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Undo these chains

Posted in Uncategorized on May 31, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

Spent the evening with Jennie, actually, in order to get a break from all the stress that is preparing for Sweden Rock and Graspop and Noch Ein Bier and what not. Gladly, I managed to find good flights after all.

So what did we do then? Well, we ate strawberries, or earth gubbs as Jennie calls them, talked a lot about everything and nothing, and had a marshmallows barbecue over normal candles as usual… and played The Sims 4. A Lot of it. And for the first time I’ve actually noticed how Origin tells you when your friend is playing the game as well. Pretty cool if you ask me!

I’ve kind hit a wall with Anna. On the one hand, I’m more than ready to just change her career. And I want her plants to die, because I’m tired of them, but I also need the money. And this is the reason you should never permanently go out of a The Sims game for a longer period of time, because you completely forget all the goals and things you had in mind.

And I need to get the Luxury stuff pack. Like, ASAP.

// Sara

Goodbye to Yesterday

Posted in Uncategorized on May 30, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

Sweden Rock is getting closer and closer, and I’m mostly spending my days now running around trying to pull together what to pack. For the first time in forever, I actually don’t know what to wear, and thus, don’t know what to bring. Aside all the necessities, that is.

But I’m glad it’s coming. Sooner than ever, and I’m happy about going back home to Norje and Sweden Rock. But for now, I’m just gonna keep running around and trying to get things into my bag. Hey, A for effort, right?

// Sara

J- Best Drummer of a band in your opinion

Posted in A-Z Music, Music, Uncategorized on May 29, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

Again, I won’t be judging the skills too much per se, but again aim for my favorite drummer rather than the best in the world. When it comes to arguing about musicians, people will always have their own opinion, you know? Half of the world praises Joey Jordison, the speedball, and half of the world hates him. Half of the world loves Lars Ulrich, half hates him. No matter how you twist and turn, there will always be people who hate on it, so, therefore, I went with my favorite drummer in a band.

And it should come to no surprise to all of you, that that particular drummer is no one less than pet the destroyer, Kita.

Lordi i Göteborg 078

So this was essentially the only picture I had available close enough on this computer. Oh well.

So Kita. As most of you know, Kita has always been my favorite member of Lordi, or actually, perhaps not always. There was indeed a period where I didn’t have a favorite member at all, but then I saw him waving the sticks behind his kit after they had won the Eurovision Song Contest, and that’s when I fell in love with him, so to speak. He was so cute.

I’ve met him two times, in his monstrous disguise, first in 2006, which is pictured above. I already wrote about some of it when writing about OX, but seriously, it’s a fond memory. Both me and Lina were so scared, or shy perhaps, to walk up to them, and when Kita saw my shirt he started calling out for us to come over (and OX joined in as well when he saw Linas shirt). I kept staring at the floor being so shy, and when I was just about to crash right into OX, I was stopped by Kitas arm going around me. Thank god for that. He turned me around, told me he liked my shirt and then the picture was taken.

2009 was a little “slower”. I was the first to enter the backstage room, and Kita was already sitting there. Which scared me A LOT, haha. It went pretty fast from that – I got my shirt signed, a hug from him and a small chat.

Who would have thought, that when Paula and I went to Nosturi in 2010, that it’d be the last we ever saw of him? I don’t think anyone saw it coming at that point.

Yeah. Mana, and definitely Otus, may pass him skill-wise. But he’ll always be one of my first love’s, when it comes to loving musicians, and no skill, speedball or big drumset can ever come above that.

Thanks for all, pet the destroyer.

// Sara

Show Me Love

Posted in Uncategorized on May 28, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

It’s a mere few days left before departure to Sweden Rock. And the stress is starting to come over me. Haven’t packed, haven’t planned what to wear, haven’t done this and that and this and that. Why do I always procrastinate, and do everything last minute?

I really need to adapt this little thing I once read – “If it takes less than two minutes, just do it”. Like filling my cellphone with money. Takes very little time. Why haven’t I done it? Because I’m a procrastinator, is what I do. If I made money on procrastination, I’d be rich.

But if we look away from all of this, I DID actually get myself, after all these years, and inflatable mattress. Finally. And a big one too. ALL THE SPACE MOTHERFUCKER.

I have a few more things I need to pick up – I saw this really convenient thing at the supermarket I NEED to have before Sweden Rock.

And a new foundation. Mine is literally empty. I have scratched out all the last things in it. But hey! I got some new wicked LED lights in my little cozy corner, so now I have a good place to read a book. Finally! That reminds me. Flashlights.

// Sara


Posted in CDs on May 27, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

Do you ever have that issue that you tell yourself you are only supposed to get a certain amount of shopping done, and then you end up doing a lot more than that? No one? Okay.

Basically, I went to Knastret to pick up two CD’s to finish off my pile before Sweden Rock, since I have some twisted idea in my head that I can’t separate a group of CD’s that are bought together, and I estimated that two more CD’s would fit in the pile before it was full. Said and done, I headed over to Knastret to pick up no more than two CD’s and left with…. three.

Typical, typical me. It’s just so hard, because I picked up one CD, then I found another one and then I realized I should I have checked that section and I found a CD there and I can’t say no to CD’s… so… Anyway. Here’s what I got.


Swedish metallers Dream Evil‘s third album “The Book of Heavy Metal“. I’ve actually been on the search for this one for AGES, and finally I found it! So happy. So despite missing two pieces of Dream Evil’s discography, I feel pretty content when it comes to that band. How awesome is that?


Misdemeanor‘s self titled debut album. Actually, this one of the “blind-dates” I do with records from time to time. With other words, when I pick up albums with bands I’m completely unfamiliar with. It turns out, after a bit of research, this five-piece female metal band is actually from Sweden, formed in 1994. A few EP’s was released prior to this album, which was release in 2002. I haven’t properly listened to it yet, but I like what I heard so far!


