remember the Pleasants from The Sims 2, however I do remember them from The Sims 1, so I will answer this question for TS1.

Well… What happened. Not a lot. After I was done with the try-outs, I kinda gave them up. I think I remember that I did indeed get them a baby, at some point, at some time I was playing them, but I can’t say that I played a lot on them. I’ve always been a bigger fan of making my own families rather than playing on already existing ones, Caliente being literally the exception because I liked the sims in that family too much to not play them.

So yeah. Boring answer, but not a lot. Sadly.

// Sara

REVIEW: Stahlmann – CO2

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German metallers Stahlmann has had quite an impressive career. Right after the release of their first EP, “Herzschlag” AFM Records signed them and in 2010, their self-titled debutalbum was released. They did numerous of tours following the release, and it was followed up with “Quecksilber”(2012) and “Adamant”(2013) which both made spot on the German Media Control Albums Charts.

With their robotic-like image, Stahlmann is once again back with their fourth album, “CO2” that is said to be similar to previous works, but will now show a more mature side of the band. With the addition of electrical and dubstep elements, they hope to reach a bigger crowd.

So, how about the album then?

How should I describe it. It’s very… dramatic. In a way. There’s a lot happening in each song. It can go from sort of aggressive to very calm in just one song, and they have a lot going on with the electrical parts. As far as arrangements goes, this is actually pretty impressive and keeps the listener interested.

However, there’s about where it stops. Because sadly, most of the songs sound the same. I barely notice when the song changes, aside a few exceptions such as “Die Klinge” and “Speigelbild”, which is a tad slower than the rest.

Towards the end it does get better.”Wenn Engel Tanzen” and “Der Letze Tag” are actually pretty decent songs, and it almost makes it worth listening through it. However. I have one big problem with this album, and it lies in all of the songs.

This is so influenced by Rammstein you can hear the hamster from Knappnytt singing “Du Hast” through it.

The first thoughts that went through my mind when I heard the music starting, was Rammstein. When Mart started singing, all I could think of was Till Lindemann. Both music and sound are so alike Rammstein that I’m not sure what to do with all of this. It’s decent material… but it’s too close for me to call it original, which makes it lose a bit of it’s credibility.

To sum it up; Decent material, but it’s not original enough. Sorry Stahlmann, unTill next time…

(Label: AFM Records)
CDON I Amazon I Ginza

// Sara



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I spent most of my day today cleaning out my wardrobe. And what I mean by this, is that I take out all the clothes clean it with floor cleaner, and then I put shit back in. All was good until I reached the band-shirt section.

Because seriously, that is the one that takes the most time. To start with, I was surprised to see how many shirts would actually come out of that. No matter how much I threw around shirts, they seemed to crow like dandelions. Cleaned it out, and then I started putting all the things back again… Which is a smaller hell.

First of all, you need to basically sort them – unisex and female, as far as fits go. And if I have a certainly customized piece, I usually put it aside as well. It’s important to sort after fitting, so you know where to grab a tight shirt and where to grab a shirt that is so big you can live in it.

After this you fold them, roll them up – so you see what print it is, and what size the shirt is. And then it’s time to stack them. And this my friends, is the tricky part.

And the only reason it’s actually tricky, is because I had more shirts incoming that had to be pressed down in an already full drawer. But after twisting, pressing, pushing and some headbanging to Butcher Babies, I found myself getting all the shirts down.

I’m just waiting for the day when I can have an entire wardrobe with only bandshirts, and sort them by bandname instead. Because yes, I got all the shirts down… but when I was going to get a shirt a little later, I failed to find any I wanted to wear, because presumably, I managed to put all my faves in the bottom…


Butcher Babies – Take It Like A Man

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So, finally, after all this time it’s here! Butcher Babies second album, following up the EP “Uncovered” and the first full-length “Goliath”. As I wrote yesterday, I have really waited for this album for a long time, and when it finally dipped down… ah, the relief!

So, anyway, I had only heard “Monsters Ball” prior to getting the album itself, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of “Monsters Ball”, seeing it’s pretty… monotone, or how I should say it. It lacks melody, and I’m a sucker for melody and that is what pulled me in with songs as “Magnolia Blvd” on “Goliath”, for instance.

Sadly, much to my dismay, the album continued a lot this way. Maybe it’s me who’s just very new to the whole scene, but it all felt so plain. It could just as well have been the same song over and over again, except for a few exceptions. It’s a shame in a way – Carla and Heidi are doing a pretty solid job with the singing part, which makes it sad that the music is as plain as it is.

The exceptions, however, are pretty decent. The melancholic “Thrown Away” slows down the album quite a bit, and is a good “cut off” to the straight fast shredding that has occurred on the five previous songs, and perhaps my personal favorite on the entire album, “Never Go Back“, which brings me back a bit to “Magnolia Blvd” as far as arrangements go. “Never Go Back” is like, the little light on the album.

Sadly, right after this little breakdown, it goes right back into the monotone shredding and growling, I’m not lying when the only times I actually notice the song changing is because I start hearing that or that word which belongs to another song.

What makes me the most sad about the album is that there are some songs that has potential. They are almost there. Most songs has very well written lyrics, especially “Igniter” but they all fall short because of the plain music behind it. Then you have songs as “Dead Man Walking” and “The Cleansing” that has good sections, the choruses now that I think of it, which could have become so much better if the rest wasn’t so plain.

So, basically. It’s not even close to being as solid as “Goliath”. In my eyes, it’s a bit plain, but I want to emphasize that I’m not an expert on this genre, so maybe some of you think I’m completely dumbfounded based on what I said, but yeah. I had hoped they’d be brutal, but still have that melody that they had on “Goliath”, which is not present.


