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Inmate 4859

Posted in Uncategorized on June 18, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Well well well. For some reason, my header decided to disappear and has been gone for a while. But fear not! A new header has seen it’s light. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it this way, but this’ll be a start regardless.

Might explain everything on it. I do think the CD’s – Olly Murs “Right Place, Right Time”, Alice Coopers “Along Came a Spider” and Lordis “Deadache” explain themselves pretty good. Great albums, with great bands. Lordi is, as you guys know, my absolute favorite band. Alice Cooper on the other hand, is my housegod. Olly Murs is here to represent the “other side” of my musiclibrary – the not so heavy one. While Lady Gaga is my queen, I wanted to bring forward the guy whose music has helped me through some hard times and still speaks loads to me.

My fanpass for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Being a part of Eurovisions back in your own country is extra special, I’m telling you. It’s all great going to other countried to see this fantastic thing, but to be here, at home… Oh yeah baby.

Backstagepass from the Lordi show in Paris 2010. One of the best trips ever – Many gathered Lordifans from all across Europe, surprise meeting with the band, and most importantly. That’s the gig where I would finally, after all those years, hear “My Heaven Is Your Hell” live. I never thought I’d hear that song live, EVER. We also got “Hate At First Sight”, which makes the whole setlist QUITE a killer. Perfect gig, in other words.

Steel Panther concertticket along side the setlist I got from the show. The ticket is from the Stockholm show, setlist from the Gothenburg show. Signed and everything! Steel Panther is my 2nd largest favorite band, right after Lordi, hence why I had to give them a spot. The night in Gothenburg are unforgettable for so many reasons, everyone who was there knows all about it.

So well, that’s the story of my header everyone. Now I need to go pick up some concerttickets. And that fast.

// Sara