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CUSTER – New song from SlipKnot

Posted in Music, Uncategorized on October 10, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

So! Today SlipKnot released a new song from their upcoming album “5: The Gray Chapter”, called “Custer”

So. THIS, my friends, I enjoy LIKE HELL. More than I enjoy “The Negative One” and “The Devil in I” together. At first when I heard it, I didn’t even recognize Corey’s voice, which is insane! What is it then that I love so much about this song… everything. I love the beat and rythm in the song, you know, the flow – the writing, essentially.

I’m also in deep love with the arrangement, and especially the arrangement with the vocals. First of all – can we just appriciate that Corey have gotten back to the vocals he’d have for like S/T and “Iowa” or any early stuff really – and that he got back this, how do you say it… almost teasing way of singing? Not teasing as in a tease, but as in the chorus of “Eyeless”, where he got this… mocking! Mocking tone to it, but throughout the whole song.

And then we have this that occurs right before the chorus – where everything just goes silent, basically, and someone speaks “cut cut cut me up and fuck fuck fuck me up”, before it goes RIGHT INTO INSANITY AGAIN! Heavy beats, heavy riff, strong vocals. And I’m not sure if it’s my dysfunctional speakers – or do the sound actually increase? Does it go higher in dB as the song progresses?

I’m having it on right now on my big speakers, and it started off fine, now it’s terrifying me with the volume. And I haven’t even touched the volume knob. Whatever it is – if it’s anything I love about SlipKnot – it’s the intensity. The end of this song people, if you aren’t going insane, you just ain’t feeling it, and you need to crank it up even louder.

Well. Finally, I’m getting a song that truly gets me excited for this album. “The Negative One” and “The Devil In I” was fine enough – but this, this is the good stuff. Ahhh. This is the sound of good music.

// Sara

The End of an Era: Anders Johansson

Posted in Music, Uncategorized on October 9, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

This morning I woke up to some sad news, but this time, it wasn’t about Lordi, but about HammerFall.

After 15 years in the band, Anders Johansson has decided to leave the band.

The reasons given in the status posted by HammerFall on their official Facebook page, it was due to musical differencies and many, many years in the musicbusiness that lead to Anders feeling that “enough is enough” and that he is now leaving it all behind.

First of all, I’m just gonna say that I have mixed feelings about it. I’m a little shocked over it – they JUST released “(r)Evolution” and they just had their release party a little over a month ago, and the tour was coming up – and pof. Anders’ gone. Just like that.

But on the same time, while I’m shocked… I still don’t get upset. I understand it. He’s been in the buisness for a little over 30 years, at least, and has done so many things, that I guess at some point you just have to stop. Even I would have, if I had the musical resumé Anders has.

With all this being said, I wanna give a BIG shout out to Anders – a HUGE THANK YOU for all the music, all the shows and all the memories. I don’t really have any specific memories with Anders since I never met HammerFall more than at signing sessions – but Anders, you are one of my favorite drummers through times, and one of the major influences on me and why I want to be a drummer one day.

Again, Thank you Anders, for everything. Good luck in the future!


From their releasegig at Liseberg, Anders sporting the Hector helmet.

// Sara

I wanna slit your throat, and fuck the wound

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A lot of metal music, far from all of it, but a lot of it, has pretty… what people would say, violent lyrics. Angry lyrics. Lyrics like “I wanna slit your throat and fuck the wound” and similar things, and the music if anything pumps up your adrenaline even more, and when looking at metal shows, and you see all these mosh-pits and what not, it’s not too hard to understand why people assume that metal music would make people violent.

And it’s discussed a lot. The impact metal music has on one persons violence, how many people have been assaulted as a result of people listening to metal music, especially after events like the one where a kid went to school dressed as a member of SlipKnot with a sword killing one person, or where some people had gone graverobbing and leaving behind a piece of lyrics, or Columbine High shootings where they blamed bands such as Marilyn Manson and Rammstein.

I came across a youtube interview with Clown and Joey Jordison where they talked about the matter, and it was actually not what either one of them said that caught my attention, but a comment that was either below or at another video, but it read…

“When are we gonna start talking about how many lives was saved by heavy metal?”

This. THIS. THIS A HUNDRED TIMES. This is something I’ve thought to myself so many times.

