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Posted in Uncategorized on January 29, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

Tomorrow is the day with a big D people! Or technically, you are reading this today so whatever…

Tomorrow/today is the official start of this years concerts for me! And as you all know, I’m starting it off with no one better than Amaranthe, in Västerås. And it’s so convenient – if they stop play at the time they are supposed to, I’ll even be home by 3 in the morning! Like I said about Gröna Lund, those kind of concerts are the best.

And gladly, I’ve finally been able to pull together what I wanna wear too. I struggled so hard to find something fitting for “Massive Addictive” and even though I got some parts together, I couldn’t figure out the pants… so I obviously did it the easy way, took an old pair of leggings of mine and put the scissors in them. I’m mighty happy about the results, and maybe I’ll show you the day after tomorrow what it all eventually came to look at! I’ll actually be breaking in some new shoes at Amaranthe, I figured I’d do it BEFORE we go to Frankfurt so I don’t do an “Italy” all over again and get bleedy feet because of new shoes…

Anyway. It’ll be awesome, I’m sure. Now I just need to load my phone, empty my phone, empty the camera….

// Sara