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Shit, I got scared. I almost thought for a moment I’d have to use the new editing system with WordPress, and if so, then that could possibly have been the last you’d see of this blog, haha.

Anyway. Today was basically just a pit stop. To throw out all the shit I had brought to Southampton, and to pack down shit I needed for Brussels. Or more like, throwing out HALF of my Southampton stuff. I would still need you know, toiletries and my pyjamas. And my computer.

I went a quickie downtown to pick up some other Coachella stuff (seriously, the collection is to die for!) and then going home to prepare even more for Brussels. Am I sure I had the right tickets and all with me? Not fucking sure, and seriously, this endless traveling between destinations with pitstops will kill me one day.

But who cares, when it was time for Steel Panther in just two days?

// Sara

International Smile

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It was time for us to leave the beautiful city that is Southampton, or well, at least the part we saw of it was fairly beautiful. We got up, had our breakfast, RUSHED to the train.. Got on the train…. change to a bus… then we finally hit the airport. Before checking in our luggage, we decided to make a little Lordi parody. You who have seen Lordi knows the big windy pieces of fabric that Amen has? We found some air-sources and well…


We then hit up this amazing food place and I got myself a mushroom soup.. at first I was suspicious, and after we got it, I got even more suspicious, because it sure as hell didn’t look tasty… but first bite… I WAS IN HEAVEN.

So we sat there for a good hour or so, talking about everything and nothing, eating, drinking… for so long we almost missed our flight.

Once we got on the flight, it was nothing but traveling. We got off the plane, rushed to the bus to catch the other bus and in Västerås even Michelle joined my bus. After Kristinehamn we were the only ones on the bus as well.What are the odds on that?

So what did we do on the bus? As if we haven’t traveled enough, we booked our return to England. See you in a few days! Yes, we are a little insane. You don’t need to say it.

// Sara

Lordi @ The Engine Room, Southampton, United Kingdom 29/3 – 15

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So! The day had finally arrived, as I’ve said so many times before, for us to once again begin the scarctic circle gathering, but this time in the UK! We got up fairly early in order to have some real english breakfast (yum!) and later got ready for the show. This time, finally, Michelle and I were able to use our airline hostesses costumes! Not a day too late. We packed down one of the cakes from yesterdays celebration, packed all the necessities and then headed for Subway to pick up some food and then went to queue.

It was so convenient – the arena was located no less than about 20 minutes from our hotel, however, it was very hard to find. We got to the destination where we were supposed to be, and we saw their tourbus so it had to be there right? We saw a poster next to it that indicated it COULD be there, but we weren’t sure. As Paula went away, a guy who worked there came out and told us it WAS indeed The Engine Room, so we were all set!

However, we finally see Paula coming back from wherever she was, and just as she approached, OX comes out of the venue unmasked. Here’s the deal: Paula doesn’t wanna see the band unmasked. So we nodded at him a little… and then… I yelled to Paula “CLOSE YOUR EYES!” and she stopped. The thing is, she stopped behind a big wall, so OX looked back at us completely confused and I was like DAMN… Didn’t mean it like that haha!

Well, what can you say about queueing in Southampton. Rainy. Windy. REALLY WINDY. So windy the birds couldn’t even fly properly. But you know, we solve it the way we do best. Like acting like fools. Building invisible houses, having burpcontests (the other two) and other normal things. Love these two girls.


For once, we actually queued fairly long, and when slicing up the cake we managed to make a new friend! Nathan is his name, around the same age as us, real fun dude! The queueing went on and on, and the bandmembers passed and disappeared as the day went on. Paula and I left to go to the bathroom, and end up on the fourth floor of IKEA, which gave us a marvellous view!

When we got back, I noticed Michelle, Nathan and someone else was talking to Mr Lordi, so I obviously did the only normal thing anyone would do: I grabbed my phone and called Curt. Gladly, despite it being like 3 am, he picked up, and by that, we made him have a little phonechat with Mr Lordi. He kinda died. I think. A bit.

