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Posted in Uncategorized on June 30, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

Ok so, it feels like I’m doing nothing these days but working, playing, working and working and some more working, but what can you do? It’s what you have to do in order to keep up with the lifestyle that we have.

But, aside all the working, there are some sunshine – tomorrow is the day Nathan, the mindblowing amazing every so awesome Monstermaniac we met in Southampton and Brighton is coming here to Sweden for a week to hang out. Missed him SOOO much since the Lordi shows, and I’m so happy he’s coming. Can’t wait to see him again.

But before that, more working. Baah.

// Sara

The Sims Challenge: Day 4

Posted in 30 Day The Sims Challenge, The Sims on June 29, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

Who is your favourite Maxis-made family?

This was a tough one. I never really cared a lot for the pre-made families, I always made my own. But I guess Robert and his girl is a classic, as well as Ghost, both of these from The Sims 1.

For The Sims 2 on the other hand, I always had a thing for the Caliante girls. You know, the two roommates?

But really, this was a tough one. I don’t fancy playing major families at all, Cullens is really the only exception, I always grow bored once I start building families and stuff so I stay away as far as possible from families.

But yes. Ghost, Robert + his woman and Caliante girls.

// Sara

Sul Sul

Posted in The Sims, Uncategorized on June 28, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

So, like I said previously, this weekend has been spent doing nothing but to play The Sims together with Martina and Jennie. I thought I’d dedicate this entry to let you all know what has happened to Anna since last.

Well, to begin with, not a lot. I have yet to change her career, like I wrote in the last entry, but now I’m starting to get there. The thing is, I wanted her to keep her well-paying job once she moved, to secure her being able to pay the bills. With that said… Yes! She has finally moved!

Once I had made the 250 000 § I craved, I moved her to an empty lot and started building her house. I got bored rather quickly, mostly because I always end up buying too big lots for the houses I intent to build. I’m gonna take a few days off and then continue to build her house. I did realize a little later that it could be a good thing to have a big lot, as I intend for her to have rocket ships and so.

I’ve built half her house, and it’s half decorated, and I’ve gotten just under 200 000 §, so we’ll have to see how much will be left once I’m done decorating. I kinda want the stuff packages before I continue, so I don’t have to re-decorate the whole shit all over again when I see the new stuff, but what do you do?

Once I’m done with the house and see how much money I have to spare and how much the house costs to maintain, I intend to change her career as soon as she was mastered the Rocketscience skill. I have thought about buying her a ship to have at home to work on at the same time she pursues another career, but I decided against it and figured it’d be better she just focus on the career.

Maybe, maybe I can make Anna that super-sim I thought about making Rose before I gave her a husband and a child? (Aside Cullens, I hate playing with multiple sims)


I will keep you updated, be so sure.

// Sara

All The Things She Said

Posted in The Sims, Uncategorized on June 27, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

Currently sitting at Jennie’s with her and Martina starting our The Sims gaming weekend. Martina is playing The Sims 3 and me and Jennie are playing The Sims 4. It’s been some time since I last visited Anna Arendelle, and just as always, it takes some time before you get into it again and remember what you had in mind to accomplish.

But, so far, I’ve managed to finish off her ambitions and started a new one which is a continue-ing on the previous one (which was money) and are now focused on making her property expensive as hell, and she already has a lot worth 50 000 §, so it goes pretty quickly!

I have planned to change her career, but I was never sure when to do so, but I have now decided to keep on working and raising money (currently on 182 339§) until at least 250 000 § , and also finish off the rocket scientist skill and see if I can explore more in space before I make any radical decisions on changing careers. It feels good to have a goal.

But, until then, I have to keep freezing sims with her freeze-ray and commanding them to eat…

// Sara

New video from the Butcher Babies

Posted in Music, Uncategorized with tags on June 26, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

Alrighty all people. It’s been a mighty week since I saw the fine ladies live at Graspop Metal Meeting after about eight months of waiting, and fittingly enough, today is the day they finally released the video of their new song “Monsters Ball” off their upcoming album “Take it like a Man” (set to release in August).

This song was absolute KILLER at Gpop, which made me pretty excited to see the video. And it’s finally here! Any opinions?

In all honesty, this song is a lot heavier than their previous material which makes me a little bit concerned in all honesty. I always liked how they combined melody with heavier elements, and they are starting to lose it, or at least with this song.

On the other hand, this song is like “Custer”. Kills the pit. Split split. Excited for the album, though!

// Sara


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Seriously, this day has been so slow. Worked all night, and spent most of the day in bed. Working these kind of hours, sort of fucks up your routine you know? But it’s all gonna be cool seeing I will finally, after all this time have the long awaited The Sims weekend together with two of my good friends.

And it’s gonna be nice, for the record, to play The Sims again. It’s really been sooooo long since I actually played, mostly because of lack of time, so it’s gonna be real good to get back into the zone. If I for the life of me could even remember what the heck I had even planned to do with Anna.

Change careers, move house… yeah I think that was about it? It’s gonna be weird to start again, it’s always a little odd starting all over again when you haven’t played for a while. I really need to get myself some mandatory The Sims time from now on. To always play a little every week. I should do that.

But first: Work.

// Sara

The Sims Challenge: Day 3

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Which neighbourhood do you usually play? Why?

This should be fun.

For The Sims 1, there isn’t a lot to choose from. I usually stick to number one, else I just wind up losing all my sims, but I nearly ALMOST find myself moving my Sims to the Magic Town rather than staying in the normal neighbourhood. I also have some weird love for using the lots down the map rather than the original slots.

For The Sims 2, it varies a lot, but I find myself using Belladonna Cove, since I actually prefer to live in apartments rather than a house.

