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She’s got the Eye of the Panther!

Posted in Uncategorized on June 16, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Once in a while I like to spice things up. Once in a while, I also need help with taking pictures of clothes I want to sell. The best and most ultimate way to get these things done, is to set up a playdate with a good old friend. So that’s what happened.

After I got “All You Can Eat” and realized it came with a DVD, Michelle and I set up a Steel Panther datenight going through both that DVD as well as the “British Invasion” DVD.  We started the whole day walking around in Arvika before the hitting the store to get some sweets and crisps for the evening and headed home and prepared dinner. While eating dinner we watched a few episodes of Regular Show, a show I hope everyone has seen. Mordecai is my soulmate, in a way.

We kinda came to the conclusion that I am Mordecai, Michelle is Rigby. Martine is Muscle Man, Paula is the High-Five Ghost. (Don’t ask who we gave Pops, Skips, Margaret and Benson to). It’s like us. Cartoony. Also, why Regular Show goes so well with this is because Mordecai happen to have a Steel Panther poster in his room. Incredible.

Anyway. We moved on later on to open up the candy, the crisps, the dip and the soda, putting in All You Can Eat and cranking that shit loudly.

See, I love doing these small things. You know, watching a random music DVD together with your friends, talking about, talking about everything. We did something similar when the new Lordi album came out, and it’s just precious moments.

This has been a great night. A great night with loads of “fucking fucking hell vagina pussy fuking aaaah” and a LOT of talking about everything between hell and heaven. And of course – the damned pics got taken too.

Thanks for a great night Michelle, precious!


// Sara