We got to know the person Michelle had befriended, William was his name! A real sweet guy from Germany, about the same age as our younger ones in the Swedish Crew, real sweet dude! At this point, the members were coming in and out of the arena on a rolling band, so I just put a blindfold over Paula’s eyes instead of telling her to close them. This, caused Amen to come up to me and asked my why I was having that infront of her eyes, and I simply told him that it’s because she doesn’t wanna see them unmasked.

And then he proceeded to hug her, and the best part? She didn’t even know it was him. And then he whispered in her ear that he thought it was cute and left the scene, and that’s when she realized who hugged her, and she literally broke down crying. He returned a little later to hug her again because she was crying.

Eventually, it got closer and closer to the opening hour and before we knew it, the doors were opened and we went inside.

This venue, is REALLY tiny. A little bigger than Sala But, but still. We took our spots and then headed for the bathroom. Went back, had a small chat with DP’s merchguy (I might add, we’ve been interacting with DP and their merchguy all day) and then took our spots again to wait for Dirty Passion.

Pretty much right on time, they entered the stage and started off the show. They delivered a very energetic set, as always, but one thing changed this day! They decided to dedicate their song, “Addicted” to Paula because of her birthday! Fucking love it!


They left the stage after a flawless gig and the wait for Hollywood Groupies started. I the mean time, we started prepping a little bit for our prank for Lordi, I’ll tell you all about it later.

Before we knew it, Hollywood Groupies walked on stage.

Just as before, the gig was as energetic and party-wise as previously, I can’t stress enough what an amazing frontwoman Foxy is, love seeing them. But yes, great show, awesome and all, and after it they left the stage to wait for Lordi.


So, after Groupies, it was time to properly prepare. We tied up our hair, put on our sunglasses, got in position… and then the show started. The flightattendant came out, did her thing, and the band walked out on stage one by one and they started off with “Nailed by the Hammer of Frankenstein”. And we stood completely still. Like statues.

I must admit, it was HARD. Like, I broke my pokerface almost immediately, and I had to look away from them to not start laughing. Hahaha. God, it was hard! They continued on with “This is Heavy Metal” and we removed our jackets. Halfway through the song, we removed our glasses, looked at each other and nodded. I’m not sure how much of all of this Lordi actually saw, but we got some weird looks from Amen, haha.


For the third song, we got in position and right as the guitars started in “Hard Rock Hallelujah”, we pulled out our hairdo’s and started going crazy like normal. I’m still not sure if anyone actually noticed, but we had a LOT of fun with it.

“Deadache” was the next song on the list before it was time for Hella’s little solo. It was just as brutal as always, and “Hell Sent in The Clowns” followed. Awesome.


“Blood Red Sandman” was ripped off, as well as Mana’s amazing solo followed by “Give Your Life For Rock n Roll” and “Don’t Let My Mother Know”. Just fucking brilliant, you know? OX Solo, again without the soundeffects, gave us some nice basstunes followed by “How To Slice A Whore”. I fucking love this song.


“It Snows In Hell” approached and of course, we turned around and hung upside down. What we didn’t see coming, was Mr Lordi spitting all over us. Thanks dude! Right in my eye! It was followed by “The Riff” and later “Sincerely With Love”. No matter how many times they ask us to flip them the finger, I will always show you a heart.

Amen’s beautiful little solo came up, which was followed by “Not The Nicest Guy”. Amen went to the middle of the stage, did his thing, but instead of just devil’s horns, he also formed a heart with his hands. Love him. “Devil is a Loser” was the last song for the night before the band left the stage.

Of course, as usual, only to come back. “Scare Force One”, “Who’s Your Daddy” and “Would You Love A Monsterman” was the final songs of the night before the band said good night for good.

The show was good, just as the others, and I’m more than pleased!

After waiting for a little while (since the band was heading out to the dressing room through the crowd) we hit the merchstands. I first of all bought a Hollywood Groupies tee, and also had a picture taken with the band. I mean, after all these years, can you believe it?


We went on to Dirty Passion’s merchstand where I ALSO got a shirt, and a nice chat with the Merchinator. Moved onto Lordis, got myself the Tour Beast tourbook. Seriously, I should just make up my mind and buy everything on there.