The Sims 3 on the other hand.. that changes with every game. The Cullens were big on Sunset Valley, but since I mainly play, or only play, Elsa right now Islo Paradiso is my to-go place. It’s also my favorite, since I, as most of you know, I LOVE tropical places. I have yet to try out some worlds for the Sims 3 though, so I might wanna get back to you on this one in the future.

The Sims 4 I’ve found myself playing Oasis Springs the most. I don’t even understand why, I didn’t even think about it until Jennie pointed it out that I for some reason lived in the desert. I hate the desert. And even when moving Anna, I decided against moving her to Willow Creek. So yeah, for some reason, the fucking desert.

Yeah people. There you have it. Number one / Magic Town, Belladonna Cove, Islo Paradiso and Oasis Springs. Weird selection, if you ask me.

// Sara



Gravity Falls Challenge Day 18 – Most Memorable Quote

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Interestingly enough, the first thing that popped up in my head was quotes by Phineas, quotes as “The only thing impossible is impossibility itself” and “You have to believe you can, Candace”, as those two quotes have basically shaped my life the past couple of years. Phineas & Ferb is so important, it’s so sad it’s coming to an end.

But, this was about Gravity Falls, not Phineas and Ferb, and while thinking in these trails, my mind goes back to Manliness vs Dipper, and something Grunkle Stan said when they were eating at Lazy Susan’s after he comes back from “breaking up” with the manotaurs.

You were your own man and you stood up for yourself (…)Well, you did what was right even when no one agreed with ya. Sounds pretty manly to me but, what do I know?”. – Grunkle Stan

To put some context – Dipper has been very self-councious about not being “manly” enough for Wendy, or all in all really after being teased for enjoying the icelandic pop sensations BABBA, and thus tries everything – work out, eating beef jerky, you name it, in order to become “manly”, where he runs into the manotaurs – half man, half taur. In order to become a man and become a part of the manotaurs, he has to fulfill some quests.

The first ones are fine, it involves things like jumping over a big hole, put your arm in a hole full of bees and having fake tattoos. So far so good. However, the ultimate quest, which will make him A MAN, is to kill the multibear, which is a bear with many heads, I may add.

Dipper hesitates, but he goes up to the mountain and fights the multibear, who eventually surrenders and says “alright, you win, you can kill me, but first, let me listen to my favorite song one last time. It’s in the recorder, just press play”.

And what song is it? “Disco Girl”, by icelandic pop sensation BABA. Dipper looks surprised, and says that he also loves BABBA, where the bear tells him that all the manotaurs made fun of him for liking BABBA.

Dipper returns to the man-cave, throws his weapon down and tells the manotaurs that what makes you a man isn’t in what music you listen to, what food you eat, how strong you are and so on, and killing the multibear really won’t make him a man.

Dipper: You keep telling me that being a man means doing all these tasks, and being aggrel all the time, but I’m starting to think that stuff’s malarkey.”
Leaderaur: Kill the multi-bear or never be a man!
Dipper: Then I guess I’ll never be a man.

Of course, this has him thrown out, and enters the scene above, where Grunkle Stan tells him that he became a man by standing up for what he believes in, and what is right.

// Sara

30 Minutes

Posted in CDs, Uncategorized on June 22, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

While at Graspop, I determined that Dionysus might be one of the best, if not the best, band Sweden has ever produced, despite them not getting too far. And this morning, dreadful morning after Graspop where I found myself going to work only mere 30 minutes after coming home from Oslo/Brussels, Dionysus was the perfect company.

And I can’t help but to keep on going with my so far favorite release, “Anima Mundi“.

So, where do I even begin with this album? At the titletrack? The titletrack is without a doubt my personal favorite on the entire album, but you can’t forget epic songs such as “March to Freedom”, the intense opening “Divine”, although I think this one comes off as a computergames song, which, is a good thing for me, haha. “Eyes of the World”, “Paradise Land”… and last, but not the least… “Forever More”.

You’d almost think the last one isn’t a part of the album, it’s very “Here I go Again”-ish, but I guess that’s it you know. The greatness, the big sound and epic chorus that just makes it beyond perfect. It doesn’t beat “Anima Mundi”, still, as that one is what I’d call an anthem, and you can’t beat anthems but damn.

Dionysus sure helped me pull through this morning.

// Sara

Let Me In

Posted in Uncategorized on June 21, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

So, the final day came. And not the final day for the festival, or well, that too,  but it was also the day where I set to leave. I had taken a fairly late flight, so I didn’t have to rush first thing in the morning gladly.

Slowly packed everything while eating, and I’m still not sure how my mother managed to fit it all in my bag, but eventually I got there. Robert and Mie came by to say good bye, and then I left for the bus.

A bus that was set to leave every 20th minute, but I’m absolutely positive we waited a lot longer than that. Forced me to miss my first train, lucky for Gpop I managed to make the second one which technically was faster, but with more changes.

And the changes… Let’s just say that Belgiums trains aren’t exactly made for the handicapped. It was sure some time since I saw trains that weren’t adjustable like that, so good for SNCB that I’m used to throwing my festivalbag around or else I’d be stuck somewhere between Mol and Antwerpen.

Once at the airport the rush started, I had to put in the wheels with the matress and didn’t get it to fit, but no problem is hard enough so with a few extra bands and a LOT of duct tape, I got it together about one minute before the plane departed.


And once in Oslo, I wasn’t sure if I was ever gonna get my bag, gladly I did and headed over to Narvesen for a bottle of milk (don’t ask about my cravings) and a bag of mini-carrots and got on the bus home.

It’s been a pleasant festival, the bands was KILLER and I don’t regret going for SlipKnot. You guys rule my world. Oh that sounded SO prissy, but oh well.

Thanks, Butcher Babies, SlipKnot, Alice Cooper, Korpiklaani and all you other bands. Thanks.

// Sara