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Gravity Falls Challenge Day 10: Place I’d like to go

Posted in 20 Days Gravity Falls Challenge, Gravity Falls, Uncategorized on January 10, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

This one is EASY.

In all of Gravity Falls, where would I rather go? Of course – The Mystery Shack.


The home of Stan and the Twins. Mostly because I wanna meet them all – Mabes, Dips, Wends and Stan. AND SOOS! Always Soos. But to make it a little more… interesting, I think the place I REALLY wanna visit the most is the basement. You know, Stan’s hidden room behind the soda machine.


I really just wanna know what is in there, what all of this means. It’s possible we have already found out, since the second season has yet to begin here in Sweden… We’ll see when I get my answers!

// Sara