We went out of the arena and began the wait for a certain person in a band for some questions, and as the members appeared one after one, we had Paula’s shirt signed. With her blindfolded. I literally had to pack her up to every member and especially OX had quite the laugh about it, haha.

We stood for a while and talked to the guys in Dirty Passion before they left to get food, and eventually Amen came out and he teased Paula a little bit for not seeing him, and Nasty joined us. Later joined by Mr Lordi, where we confessed that he had spit on us on purpose. Oh, did I mention Amen love the thing we do in “It Snows In Hell”? Success!

The night went on and on, and eventually we all departed ways and we passed out on the hotel room, more than satisfied with the evening.

// Sara

Hollow Soul

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Today has been ALL about traveling. I left Karlstad around 7 in the morning on the train onwards to Stockholm, where I did a stop for a few hours. And the first thing I did was to hit H&M to check out their new Coachella collection.

Which was a terrible, terrible mistake.

99% of the collection is pure perfection. But because of money restricions, I only left with a dress, a skirt and the lace pants. So fucking amazing, but one day I’ll have it all!

Time was running away from me, so I hit Creole for some last minute costume fix, subway for lunch and got on the airport shuttle bus and then checked in the flight, and flied, what else? It was quite turbulent while flying, almost like riding a rollercoaster! Haha.

Landed safely a head of time, collected my luggage and went out in the hall… Only to find Paula standing there waiting with a pimp sign for me! Made me blush a little. I love the little tramp.

We picked up some water and headed for the long trainride for Southampton. We got to check out exotic animals and catching up on a LOT of things.

Eventually, we arrived and all of a sudden Paula’s phone rings, and it turns out Michelle has also arrived on the other side of the station! We gathered up together and went to look for the hostal.

Ok, so, we reached the street and started to look for our motel. And you wanna know something about the Polygon street or whatever? ITS NOTHING BUT HOSTELS. Whereever we look, it was another guest house or hostel. Fucking amazing, took us quite some time to find our!

We dumped our shit and headed to Subway for a dinner deluxe and then returning home to let our insanity roam loose.

Tomorrow it was time for Lordi. Finally.

// Sara

Rivals Forever

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Ok. You guys know what I suck at?

Getting shit done in time. So, I had planned I was gonna be all set and done yesterday, in order to chill out on Friday. Did this happen? NO. Of course not, I found myself running around like a maniac packing everything, or, basically nothing since I’m going with this tiny luggage, Gladly, I’m not bringing a lot. Which helps out.

But only a bit really. It feels like you are bound to forget something if you bring little. I mean, if you have this big suitcase that you randomly throw shit in, you WILL manage to bring everything, despite feeling like you don’t. When you have a tiny compromised bag like I do this time, shit will be forgot.

But for once, I think I actually got it done. I guess we will see when I hit the UK.

The question is, will I pack in time for Belgium?

Doubt it.

// Sara

Guardian Angels

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Seriously, this day felt so long! Perhaps it’s all the stress, who the heck knows. I did some last minute shopping for the upcoming tourweek – perhaps I didn’t tell you, but right after Southampton I get one day at home and then I’ll head over to the country of chocolate and waffles again for Steel Panther. Although, I must admit, I’m not sure what I’m more excited about – The Lounge Kittens or Steel Panther. The Lounge Kittens really SLAYED IT in Oslo!

But really, the only things I got for myself was beauty stuff. Like, body butter (The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry for you who speak beautyproducts), a new perfume (Katy Perry Killer Queen’s Spring Reign, 2015 ltd edition) and some sweet lipbalm. I was really on the chase for some new cute nailpolish, but didn’t really find anything. Oh well.

So basically, what I’m trying to say here is that absolutely nothing is starting to come together for England.

Nice, huh?

