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Skogsröjet part 1 – THE JOURNEY!

Posted in Concerts, Uncategorized on July 31, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Wohoo! Time for me to at last write about Skogsröjet. It’ll be in four parts covering all four days.

First of all, I think this festival ended up being the most deorganized EVER for me packing-wise. I sat all day chatting with Ludvig and Michelle before I realized it was a mere two hours before Michelle was arriving, and had to fast-pack everything at the quickest pace I have ever done so. Somehow, I did manage to get everything with me. Who would have thought.

Anyway, I went to pick up Michelle, we went home again to tuck in all my stuff in the car, we went downtown to pick up food, and then home again because I did forget something – my pink vest. After that, we FINALLY started driving towards Skogsröjet. But not until we had, thanks to ducttape, set up the stereo and GPS system. The car was pretty overloaded, I might add.

Röjet2014 009Röjet2014 005

The road down was awesome. We hadn’t talked for a few days, making sure to have subjects to talk about for the long journey. And so we did. And screaming. Loads of screaming. You know, this kind of screaming. After going for a while, we figured it could be a good time for a pitstop to have some food, and after missing a few of the spots we had planned to stay at, we finally found this place called Våtsjön where we pulled over and walked down to the lake… And I tell you. I’m glad we missed all the other spots, because seriously… the beauty of that place was insane. We just sat there, staring at the view, eating our subway and listened to a very explicit SlipKnot. What a combo.

Röjet2014 007

After the stop, we headed onwards to the festival. We got there around 22 (10pm) and to our dismay, there were NO parking guards whatsoever, so we really just drove in there, parked somewhere we hoped were right and went to ask the information if they knew 1) where we could exchange the tickets 2) what to do with the parking. Of COURSE, the ticket-exchange had JUST CLOSED, and we asked them how the hell they had thought this was gonna work with the camping, and they told us it would “hopefully” work if we just brought our tickets.

And of course it did. Because just as they lacked parking guards, they also lacked guards for the camping, so pretty much anyone could go in and out. We went in, located a spot we liked and then proceeded to get our tents and get set up. The only downside, I guess, about our location was the high grass. It was HIGH AS FUCK, but on the other hand, we figured it would be very soft to sleep on!


See this shit?

After setting up our tent as well as Ludvig and Albins tent, we headed back to the car to finish the rest of our subways and check some things online. Right in the middle of the pitchblack night someone knocked on our window and asked if we were up for hanging out a bit, and sure why not.

Just that we didn’t hang out for an hour or so, but for many hours until I somewhere around 4am said fuck this shit, we are going to bed. Said and done. We met up with some sweet Sabaton fans on our way back that was surprised to see us, and wondered when the hell we arrived, given it was 4am. Hahaha, I can understand the confusion!

Later than we had planned, we went to bed. Great. This wasn’t exactly the start you wanted to get, but oh well!


// Sara


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Just spent about an hour or so clearing out our playlist, as it was 200 songs too much for my little Buddy to handle. DAMN. I had to revise QUITE a few times in order to get out songs. And it wasn’t easy. Had to kill a lot of my babies for this, but what do you do?

Tomorrow is the day, AT LAST. To finally go there. To Skogsröjet. Finally. Again. God, I’ve waited for this. Hopefully, I’ll be able to give you guys an update or two while down there, and we will see about that.

But for now


Oh wait.

Wrong year.


// Sara

Meet The Creeper

Posted in Uncategorized on July 29, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

I so forgot to tell you! Yesterday I got my very first Rob Zombie record. As soon as next months paycheck runs in, I’ll probably make sure to get the whole discography. But, that’s for the future.

amadeusrobzombie 036

All today has been about preparing Skogsröjet. Of course, shiny new Zombie was playing the background. First preparations was really you know, recycling shitloads of bottles. That’s pretty much paying our gas, you know. And after that… packing clothes and checking for necessities. I plan to make a shopraid tomorrow, to get all necessities such as handtowels and stuff. And of course, preparing the iPod, pack… clothes.

amadeusrobzombie 031

Been washing clothes like CRAZY today, to make sure everything I take with me is clean and all. That’s the hardest part I think, trying to plan and figure out what clothes to wear, and to make sure they are clean and what not. I don’t really care anymore for bringing all your closet like I did a lot before, less is more, in a weird way. I think I’ve managed to narrow it down, so I’m happy.