Because that is the point, especially with most of the lyrics. I remember I sat down and listened to “Disasterpieces” and the first thing that came to my mind was that this is a song that has to have been written about a bully, or something similar, and when looking up the facts, Corey Taylor stated indeed that it was written about a bully he had in school.

And this is how you get out the rage. If I’m pissed at someone, damn right I am putting out that song, cranking it up to ten and basically yelling out the lyrics ’til I’m out of air in my lugns, and afterwards, it feels a lot better. Because mentally, I’ve been acting it out. I’ve been acting out that I slit someone throat.

And thus, I don’t feel the need to do it in real life. Because I already acted it out in my music. That I killed that guy. That I set that girl I fucking hate on fire. That I set the whole fucking world on fire. That my supermonstars came and killed everyone. I did it, in the moment when I was in reality just closing my eyes and singing along to the lyrics of my favorite songs. And this is exactly why the lyrics are so violent. To act it out, without acting it out. Like writing a book, or making a movie.

So no. Metal music doesn’t make anyone more violent. If anything, metal music has saved so many lives, not only of it’s fans, but of all those people who would have been killed if we didn’t have our music to turn to. Another thing that it also do, is to help find our people, so to put it. To find other people with the same interest, and perhaps even the same background, and helps us bounding together. HammerFall sang in 1997, “A metal heart, is hard to tear apart“. And that is fucking true. I haven’t seen any people being closer and more true to each other than metal heads. With that being said, I of course realize that this isn’t metal exclusive, but I think you all get the point.

And to all of you who still are stuck at the people I spoke of in the beginning, I’ll just refer to the 2000 Alice Cooper song “Wicked Young Man

“It’s not the games that I play, the movies I see or the music I dig, I’m just a wicked young man”

So yes. When are we going to start to talk about all the lives that were saved my heavy metal?

// Sara

Day 20 – A song that you listen to when you’re angry

Posted in 30 Day Song Challenge, Uncategorized on October 7, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Ahhh! This one was almost too easy! So many songs popped up in my head. But I’ll take the easy one, mostly because I think some of the other songs I might write about some other time.

People = Shit” by American metalband SlipKnot off “Iowa”. Really though, any song from SlipKnot will do when you are angry – I guess it’s the whole thing. This is why a lot of people seek comfort in metal music – it’s like an escape from reality, like, take “Disasterpiece” from the same band – “I wanna slit your throat and fuck the wound”. That’s the first line in the song.

Sure, it might sound violent. But this is the whole fucking thing. Then you hear Corey Taylor yell it out, and even you might, in a way pretending what you’d do to your tormenter if you could do anything. And once you’re done yelling out all your rage, you go back to normal.

Metal is healthy as fuck. I think I’ll write more about this tomorrow though.

// Sara

Pussywhipped – New video with Steel Panther!

Posted in Music, Uncategorized on October 6, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Alrighty folks! This was actually released a couple of days back, meaning, I’m a bit behind since I completely missed out! But yes, here, finally. Steel Panther’s new musicvideo for the opener on their most recent album: “Pussywhipped”.

Well.. What can I say. The video is a tad bit more…. graphical, if you like, compared to earlier work, but on the same time it’s pretty much exactly what I’d expect from them to put out. It’s so hilarious, the video and the song makes me think of a friend of mine, it’s absurd haha. But it’s well made and it has some sort of story, and that’s nice.

But in all honesty, it’s fun and it’s Steel Panther. I’m not too fond of the song,or “All You Can Eat” at all for that matter, so perhaps this is why I’m like meh about the whole video, or maybe I’m growing out of the band (I won’t abandon them though, I’d never do that). I guess it’ll be different when Lordi releases the “Scare Force One” video, since that song is an absolute killer in every way possible. (Oh. Did I spoil something for someone now? Sorry, don’t really care!)

What are you guys thoughts on it?

// Sara


Posted in Uncategorized on October 5, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

After a long weekend with working on both my jobs, I sat down with a nice wok and a movie I had bought a long time ago, but had yet to watch.

The movie is called “Trust“, released in 2011 and directed by former Friends star David Schwimmer. The movie is about 14 year old Annie who has a friend she met online and when Annie finds out he wasn’t who he claimed to be, things get out of hand. I don’t wanna write too much further into the plot in order not to spoil anything.