// Sara

REVIEW: Magic Kingdom – Savage Requiem

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Magic Kingdom is a Belgium based four-piece band, consisting of no less than Christian Palin on vocals, Vassili Moltchanov on bass, Michael Brush on drums and Dushan Petrossi on guitars. The band was launched in 1998 and just a year later did they release their debut, ”The Arrival” followed by two more albums – ”Metallic Tragedy” and ”Symphony of War”. They are now, in 2015, back with their fourth album – ”Savage Requiem”.

It opens up with the epical and big “Umbra Mea” preparing us for the quest we are about to join. We are thrown into the galopping opening song that is “Guardian Angel”, which sets the mood for the entire album.

Brought into the battle ground that is “Savage Reqiuem” we face aggressive and fast guitar riffs combined with epic keyboards and classic drums with sweet voices – pretty much the perfect recepie for a power metal album of this age. It has got it all: the triggering, battle-preparing-kind-of-songs such as “Guardian Angel”, “Savage Requiem”, “With Fire and Sword” and “Battlefield Magic”, more calm, fullmoon-witchcraft-kind-of-songs such as “Full Moon Sacrifice”, and sweet songs as “Dragon Princess”.

However, my personal favorite of the whole album is “Ship of Ghosts”, which so happens to include a piece of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, it’s a trotting melodic song with one of the best melodylines I have heard this year, and epic as hell. The pre-chorus, the chorus, the verses… I could go on and on about how much I love this song, just as with “High and Low” from Serious Black.

However, despite this song, and despite the album being close to previous material, yet new and pretty solid, I must admit it’s only so so. Possibly, I had too high expectations, but it doesn’t meet up just right. It’s decent, solid, but not what I thought it would be.

Label: AFM Records

CDON | Amazon | Ginza

// Sara


Stop Loving You

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Ahh. The day after the arrival home. What does that day consist of? Unpacking. And booking.

Before the Savonlinna trip last year, I got myself a bankbook in order to keep better track on who pays what and what things actually cost. Sometimes when I look in it, I get happy when I see how cheap we make our trips, and other times I just cry. Sometimes it’s better not to know how much money you spend on these things…

So basically, what I’ve been doing is throwing shit out of my suitcase, storing away the suitcase and then sorting out recipes in food / shopping and then card / cash to get a better view. It’s a bit of a hustle, but it has to be done nonetheless. For my forthcoming trips I’m not attatching a stapler to it so we can sort out the recipes from the beginning instead. You live and you learn!

But you know, even though I unpack, I only do so to start packing again. We’re visiting the UK on Saturday for birthday celebrations and Lordi show, and next week I’m heading down to Belgium again for Steel Panther, or perhaps, The Lounge Kittens. I’m not sure which of them I’m more excited to see, really.

But until then.. I’m just gonna keep unpack and pack again.

// Sara


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So. I’m home. At last.

This has been an intense week. It started off in Belgium on Sunday with Santa Cruz, Engel and Amaranthe and on Monday we were off to Spain for a short vacation and some Lordi. Heading back to Norway for Steel Panther and getting on a bus in all its might to catch Katy Perry, the perfect wrap up.

This was really the perfect week. It opened up with the best people in Amaranthe with a fantastic show from three bands, meet&greet and amazing people at the place, followed by the highlight that is Hollywood Groupies, Dirty Passion and Lordi, crashing with Steel Panther to be beautifully finished by Katy Perry.

I did four countries in one week, and it counted up to 10 shows in one week. This is the biggest tour, we / I have done so far, and I’m only ready now to aim higher, and challenge myself even more.

I wanna give a big shout out to all the amazing people that made this trip what it was – My partner in crime, my platypus, my right hand, my slave – Michelle. The epicness that is Spain, the depression that was Norway would have been nothing without you. Thanks to Cyril, Tim and Laura for your company

Thanks to Danny and Mrs Jacob, Maffe-The-MerchGuy, Elize, Henrik, Olof, Johan, Morten and Jake, Santa Cruz and Engel for everything.

Thanks to Marina, my Spanish Rose for the company and for lunch, you rock girl. Thanks to Hella, Mana, Mr L, OX, Amen, Hollywood Groupies and Dirty Passion. Thanks to The Merchinator and Jaqueline for epicness.

