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1.000.000 Miles Away

Posted in Uncategorized on September 10, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith


Why you may ask? Well, maybe because of the addition to my recordcollection? FINALLY, I’ve gotten the money and time to order both of Amaranthe’s previous albums and FINALLY they came home. To extend the collection a little more I decided to sit down and buy some singles too, so now I feel content with my whole Amaranthe collection. The excitement for “Massive Addictive” has started to get to me, and I just wish time would fly, on the same time as I don’t want it to fly.


The only thing I thought about was the digipack. As you guys know, I’m no fan AT ALL of digipacks, but if they have those extra bonustracks, digipacks it is. What surprised me with “The Nexus” is that the album is as thin as the average Metal Hammer single. It was so weird, I got a little worried I had accidently gotten myself a single or something. It’s fascinating. Never seen that before with an album.

Aside this, I have also gotten around to book the first parts of the upcoming Finlandtrip! Hotels in Stockholm (because of worthless airporttransfers) and concerttickets for the Lordi show are booked! I’m so excited to see the monsters again, even though it’s only been a year since last. It’s going to be a killer.


// Sara