Lita Ford’s “Wicked Wonderland”, released in 2009. I’ve always thought over the years I was gonna get this, but never really got around to it. Lucky me I found it down in Knastret, and not just the album, but it happened to be the bonus tracks version. Lucky times!

Aside getting these few gems, a new bag and so on, I also met up with Anna and had a nice dinner talking about everything between heaven and hell. And hell, that is precisely what the buses here in town are. I’m not sure if it’s like this everywhere, or only here in Värmland/Karlstad, but they really have to complicate EVERYTHING. Couldn’t put money on my buscard so I very so kindly had to ask mum to come pick me up.

That’s what you get for not being able to purchase mobile tickets, I guess. Damn you, Karlstadsbuss and Värmlandstrafik!

// Sara

Dead Memories

Posted in Uncategorized on May 26, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

It just hit me. It’s less than a week until Sweden Rock. Or technically, Sweden Rock begins on Wednesday next week, but it’s one week until I’ll most likely go down there. At this time, next week, I’ll be sitting outside my tent, or possibly sleeping, it’s midnight right now actually.

I’ve waited for this festival since forever, and it coming closer and closer for every day is kind of… mindfucking, you know? It’s hard to wrap my head around that it’s so close and so soon. The signing sessions has arrived and now I need to make up my mind about what signing sessions to do and make sure they don’t collide with some band I want to see and what not.

And what should I even bring to the festival, in terms of clothing and all?

Oh dear festival problems…

// Sara

Still in Love with You

Posted in Uncategorized on May 25, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

The Eurovision fever is going high here at home, playing old and new entries over and over again while continuing with my re-decoration of my room.

It’s kind of liberating in a way. To once and for all actually do some changes. I’m usually very reluctant with changes, and I get sentimental easily and don’t want to move stuff. Despite knowing it will all be better and make me happier once it’s gone. The biggest project of the day has been my CD shelf. Mr Blue, my current CD shelf is running out of space (only three slots left) so I’m in quite the hurry to make some space for the new arrivals. I’m not 100% sure the pile waiting to be sorted will fit. So much albums, so little space huh?

First of all – I have a about nine CD’s piled between two shelves – the bookshelf and the computer desk, and it wasn’t very handy seeing I couldn’t really take out CD’s too easily. I had put levels out of cardboard between them, but it was still not very useful. So what I did, was to build an actual shelf. The shelf is about seven stories high and fits a total of 21 CD’s, and it’s currently only nine.

It was made out of wood and cardboard, stitched together and is supported by the shelves.



On top of this, I also re-organised the top shelf of the computer desk. Turning the already existing record-containers, moving them a bit and turning my flute which allowed me to add two more record containers. I also added some fake chips and candle lights for decorations.


Basically what you see here, with the Ace Frehley head you see the KISS collection. Very small, but it’s there. My flute, empty record container, the combined Wig Wam and The Poodles holder, and next to it is the Dschinghis Khan collection. Another “empty” container and then the Lordi shelf with half of it’s content being computergames. The Poodles and Lordi used to share, but eventually Lordi started to outgrow The Poodles, and seeing that Wig Wam doesn’t exist anymore as a band, they got grouped together.

Talking about Ace Frehley… one more week only ’til Sweden Rock!

// Sara

A Million Voices

Posted in Uncategorized on May 24, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

Ok so, I actually spent most of the day watching Eurovision again, this time together with the Australians who had a re-run showing at a more apropriate time. This was one train wreck after the other – no matter how much I paused, I’d still end up ahead of them, up until the percussion part where I ended up half an hour after them.

However, it was AMAZING as hell, despite knowing all results and all, to watch with some dedicated people who loves it as much as me (at least I assume so!) And since I’ve calmed down since yesterday…

First of all. I’m so fucking happy Sweden won. I was so scared Russia or Italy would win, because I HATE being in second or third place. Go Månsy! I’m so fucking proud.

But something I thought about. When Russia were seemingly the winner, did anyone noticed what happened in the background? How the entire, ENTIRE, crowd was cheering “Sweden! Sweden! Sweden!”. Never before, EVER, have I heard an entire crowd chant for the same country. But I guess, that in the end, the freedom to love whoever you want is more important than your favorite to win.

The lady from Hungary didn’t even get to start give some points before the cheering for Sweden began. This is wonderful, Curt can verify, my breath was taken away from the support. And I couldn’t even speak when we realized Sweden had again won Eurovision. God, I can’t even…

However, even though I know it’s nothing personal against Russia, I’m still a bit sad to see people booing whenever they get a 12. It’s not the singers fault Russia has the law they have, and they shan’t be punished for it. Kudos to the hostess that gave a “warning” to the crowd.

And it especially sucks, when, after all is said and done, Russia had the best song of this years contest.

// Sara


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Bild 2015-05-24 kl. 00.56

// Sara

My Fortress

Posted in Uncategorized on May 22, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

Seriously, I’m in this really weird Triosphere period right now. I can barely listen to anything but Triosphere. I went through the catalouge I had by Kittie, and The Lounge Kittens but I still found myself going back to Triosphere. It inspires me to no end, and I don’t even know why.

I guess we can all say “The Heart of the Matter” grows on me for everyday, even more than I already liked it. I think it’s something with Ida’s vocals. It’s like… it’s powerful, yet sweet. She goes full on in certain songs, but have no issue taking on the high notes when needed and fitting. Fucking love it.

Aside my new obsession with Triosphere, the day has been fairly slow. The fever is still going strong with me, and I really wish it would just be gone. Like, now. So I could do stuff.

// Sara