Thanks to The Lounge Kittens, Michael, Lexxi, Satchel and Stix for the concert, and thanks to our hotelroom-mates for putting up with us and being the sweetest ever. Thanks to Kim and Erlend for late night dinner and company.

Thanks to Norwegian, Brussel Airlines and Iberia for taking us to our destinations, thanks to for providing us with shelter, thanks to Swebus, SJ and Värmlandstrafik for helping out. I’m not sponsored, but seriously, where would I be without these? A shoutout to public transit in Belgium, Spain and SL as well.

And thank you, Katy Perry, for the fantastic that is your show, thank you for the courage.

Thank you, all of you people who were a part of this, making this the epicness that was this tour. I hope to see you all again very soon.

10408763_746043608848078_2143535663943671016_namaranthebelgium3DSC00859DSC00864DSC00862panther3 katy3

// Sara

Katy Perry @ Globen, Stockholm, Sweden 22/3 – 15

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We went up fairly early, but somehow I managed to fall back to sleep and much to my despair I noticed the time was ten to seven and I practically DASHED out of bed, changed, packed and headed out of the hotel. It was supposed to take about 30 mins to walk to the central, and the bus was leaving in 20. Somehow, we managed to make the bus with just a few minutes to spare and our hearts up our throats.

With that said, we started our journey towards Karlstad and Stockholm. Michelle was hoping off in Karlstad in order to head over to Manchester, and I was continuing onto Stockholm. Why?

Because Katy Perry, that’s why. 

Katy Perry… where do I begin. She’s basically the love of my life. I don’t even know how to explain it, or how to put it into words… But it’s something with her music that reaches in to your very core, puts it’s arms around it and hugs it tightly. Relatable songs, as if she’s watching from above, but not only that, she also got the easy get going cheerful songs to get your mood up. I don’t know, she’s my saviour, that’s really all I can say. I had waited six years for her to come to Sweden, and this was the day.

Said and done. We arrived a bit a head of time to our destination and I immediatley hit the hotel to drop off my shit, give Michelle a call and get ready for the show. I headed over to Globen fairly late actually, but it was all good. Hit the merchstand for a tour shirt, tourprogramme and a button pack. It hit me that I have more buttons with artists as Lady Gaga and Katy rather than metal bands. LOVE IT.

Went down to the standing area, picked up a drink and popcorn, took a decent place and started to wait for the opening act, Charli XCX.

I’m more of a major in Metal, so I didn’t initially recognize her name, but once she started playing some of her songs I realized I knew most of them. This happens only with pop songs, but I must say I was happily surprised to realize it was actually someone I somewhat knew of (I need to get better att checking out supportacts)


I’m not sure how long she played, I didn’t clock it, but it was an extremely energetic set, I was impressed! And I was also impressed on how into it the audience was, it was quite the difference from yesterdays shenanigans… With all that, she left the stage and the final waiting began.

This was gonna be it. The moment. The moment I had been waiting for for so long. I’ve been a fan or hers since 2009 , and I’ve never seen her before. I got the tickets in June last year, do you understand how long time it is?

After waiting for a good half an hour or so (with a rush to the bathroom just-in-case) the lights went out and the show was on.

Basically, how it started was Katy elevating out of this triangle from the middle of the stage, and she did so to the pure tones of “Roar”‘s intro. Out she steps, the lady of the night in a dress made out of reflective silver pieces with LED lightning following the lines. Fucking love it.

The show is massive, alright, you can tell already here. Props all over, a lightning show that sends EVERYTHING ELSE YOU HAVE EVER SEEN TO SHAME and all these backup dancers… Ahh. It’s pretty much everything I ever thought Katy to be.


“Part of Me” was next song on the list and I couldn’t do anything but to stare (and dance and sing) at the lady. The amazement that is her. “Wide Awake” was fired off before it was time for one of the best moments of the show.

“This Moment”.