Just a few more things, and then we will be on our way.

At last.

// Sara

Day 10 – A song that makes you fall asleep and feel relaxed

Posted in 30 Day Song Challenge, Uncategorized on July 28, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Ok. There are waaaay too many songs that I do this with, and normally I get relaxed after waiting for a little while, BUT. I’ll bring up one song right here.


Rainmaker” by Danish singer Emmelie de Forest. Most people may remember her because of her winning Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with “Only Teardrops”, a song I DO love, but not at all, not even remotely close, to how much I love the theme for Eurovision 2014, which is the song posted above, “Rainmaker”.

It’s a bit contradictory to say this is the song that helps me fall asleep, as this song ALSO is a song that makes me dance silly raindances, but, when I DO lay down to go to bed or whatever, this is usually the song to turn to. It’s a sweet tune with some amazing vocal arrangements, percussionwork and most importantly – rain. There is nothing in this world that is as soothing and the sound of rain drops.

So basically. “Rainmaker”. Both a song to dance to, but also a soothing song to help you relax. Or at least it does for me.

// Sara

Just Like Tiger Woods

Posted in Uncategorized on July 27, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

I had my first day off in what feels like forever today. Even though this night started a bit shaky, as I had to walk home with thunder lighting up the sky from work last night. See, I’m not scared of thunder, and I think it’s quite cozy with thunder and rain. But when those lightnings starts to appear, I really prefer to be inside you know. Oh well. I’ve spent most of my day today preparing for Skogsröjet.

We leave on Thursday, and unlike pretty much all my festivals EVER, I want to be prepared. Which I won’t be, but you know, I could always wish. I’m so stoked for this festival as of now. I can’t wait to go there, to Rejmyre, sit down in our camp and just fucking chill. And then catching bands like Steel Panther, Michael Monroe and Dream Evil. I can’t flippin wait.

Another thing I’m stoked about, is Sabaton at the end of August. On my way home from work this Friday I came across a poster and I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before.

My newest discovery when it comes to powermetal, Amaranthe, are gonna be the opener of the gig in Karlstad, alongside Disneyland After Dark.

I LITERALLY DIED ON THE INSIDE. I was just wondering when I’d ever get around to catch Amaranthe live, and it appears it’s gonna be sooner than I thought it would! As if I wasn’t stoked enough for the Sabaton gig. Now I know the night will be incredible.

blabla 022

// Sara

Dying In Your Arms

Posted in Uncategorized on July 26, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Have spent most of this day sleeping before I realized it might be a good idea to you know, start to slowly prep for Skogsröjet. By prep, I mean fixing the most important thing for the festival.

The playlist. We’re gonna have a smaller camp actually, so I’m really stoked about getting things ready. So I just mindlessly started to put in songs you know, some songs by random bands such as Naked Idol and AC/DC to a lot of songs by bands who plays such as Crashdiet or Avatar when I suddenly hit my first bump in the road, which was H.E.A.T.

I try to keep down the numbers of the songs I pick for now, as I want the other campers to have an input on songs as well, but damn it was hard choosing songs. But then I hit Lordi and Sabaton…

If there is one thing that is absolutely impossible on this earth, then it is to choose just a few Sabaton and Lordi songs. I swear to fucking God, I’m positive I’ve put in almost the entire discography of both bands. I’d sit like “Maybe not that song…. but it’s soooo good…. Damn it”.

Well, what can I say. Good thing the peeps I’m going with are avid Lordi and Sabaton fans!

Aside from that, I’m getting pumped for Röjet now. I ended up on a live video from when I saw Steel Panther live earlier this year in Oslo… you know. The crowd there, we were fucking incredible.

I’m down at Satchel’s side (you can’t see me, just wanted to clarify) and I mean… We are fucking INSANE as a crowd. Now, THIS is what a crowd should be like! I sure as hell hope this happens at Skogsröjet, or else I’ll be a very sad panda in the crowd.

// Sara

Day 09 – A song that you can dance to

Posted in 30 Day Song Challenge, Uncategorized on July 25, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

A song that you can dance to. I can dance to pretty much any song. It’s all about finding the rythm in the song you are dancing to. Be it Lady GaGa, Beyoncé, HammerFall, Slipknot or Mayhem. It’s all about the rythm. But, I did manage to narrow down to one specific song, that may not be all too obvious to the general audience.