This movie, structurewise, reminds me a lot of my all time favorite movie 2:37, referring to the time aspects from time to time. But it also reminds me of that movie because of the theme. It’s a fairly heavy movie, but it’s also extremely touching and heartbreaking at the same time. The end of the movie confused me so much, but on the other hand, I think the end of it reflects the reality of situations like this.

I’d recommend this movie to anyone, it’s heartbreaking, but good. I shed so many tears watching this.

// Sara



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First of all; apparently, it’s my 7 year anniversary as a WordPress-blogger today! Time sure flies sometimes, don’t you think?

I wanna take today’s entry and tell you a little bit about a band I held fondly for many years, the norwegian punk-rock band CRASH!.

CRASH! was formed in Halden, Norway in 2005, then under the name Already Taken, but changed the name in 2006. The band itself is most famous for their two appearances on the Norwegian pre-selection for Eurovision Song Contest. MGP, in 2007 with the song “Wannabe” and then in 2008 with the song “Get Up”. They didn’t do too well in the contest – but they gained some well-deserved publicity and acknowlegdement.

They released one EP – “Wannabe” and one album – “CRASH!” and played a lot in Norway, a few gigs in Sweden and even had a smaller tour in Romania before they called it quits in 2009.

Photo taken by me, in Halden, Norway on June 16th 2007.

I had the blessing to catch this band live once – when they were opening up for Wig Wam in Halden in 2007, and I really enjoyed it. I’m normally not into punkrock that much, however I do love this band a lot. Their debut-album is just… I can listen to it for hours sometimes. It’s a shame they disbanded, but I guess it was somewhat inevitable. Even though they gained some popularity – they never really had a break-through, and I guess you can only continue on for so long.

But regardless if the band still exists or not – their music lives on.

Buy the album here:

// Sara


Day 19 – A song from your favorite album

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Wow. I don’t really have that number one favorite albums, so I had a bit of a hard time figuring out what to use, however, the CD that came to mind first when I saw the question, was H.E.A.T’s “Tearing Down The Walls“.

H.E.A.T is one of these bands that can do absolutely no wrong. When writing my review for “Tearing Down The Walls”, I wrote something like that they do the absolute most perfect music for my tasting, and funny thing, I dug up the old the magazine I made back in high school, and I saw that I had reviewed an old EP of H.E.A.T in it, and guess what?

I had written the exact same thing there. And it’s four years between the two reviews, and I had completely forgotten about the old review.

I guess this says a lot about the band. That time after time after time, they keep delivering quality music, quality albums, call it whatever you want. And in all honesty, I did have a bit of a struggle even picking what song to broadcast on here! But of course, I had to go with my favorite track off the album, “Laughing at Tomorrow”.

So yes. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. “Tearing Down The Walls” by H.E.A.T. That’s the album to get if you want some REAL good and sweet music.

// Sara

Dance in the Dark

Posted in Music, Uncategorized on October 2, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

I’m still a bit asjdklasjdlkaj after artRAVE and haven’t yet gotten off that Lady Gaga vibe and rush you get on after seeing her live, and in lack of better things to write about, I figured I’d give you a bit of a throwback entry, if you like, at all the shows I’ve seen with her. I’ve ripped pretty much all my pictures from my Dayviews or DeviantArt, hence the odd watermarks.

My first Lady Gaga show ever was at Gröna Lund, August 2nd 2009. It’s a little odd to think about – she freking played GRÖNA LUND. Nowadays she sells out Globen in like, an hour, and she played at GRÖNAN. And even better so, I actually arrived rather late and still 1) got in, and 2) scored a decent spot.


The setlist for the night was short, and why wouldn’t it, she only had one album at the time. She started the gig with “Paparazzi” and followed up with “Lovegame”, “Beautiful, Dirty Rich”, “The Fame”, “Money Honey”, “Boys Boys Boys”, “Just Dance”, “Eh Eh”, “Brown Eyes” and ending the show with “Pokerface”. Ah, those were the days!

My second gig with Lady Gaga was during the Monsterball on May 7th, 2010. 

This time around, the stage and show was a LOT bigger. Of course – she was playing Globen, and she just had this HUGE breakthrough with “Bad Romance” (as I was already into her, I didn’t pay attention too much as to how much popularity she gained, but I think it was quite a lot).