First of all, this song is a personal favorite of mine, but aside that… THE LIGHTSHOW people. You HAD to be there to see it, it was almost like crystals who shot out of the lights, and it was sparkles all over the arena, you could spin around and just see it all over. This only lasted for the first chorus, but the rest of the song had other stunning lights. The song faded over to “Love Me” before she left the stage.

And returned with a gigantic horse.

A dark horse.

Clad in Cleopatra inspired clothes sitting up on her horse she performed “Dark Horse” to us in a MASSIVE way. Like, I was never too hyped about the song on the album, but DAMN. This song is amazing live. Damn.


“E.T” and “Legendary Lovers” was next on the list, and damn, these songs are so amazing. Sometimes I really forget how fucking amazing she is. And this is probably because she is way better live than she is on CD. Which is much appreciated. And the massive show… dancers in the roof, the light.. ahhh.


“I Kissed A Girl” was fired off before she left the stage and had us watching Kittywood before returning with an ensemble of cats for a toned down, almost showkind of version of “Hot N Cold”. Imagine real old lounge music sung by some fancy lady. That’s pretty much what this was. LOVED IT, despite it being so unexpected. And what happened after this? THE RAT MAN.


This is literally my favorite shot from the whole concert. Basically, the ratman appeared running around causing trouble, but thanks to the cats, we could get rid of him.

Next, was “International Smile”. AND THANK YOU FOR THAT ONE. This one is my favorite song off “Prism”, since it sometimes feels a bit like us, traveling around for all these bands and everything, and I must admit I was so happy see so many of my own favorites ending up. Maybe my bad old luck with setlists are finally over? The song eventually faded out in “Vouge”.

After this, it all got a bit toned down. She changed into this beautiful butterfly kind of dress, almost like the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella. She brought up a fan on stage to take a selfie with her, and then she took the mic and began with “By the Grace of God”. She proceeded to pick up a guitar and perform an acoustic version of “The One That Got Away”.


Something I noticed, is how emotional Katy seemed. She looked like she was crying, or about to, in many of her songs. And I can see why, some of her songs are really emotional, but it was just… yeah. I haven’t seen such vulnerability to stage in a very long time, it makes me glad. That we can share the moment like that.


“Unconditionally” was dedicated to her crew and brought the whole crowd into a singalong that sends Steel Panther to shame.  After it was done, she left us for a little while only to return with “Walking on Air” with her being attached to a wire in the roof while walking on the air. Love it.

“It Takes Two” was next on the list before it was time for the big audience favorite – “This is How We Do” / “Last Friday Night” where she sent out BIG champagne bottles, shoes, lipsticks, you name it! Ah, she’s like a child. I love it. I mean this in a very, VERY good way.

“Teenage Dream” was next on the list before she left to change and came back to fire off “California Gurls”. Love it. They brought out the letters “HOLLYWOOD” and played with the lightning again. LOVE IT.

She left for a good while, and then returned for the first encore, which was “Birthday”. She brought up a fan that had her birthday on stage and put her on a throne and dedicated the song to her. She then proceeded to get into a swing and fly all around the arena, and how do you possibly match this up if not by throwing out a million balloons and confetti? That’s right.


She left again, and this time the screen on the stage advised us that it was time for Prisma Vision.

What is prisma vision? Well, pretty much all the guests had been given certain glasses, like 3D glasses sort of, if you like, and now was the time to put them on for the very last song of the night, which was “Firework”.

And damn. DAMN. DAMN. The effects made with these glasses! It was insane. What before was just some screen savers turned out to be actual fireworks, the pyrotechnics got intenser and rainbows all over the place. What an ending! How could anyway ever actually top this? No one can. NO ONE.

With that, she thanked for the night and walked off stage. And by that, Prismatic World Tour was over.

Katy Perry. You’ll never actually read this yourself, but THANK YOU. Thank you so much, for this show, for your music, for your existence. You are one of the reasons I’m still alive and I owe my life to you. This show was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life, and I’m so thankful I got to be a part of this. Thank you, from the deepest corners of my heart.

I could not have had a better ending for this tour-week. With this show, that week was over. I left Globen with the biggest smile on my lips.

This is what I call perfection.

// Sara