7734” by Sabaton. This song was originally released on “Metalizer” / “Fist for Fight“, but made a return on this years release, “Heroes“. And boy, am I thankful. What you may not know, is that “7734” happens to be not only a fairly good song, but also one of my all time favorite songs by Sabaton. I usually call it my big three – “The Art of War” (song), “Carolus Rex”(song) and “7734”.

The version posted above is the “Metalizer” version, and I don’t exactly think this version makes the song justice, but I failed to find a “Heroes” one, other than on Spotify. Regardless of version, this is a song I for real dance to whenever it comes on. This is the type of songs that pumps your blood you know, that makes you wanna move your body. Or how to put it.

Maybe it’s not your cup of tea, maybe it’s not your first choice for a dancetune, but I swear. If you put this on I’ll dance. I’ll dance lindyhop. On the table.

While screaming double seven thirty-four.

// Sara

One Man Army and The Undead Quartet

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I was gonna write about this one band I came across when I was searching for a particular Alice Cooper song, and ended up on this band. I, despite my normal musical preferencies, actually liked what I heard and decided to explore the band further, and so I did. And I liked it. Like, a lot. I’m not sure what’s happening to me, if I’m “growing up” or what, haha.

Anyway, the band I want to talk about are One Man Army and the Undead Quartet. Now I’m gonna tell you why my eyes were about to pop out. I was so, SO certain this was an American band, so I literally went ASJLDASJDAL when I find out they are a SWEDISH BAND. WWAHAHAHAAAA!

Ok. So, One Man Army and The Undead Quartet are a Swedish melodic death / thrashmetal band originated from Trollhättan aka Trollywood in Sweden. They began in 2004, and to my big dismay, disbanded in 2012. During their active years they released four albums, two on Nuclear Blast and two on Massacre records. They also released an EP and a single.

So, they might have disbanded, but I’d still like to share their music with you guys. If you like the heavier kind of music, then this should be right down your alley.

// Sara



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Currently sitting outside in the sunset at our summerhouse, re-reading the Yngwie Malmsteen biography written by my hero Anders Tengner while listening to some of the bands playing at Skogsröjet.

The festival is happening next week, and I had told myself that this time around, I was gonna listen through all the bands (most certainly the ones I hadn’t listened much to previously) to make sure to not miss out on anything, like I almost did with Rob Zombie during Sweden Rock. It’s pretty nice you know, it’s chilly but not cold, I got my rabbit sitting a few meters away hopping around and good music in my ears and a good book in my hand.

I can’t even be bothered to think about my sprained leg. That’s how good life feels right now.

mooni 004

// Sara

I Gave You All

Posted in Uncategorized on July 22, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

I think I forgot to mention! When we were at Boda Borg, Michelle brought along the shirts we’d ordered from Rokkikauppa! Getting packages with music merchandise is the absolute best kind of packaged, I tell you.


After four years, I finally got around to getting this one. I had a few ideas for it, however, I’ll see if I actually go through with them. Nonetheless, it’s here!


This, my friends, is another shirt I’ve wanted for about four years now. This is a tourshirt from Europe for Breakfast, I caught the tour live myself in Paris, France in 2010. Was a fantastic night indeed, meeting all these amazing monstermaniacs and what not. But, this is in fact my first tour shirt with Lordi EVER. I have never to this date gotten myself a tour shirt of Lordi, for God knows what reason. Funny that it’d take me 8 years before I’d get one. Feels right in a way that it was one with Otus as well.


This is the last one in the bunch, and this one I have major plans for, if I can muster up the courage to go through with it. I just have to.

With these three items in my possession, I now own all the Lordi shirts I’ve ever wished to own. It makes me glad and satisfied in a way, that I’m finally “done” and don’t need to worry about them selling out, but it also got me a little jshdsaj when I realized I can’t go on Rokkikauppa anymore for now, because there are nothing on there I want, haha, which screwed up my birthday wishlist a bit (yes, my parents ask for a wishlist).

Anyway. Bed awaits, working x 10 tomorrow.

// Sara