The stagesetting for this era is the favorite I have ever seen her have. I can’t explain, but I just love it. To this day, this remains my favorite shows I have ever seen of her, not only because of the stage, but also because of the setlist. I’ve always had bad luck with my favorite songs, so I literally DIED inside when she opened with “Dance in the Dark”, which is my all time favorite Lady Gaga song.


The stage was bigger, the show was also bigger – I think we counted it to 25 changes of clothing during the show. The setlist was also QUITE much longer – this time around, starting with “Dance In The Dark”, followed by “Glitter & Grease”, “Just Dance”, “Beautiful, Dirty Rich”, “Vanity”, “The Fame”, “Lovegame”, “Boys Boys Boys”, “Money Honey”, “Brown Eyes”, “Speechless”, “So Happy I Could Die”, “Monster”, “Teeth”, “Alejandro”, “Pokerface”, “Paparazzi” and wrapping up with “Bad Romance”.

This is also the show she had the fish in. I sadly can’t locate a picture of the fish as we speak, but here’s a video where you can see it. THE FISH.


The third time I saw Mother Monster was on the Born This Way Ball, August 30th 2012.

This time around she had this HUGE castle with her, which I can sadly not dig up a picture of either, but it was HUGE I’m telling you. The show was big and energetic, just as it did on the previous tour, so nothing to complain about, except perhaps the setlist. I wasn’t too fond of it, and it appears I wasn’t at the time either since I can’t even dig up a setlist at all.


And of course, this leading up to my most recent show, which was at artRAVE, September 30th 2014.

The show was a lot smaller than it previously have been, and as I said yesterday, looked almost just like a rave. But then again – there is absolutely nothing like seeing Mother Monster and putting your paws up together with Little Monsters from all over.

We were born this way.


// Sara


Lady Gaga – artRAVE 30/9 – 14

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Alright! It’s been two years since Mother Monster last had her feet on Swedish grounds, at least when it comes to tours. But this time it was time for something, new, if you like: the Artpop Ball, also called artRAVE.

I’m in all honesty, as I said a few days ago, not too fond of “Artpop” compared to her earlier work, but it doesn’t change the fact that I, and Sofia for that matter, were beyond excited to see her again. But as usual, we came to the venue pretty late, during the last song of the first opener. We decided to first hit the merchstand, to pick up the ever so traditional tour-programme and hit the bathrooms before heading down to the standing area.

And I must say, when I entered the doors before going down the stairs, I was somewhat blown away. What a fucking setting she had! It literally felt like coming to some other kind of world, with the stage being literally ALL OVER THE PLACE! Like what the hell. I tried to capture it, but I don’t think I truly got it.

LadyGago 108

Despite the place looking crowded, we scored pretty good places, as usual. I don’t know what it is – we get there pretty much right before the shit starts, but always score decent places. Maybe it’s because we don’t have too high standards about spots for this, I don’t know. But we were pleased.We stood right in front of that dark singular platform you can see, next to the big white one.

After a minute or so, Lady Starlight entered the stage and started pumping up the rave. She gave us a pretty decent DJ-set, kind of setting the atmosphere for the night. I have never actually been to a rave-party, but this is somewhat what I’ve always pictured they’d be like, looking to the music, lightning and atmosphere.


Once Starlight had left the stage, the waiting started. And we waited. And waited. We sat down on the floor in the meantime, to make sure not to wear out our feet too much before the danceparty and I just love all the looks people gave us. If they only knew how often we actually go to concerts… haha.

LadyGago 114

A little bit after nine, the curtain finally fell and “Artpop” started with Lady Gaga coming out of the floor with her golden catsuit and wings. The arena practically exploded when she came out.


She followed up quickly with “G.U.Y” (which is one of the songs I DO like a lot on ArtPop) and later “Donatella”. Somewhere here she took off her wings and also the bathing suit, dressing down to the sea-shells and flowerpanties. I don’t remember exactly where. She continued on with “Venus” and “MANiCURE” before introducing “Just Dance”. While the intro was playing, she was down getting changed into a dress that brought us all the way back to the The Fame era. Me like.

In the white dress she fired of a medley containing “Just Dance”, “Pokerface” and “Telephone” before she disappears again leaving us to a pure “rave” moment (I don’t wanna call it rave, to make sure I don’t offend actual ravers). I must admit, I loved everything that was going on – the lightning, the odd dances, all the confetti spraying out ALL OVER THE PLACE, together with the music.

