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99 Luftbaloons

Posted in Uncategorized on July 15, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

Today has been a slow, slow, SLOW day. We finally purchased the tickets for Väsby Rock Festival (no need to mention how late we are), bought some stuff off IKEA that are needed for the trip and later on we took a trip downtown to catch a glimpse of the Götheborg ship that are currently in town. Didn’t stay for long though.

It’s getting closer and closer to departure for Väsby, and as usual, I’m of course late as FUCK with packing. I should start with it now. But we all know I’m just gonna stay here and play The Sims.

I’ve finally changed career for Anna, by the way, however, I continued in the same area she’s in right now, which is astronaut. I plan to make her the new super-sim, to have all the skills and everything, so I’m excited to get started on all the jobs because it will help A LOT.

I’ve also decided to do all careers with her, and I figured I’d do all the careers inbetween the “fun” careers. So yeah, for now, “boring” careers, later on, fun.

// Sara