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Dear Darlin’

Posted in Concerts, Uncategorized on October 20, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith


Today my friends, another ticket has been purchased! This time, it was for SlipKnot’s show in Helsinki, as I already told you previously I’d try to get. So now, finally, 2 out of a few shows has been booked! And I’m so excited. I’m planning the trip, or, half-way, the trip of my life right now, and I don’t wanna say too much about it just yet, you’ll find out when you do I guess!

However, I had a bit of an incident this morning. The tickets were set to be released at 9, so naturally, I went up at 8.30 to make sure to put on my computer in time, get my creditcard ready and all of that, to make it smoothly. I wasn’t sure how quick they were going to sell out – as far as I was concerned, not as quick as Lady Gaga, but not like I could wait a few days.

Around 8.45 I actually went on the site to have a look at it, and when I typed in SlipKnot, I noticed the tickets were already on sale. 15 minutes prior to release. I was confused as fuck, and a little upset at first, until I realized.

Finland is one hour a head of Sweden. While it was 8.45 here, it was 9.45 there. The tickets had been on sale for at least 45 minutes.

HOW FUCKING STUPID AM I? Finland is probably one of the countries I’ve visited the most throughout the years, and it’s also my favorite country, have been all my life, and I could go on and on about Finland, YET I FORGET THE FUCKING TIMEZONE. How is it even possible. Sometimes, I truly live up to my haircolour.

Anyway. At first I freaked out a little, because I chose standing tickets, but they were sold out. And I was like no no no no no, and mind you, 45 minutes is a bit of a time, so I figured, if they are sold out, they are sold out. But I kept pushing the button a couple of times, and eventually I got a hand of standing tickets. Phew. Why was I even worried in the first place, I always get the tickets I want. ALWAYS.

But aside the little non-drama, I love how next year is starting to shape up. As of now, I have three confirmed gigs in February, and two in March, Steel Panther & Katy Perry, and I’ve planned to attend Sweden Rock and Skogsröjet. I like it.  I hope I can beat the record from 2011 that was around 50 gigs throughout the year. Can’t be impossible, right?

We’ll see.


// Sara

Sul Sul

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So my friends! This weekend I’ve actually been at Jennie’s the whole time, and what have we been doing?


ThaSims 013ThaSims 014
(The Sims 4 Plumbob giving light to the keyboard!)

So basically, I went to her on Friday evening and ever since then we’ve flipped between playing The Sims, eating some food and sleeping (‘cept for like five hours during Saturday when I worked, but yeah). It’s been freaking awesome, I’m telling you. I wasn’t sure at first when I went to Jennie’s if I’d be playing The Sims 1, 2, 3 or 4, so to be safe I brought it all with me, but I end up playing solely on Rosalie, the The Sims 4 one. And I’ve done sooo much with her since then!

At first I quit her job as a musical genious and got her into a career as a journalist, which I excelled in and later ALSO quit in order to go after some other career, but after going half-way on maybe two or three different I got tired of it and just quit everything. She get so much royalties for her songs and all the books she writes, so there isn’t any real need for a job.

I also finally moved her out of the little house she had, and built her a big villa if you like across the road from her previous house. I’m pretty happy with the outcome, especially it being the first time I ever build anything in The Sims 4!


This is as good shots as I could find of her old house, and now I’ll show you parts of the new house. I’m not sure how many good shots I have, because I didn’t think about showcasing it before I started writing here…


Yeah. These are few shots that captured most of the house, I think.

Another difference is, and this is something I haven’t done since The Sims 2, meaning, I even skipped this completley when it comes to The Sims 3 – I had Rosalie’s boyfriend Emil move in with her.



He came into the house unemployed knowing nothing, but he’s now an aspiring artist, I think he’s on level 8 or so in the career. He likes to paint squirrels.


And you might have noticed, there’s a little shorty in the pictures, huh? Yeah – that’s right. This is also a first since The Sims 3 – to be preggers and have a child. I had originally planned for them to be married first, because I wanted to see how it worked out, but for some reason I completely forgot about it and made her pregnant instead. So, they have a son, Oskar Emilsson (since he’s Emil’s son) and he is now a teenager. Straight A’s student and a parttime barrista. Love it.


Yeah. I guess that’s what I can update you about Rosalie and her family. I have yet to decide when I’m going to age Oskar and kick him out of the house, but once I’ve done so, I’ll start making new babies. But until then, I’m just going to let my The Sims 4 sim play The Sims 1. The sad part about is that I recognize all the places the game shows, and I even know exactly where the places are if I was to start The Sims 1 right here right now.