LadyGago 169

Before we knew it, she was back in a squid-like costume, and this could only mean one thing. Monster. The Fame Monster.


You guys might remember the giant fish-monster she had on stage for Monster Ball, called “The Fame Monster” and asked us to help photograph the monster to make it go away? Well, the fish isn’t there, but she has become one! It was fun nonetheless, haha.


After “Paparazzi”, they brought out this giant hand shaped like a monsters paw, that was actually a chair, in which Mother Monster took place when firing off one of her newer hits – “Do What U Want”. I don’t know how to describe this to you, but it gave me this… glamorous feeling, if you like? When she’s sitting up there in her monster paw that’s manicured and all. Loved it.


After “Do What U Want” she headed over to her piano and gave us a little speech about needing your friends and needing yourself before giving us a heartbreaking performance of “Dope”, followed up by “Yoü and I”.

For the next song, she pointed out a fan in the audience and invited her up on stage with her. It was a girl called Riia, and it always makes me so happy to see Gaga do this to her fans. With Riia next to her, she sang and performed and acoustic version of “Born This Way”.


A little later on the set, she sat down and looked at all the gifts and letters that had been thrown to her, and found a little frog and a letter from a fan, and managed to detect who had given her the letter. She talked a bit to her from stage, and went on to invite her to a meet&greet. Just fucking love it. What I do not like though, is when Gaga asked if she had any friends with her, A LOT of people around the girl started raising their hands and be like “We are her friends!” and the girl in question illustrated to Gaga that she only had 2 friends, and I tell you, it was more than two people who raised their hands… I guess some people are willing to do anything to meet their artists…

Anyway. After “Born This Way”, Gaga took Riia with her and left the stage for a costume change. When she came back, the started off yelling out the words “Edge of Glory” and then starting a new medley, beginning with “Judas” (oddly enough?!) and later followed by “Aura”, “Sexxx Dreams”, “Mary Jane Holland” and then moving onto “Alejandro”. I never really understood why she mashes it all up in medleys, but with that being said, it was still good.


She went back to the center of the stage and started giving a small speech about being yourself no matter what, doing yet another costume change, this one right before our eyes though and then hitting off with “Bad Romance”. And I can tell you one thing – while the crowd had been very active, there’s nothing like a “Bad Romance” dance party, that’s for sure.

After “Bad Romance”, she continued on with “Applause” and “Swine” before leaving the stage before encores. I’m always a bit surprised when people STILL leaves as soon as this happens – come on. Unless the lights have been switched on in the venue there’s more to come!

And of course it wasn’t. She came back out with gorgeously long blonde hair and a dress to die for before sitting down before her frozen piano, talking about love, equality, pride, and how we should always remember this day, when we were all united, we were all monsters before starting off the last song of the night.

LadyGago 208

See, if you see the setlist, it should really be “Marry The Night” who comes now, or possibly “The Edge Of Glory”. And while I love both of those two, I was still a little disappointed my favorite song off Artpop, “Gypsy” hadn’t been in the setlist. And then she started singing.

“Sometimes a story has no end….”





Oh my god, I completely exploded on the inside. I usually have such bad luck with favorite songs, and hearing not just a favorite song, but specifically “Gypsy” made me cry, basically. I just stood there and absorbed everything that was Lady Gaga, everything that was Gypsy. Oh my god, I can’t even tell you enough how much I love this song and how much it means to me or anything, but the fact she chose to use it as her last song on the whole rave, makes me just… ahhh. Oh mylanta.

But yes. After “Gypsy”, she said good bye and left the stage for good for this time.

While I do think she performed extremely well, as an artist, the show itself wasn’t anything like it’s been in the past. The Monster Ball are my favorite show so far, both song-wise and performing-wise, and I’m not sure why it’s become like this, but then again – every artist and band needs to have a little bit of a “down-era” in order to get back even massiver, just look at Lordi.

Over all though – Thank you, Mother Monster. Thanks for the show, for the night, for the courage, for the music, for the songs and for everything you have ever done to me with your music and your speeches and just being you. Seeing Lady Gaga is for me not only seeing an artist. It’s so much more than that. And I can’t wait until she comes back-

Paws up, little monsters!

// Sara

Just Dance / Pokerface / Telephone
Do What U Want
Yoü And I
Born This Way
Judas / Aura / Sexxx Dreams / Mary Jane Holland
Bad Romance