But who knows, maybe it’ll grow on me.

// Sara

Monsters Ball

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So, first of all, this has been a hectic day, starting out early with trying to find some sort of thing I can practice on, and wound up with my Guitar Hero set. Seriously, the only bad ways are the non existing ways. So we went off to rehearsals and… we’re just gonna practice a bit more before we start kidding ourselves.

After this it was right off to the stable for a dressage lesson on the best horse in this entire world, Donna. Went ok. It frustrates me that she loses focus so easily, and I don’t know how to maintain her focus. Bah. It’ll be something to work on.

But you know what, forget everything about non focusing Donna and bad rehearsals, guess what finally arrived today?

This little beauty:


A couple of days delayed, but it did still arrive a lot sooner than I expected it to come! I’ll tell you tomorrow what I thought about the album, I’ve just finished another work application and since I’ve been up and running since 9 this morning I’m very, very read, to hit bed.

Talk to you later, people.

// Sara

Marry Me

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You know, most people hate Mondays because it’s the start of a new week, but why I hate Mondays isn’t necessarily because it’s a new week, but because this Monday is the day after an amazing weekend with amazing friends, and not knowing when it’s gonna happen again makes it hard to get productive on a Monday.

I got some work applications done, and some stablework done and planning for upcoming plans.

But now I need to focus on tomorrow. Rehearsals. Good shit.

// Sara

Still In Love With You

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Sunday was spent… sleeping. At least for a while. I think we got up around 12, which is quite common time just as when I’ve worked night, so I guess it was okay. Lazy breakfast was followed up by a quick visit to a few stores downtown before it was time for Paula and Michelle to head home.

It has been a great weekend thanks to these two ladies, my naughty lordigirls, deadites, whatever you wanna call them. And I can’t wait to see them and do it all over again sooner or later.

But for now, I need to fake-rehearse a song. Without equipment. This will be fun.

// Sara


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We got up fairly early today to leave for Gothenburg as early as possible with me having worked until 3 am, which worked… as it always works for us. I think we left the place around 11 or so, or even later since we stopped to pick up some breakfast. But the most important thing in the end is the fact we got rolling either way.


Finally we reached Gothenburg, and because of some random metal band being there having a gig that very night, it was close to impossible to find a parking spot. I swear to God, we probably looked around for about an hour (!!) before we found a hard to get, but good spot very close to Liseberg, and after that, we could FINALLY enter the park. And the first thing we did was of course to ride Kållerado.

Since it was a warm and nice summer day, the park was pretty crowded, so we spent most time in the gambling section during the day, doing a few rides here and there and waiting for it to thin out.

And as some of you may know, I’m pretty good with the claw. But seriously, what happened this day was beyond me.

So, they had all these Frozen containers with Frozen plushes, and I saw one Olaf plush that I thought could work, but I wasn’t convinced, but I’d give it a try. Rather give it a try than not at all you know? So basically, this is what goes down:

The claw grabs around Olafs butt. Then glides off the butt. MIRACULOUSLY GRABS ONTO ONE OF THE LEGS.

MANAGES TO HANG ON TO THIS LEG. I was so sure it would lose it when bouncing against the window


And this is the story of how I got an unexpected Olaf. I mean, HOLY HELL. I’ve seen smaller plushes being beaten out of the claw for less than that, but for some reason, God only know why, I was supposed to get an Olaf that night.

When night had fallen upon us, and we headed for Kållerado, we did one stop at the Candy wheel, figured I’d take a shot at it just for the sake of it, and randomly chose some numbers… AND WOUND UP WINNING. After all these years, I have finally won a big bag of Gott&Blandat. Who would have thought.

We wrapped up the night with riding Kållerado twice in a heartbeat, having our own boat at the final act riding it with out eyes closed. I’m telling you, it did indeed enhance the ride! One last ride at Hanghai with the ride operator singing serenades to the waiting people (I love these kind of employees).

Oh. We also did a ride up the Liseberg-wheel where I unwrapped one more gift from Paula. On the way to Liseberg I had gotten a few gifts from Michelle – “Monsterman” DVD and a bowl and candy.

We left Liseberg right at closing hours and had a good ride home, in which, for a change, I slept the most.

It was a fantastic days with fantastic friends. Thank you both!


Birthday presents: Nightwish ticket, Bowl + Candy and Monsterman from Michelle, Gina Tricot giftcard from Paula


My many wins. Olaf, a pig, a Willy, a frog, a chicken, a rhino, Elsa and the candy. Good day!

// Sara


Opium of the People

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So, today was a day I had to start out pretty early to make my very messy room a little bit less messy, since I was getting royal visit. Like I told you, Paula arrived yesterday, to Arvika, and today was the day they’d come to me, to make thing easier for tomorrow journey to Liseberg and Gothenburg.

They came here around 6, and right after that we headed downtown for our reservation at Heaven & Hell, to have a bit of a late birthday dinner. It was pretty nice – I thought it was gonna be a lot of people, but we had the entire balcony to ourselves. Michelle had a burger and Paula and I had a shrimp sandwich each.

(Paula is photobombing)


It was also at this point I got my first birthdaygift from Paula, which was “Volume 3: Subliminal Verses” on vinyl. So fucking awesome! Thank you Paula!


After this, we headed over to the grocery store to pick up stuff for tomorrow, and then I got to work. Got home at 3am, and went straight to bed to prepare for tomorrow endeavors.

// Sara