Pathetic or amazing?

Amazing. I say amazing. It’s passion, god damn!

// Sara

Day 22 – A song that you listen to when you’re sad

Posted in 30 Day Song Challenge, Uncategorized on October 18, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

This one was easy, almost too easy. I have one specific song I always turn to, and how perfect that this would be the song challenge to follow up my previous entry.

“Hand on Heart” by  british singer Olly Murs. Interestingly enough, this track was released on his “Right Place, Right Time” album that came out in 2012.

This song never fails to cheer me up, and it has done so ever since I got this album about a year ago. It’s specifically the bridge later on in the song, “when you don’t feel that you’re strong enough to make it…” part… it just…. I don’t know how to explain it properly, but it kinda just speaks to me you know. It gets to me, and it cheers me up, in consoles me. Whenever I’m stressed out or sad or whatever, I always put this, this one song on. Which is why I always carry an Olly record or at least this song with me wherever I go, in case I need it, or anyone else for that matter.

This is also one of the reasons I have this particular CD in my logo of this blog. So, thanks for everything, Olly.

// Sara

So this is what it feels like, being at the Right Place, the Right Time

Posted in Uncategorized on October 17, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

GUYS! I got something amazing to tell you!

Earlier this week I entered a contest on Olly Murs Sweden’s facebook page where the price was a signed edition of the Special Edition of Olly Murs’ album “Right Place, Right Time”. We were supposed to write why three of our friends should like the page and also where we would keep the signed booklet if we won it, and guess what?


OllyPolly 005

GAAAH! I can’t even tell you enough how happy I am! I’m literally dying over here. Lovely Olly. This made me day complete!

Now, the signed booklet has found it’s way right where I said it would be – on my “shelf of fame” together with other booklets, Eurovision stuff, Sweden Rock stuff and Frozen stuff. And I love it.

Okllyyy 004

// Sara

Day 21 – A song that you listen to when you’re happy

Posted in 30 Day Song Challenge, Uncategorized on October 16, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

This one was a bit tricky on the same time as it was easy. It was tricky, because I never really pay attention to what songs I lisen to when I’m happy, since there aren’t exactly a “need” to remember what song it was, like with a song when you’re sad which can be good to bring up again if you need to be cheered up. However, I did find one that I love to listen to when I’m high on life.

United in a Scream” by nowegian rockband Return. The song was released on their third album “Straight Down the Line” back in 1989.

This is one of those songs I just absolutely love. It has this amazing feel-good vibe to it, and the lyrics are pretty… common, I guess, they are pretty much what I’d expect in a song like this. The song instantly makes me think of festivals, of camping, of concerts, of summer and of happiness. Because festivals = happiness. There is not greater place than festivals, let me just say that.

Fun, or perhaps sad thing, about this is that I discovered this band pretty recently, only earlier this year actually. While at Skogsröjet, I was sitting with my Sweden Rock bag from 2012 and looking through the bands talking with Ludvig, Albin and Michelle about the bands, when I noticed the little “Return” being mentioned on one of the lines.


Apparently I did. And this is why I have now promised myself to never ever again not listen through every band that comes to a festival I’m going to, so I don’t do the same mistake again. Damn it.

// Sara



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Today my friends is a good day! The pre-sale for SlipKnot’s show in Stockholm started, and who ensured herself a ticket? MOI!

Haha, in all honesty, it’s not like I actually expected it to be crowded or anything. So, finally, I’ve gotten a ticket for one out of two planned show for the tour! So far I’m considering Helsinki as well, and we’ll see if I get tickets or not… Regardless. I’m glad. This is what I was waiting for – to finally be able to expand my tourschedule for next year. So far three is confirmed and four planned. Perfect start.

Anyone else doing Knot in Stockholm and Helsinki reading here? Let me know!


Aside this, I also got a couple of leggings from Michelle yesterday as a belated birthdaygift! Thanks Michelle, they were killer. One pair featured Frozen print, and the other paired was simple pink lepard. I love spandex pants. They are literally the best.


Tights 065

Tights 057

// Sara


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The day is here, for Amaranthe to finally release their third album “MASSIVE ADDICTIVE”. As most of you know, I’ve had this album for quite some time because of my job, but I decided to wait up until now to review it for my blog, to keep it more to the real date.

MASSIVE ADDICTIVE is a 12 track long euphoric perfection“.

That is what I wrote in my review for, and I don’t think any line I’ve ever written about this, nor any other album, describes it more perfectly. Because that’s what it is.

Something that I always fancied with this band is the arrangements. Not only the musical ones – but more so, the vocals. The vocals just owns everything. The perfect balance between Henrik, Elize and Jake. Normally I’d think multiple singers are pretty much like too many chefs on one soup, but they manage to pull it off perfectly without it becoming overpowering.

Something that I noticed with the material for this album, is the heaviness. It’s a bit heavier than their previous material – I’m not sure how to explain it, but you’ll notice when you hear it yourself. I’m not sure if this is something Henrik brought to the table or if this is just a natural evolvement, but regardless – it fits them. And it ain’t just the music that’s gotten heavier, it’s the lyrics too. I’m in love with the attitude in songs like “Dynamite”, “Drop Dead Cynical” and “An Ordinary Abnormality” to name a few.

But the absolute best song on the album is without a doubt the title track. It’s slower, it’s heavier and darker. And the power, the massive power in the chorus just runs you over like a trailer going 110 mph. I can sit for hours and hours listening to that one song. I feel like I heard the chorus somewhere before, but I’m not sure where. If anyone figures it out, let me know.

Yes. I don’t know what more to add. I know I very often recommend CD’s to you, else I wouldn’t write about them, but this… this goddamn album. This is what perfection sounds like.

CDON link | Ginza link | Spotify


// Sara



Prepare for Hell tour – EUROPEAN LEG CONFIRMED

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I was originally about to blog about something completely different today, but it had to move aside for this. Something I’ve been waiting for for SUCH A LONG TIME.

Today, SlipKnot finally confirmed and released the dates for the European leg of their Prepare for Hell tour.

It was so fun, because I remember I got on Facebook and I saw they had some UK dates up, so I was like ok, sure fucking thing, they need to have the rest of Europe with them, so I went on their webpage and noticed that not only did they have an additional European tour.

They also do Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden

And it’s so fun, I literally laid down in my sofa and kicked my legs in the air and fangirled ala Candace over the fact they are coming to Sweden. Not really because I’m so SO SO SO fangirly about them, but because I was so sure they were just gonna skip Sweden (like another masked band we all know so well) but hell to the no they won’t!

I’m so excited. OTN tickets are about to be released on Thursday if I understood things correctly, normal ticket release is on Friday. Now I have about three days to make up my mind which of the dates I should do.

Decisions, decisions…

// Sara

“Wrapped Up” – New single from Olly Murs

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I’m like 11 days late with writing this entry, but what the hell, better late than never! So, on October 3rd Olly Murs, I hope you all know who he is, came out with the first single from his new album “Never Been Better” called “Wrapped Up” featuring Travie McCoy.

It’s very typical Olly if you ask me, nothing too new at all under the sun, but it’s also what he do best – typical feel-good love songs! However, it does make me a bit excited for the new album, mostly to see what else he has on there! I hope whatever is on there is a little, little tad more better than this.

With that being said, I’ll be blasting this a whole lot until the album comes!

// Sara

LastFM feed: Top 5 bands this week


First batch of bands confirmed for Sweden Rock Festival 2015

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This is the day I’ve been waiting for for SOO long! The first bands confirmed for Sweden Rock 2015.

The bands are as follows:

Steve Seagulls
The Angels
Rock Godess
The Quireboys
Dark Tranquility
Nuclear Assault
Lucifer’s Friend
Backyard Babies
Mötley Crue
Judas Priest

This is a good start, if you ask me. I’m especially excited for H.E.A.T, HammerFall, Mötley Crüe and Judas Priest.

It’s hilarious actually – only about 20 minutes or so before the release, I was thinking to myself “Haha, it’s going to be a 2012 all over again, when I see Mötley Crüe being confirmed and I’m just gonna book the tickets immediatley”

And then Mötley Crüe was indeed confired. It makes me glad I get to see the boys one more time before they call it quits. And yes, wherever Mötley Crüe goes in Sweden – I go there too. I think it’s one of the few bands I’m extremely faithful to, despite never considering them my number one band. H.E.A.T…. My god! I’m happy to see them again. And of course, need I say anything about the Templars? Of course not. But you, 4 bands that I’m really really stoked about in this writing minute is a good start. I’ve gone to Sweden Rock for less bands, haha.

This was a good start. I’ll make sure to listen through the rest of the bands to see if I find another golden ticket hidden, so I don’t miss out on bands that I later discover.

Like I did in 2012 with Return.

That one burns HARD.


// Sara